Chapter 389. Feed the medicine the snake.


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In the forest that is located on the side of the western fort, Wang Xiao Jun and Ling Ling moved further and further.

“Are you completely sure that your eagle is not prone to rebellion?” Asked Ling Ling.

“Not exactly sure, but that evening, when I gave him a sign with my zither, he responded,” said Wang Xiao Jun, pulling out his little zither.

He leaned the zither to his lips and turned in to make sounds on her that were clearly distinguishable even in the very depths of the forest.

Ling Ling kept looking around, waiting for the appearance of an ashen eagle, which was not yet visible.

Wang Xiao Jun continued to blow into his zither, however, there was no answer, only small wood bugs responded with their murmur. Frustrated, he said: “Maybe I took it all too literally, and there is no such eagle that can resist the influence of an eagle at the level of a commander. Probably the mental capabilities of the half-blooded eagle are also limited. ”

Ling Ling consoled him: “We must try again, maybe he is somewhere far away in the forest.”

At that moment, when Wang Xiao Jun raised the zither again to his lips, to blow into it, out of nowhere, an echo of a bird’s voice appeared.

The bird’s voice echoed the sounds of zither. Wang Xiao Jun knew this voice well – it was the voice of his pet, whom he fed from his very infancy!

All the eagles that inhabited the fortress were killed. There was only one half-eagle that only Wang Xiao Jun tried to obey. A satisfied eagle flew up to its owner and sank beside it. He was not influenced by the commander! He was absolutely the same as always!

Wang Xiao Jun climbed to hug his eagle. Stroking his head, he said: “You know, we must do one very important thing with you! Everybody always looked down upon you and me, but if we fulfill this mission, the attitude towards us all in the fortress will change! You and I have been waiting for this day for so long! ”

The ash eagle, apparently, perfectly understood the words of the host, which made it flooded with joyful bird chirping.

“However, this mission is extremely dangerous! At any moment, you and I can die … I am also very scared … I do not want to be a parasite in the western fort anymore, I want to do a good thing for my colleagues! Only you can now help me with this! ”Wang Xiao Jun addressed his eagle.

The ash eagle made no more sound. He simply opened his wide wings as a sign that they could proceed.

“Great, let’s get started!” Wang Xiao Qun climbed onto the back of an eagle. Turning to Ling Ling, he said: “You wait for me here. After I get the plant, let’s go back to the fortress! ”

“I can help you in finding a safe path. And although I cannot guarantee your absolute security, I will remind you that it is time to dump, because your strength is not enough to withstand the white magic eagles, ”Lin Lin sternly said.

Wang Xiao Jun laughed so rudely as Lin Lin. However, the eagle soon took off, fluttering over the trees.

Ling Ling raised her head. She thought that the fate of Hangzhou was now in the hands of this 17-year-old boy … And she herself is only 11 …

“Ok, I get it. He and his eagle must cope. ”Mo Fan hung up.

Mo Fan looked to the west side, there it was already possible to make out a huge flock of white magic eagles that had gathered above the western fort.

Mages of the city have already entered the battle. They had to hold out until Wang Xiao Jun returned, otherwise it would be impossible to predict the number of victims.

However, Mo Fang is not much worried about this issue. First, he needed to deal with a totem snake.

A huge amount of hemopreparation has already been dragged here … Is it a joke – to deliver a whole truck of medication here? However, this drug could not be used for other purposes, so it only remained to feed him to the totem snake.

Delivery of the drug also took a long time. It was only late at night that he was fully brought here.

Mo Fan saw that the snake did not even think about waking up, therefore, running up onto his head, he himself, one bottle, poured the hemopreparation of the snake between his teeth.

High-quality hemopreparation strengthened the blood-forming functions of a person more than 10 times. If you pour in a whole drug wagon to this snake, then its recovery efficiency will increase only 2-3 times.

Mo Fan did not even begin to think about how much money such a drug is worth.

This drug was really effective, after a while it was already possible to feel how the snake’s breathing increased.

However, at the moment when Mo Fan poured the last bottle, snake eyes suddenly opened!

Huge pupils closely watched the guy who stood all this time on the snake’s lip … Mo Fan tried to escape with fear, but fell into the lake.


There was a booming sound from the serpent’s mouth. Fading Mo Fan, addressing Tang Yue who was standing on the dam, asked: “He … What is he saying?”

Tang Yue said with a smile: “He asks if you have more? And he thanks you too! ”

And although Mo Fan had already consumed the entire drug that was at his disposal, he called Len Qing with a request to grab another truck.

The snake’s contented rumble resumed.

Without waiting for Mo Fang’s questions, Tang Yue translated: “He really likes the taste of this drug!”

Mo Fan thought that for the first time he sees someone who is happy to absorb a drug made from someone’s blood …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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