Chapter 39: Ray’s ability


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“… I can’t believe it … Gaios, the elder of the seven devils, twists the baby’s hand …”

“… I don’t even have a match now …”

“… maybe what Anos is saying … is that true …? Is that violence?”

“Hey, what a ridiculous thing to say! No matter how strong, if you are not a royal family, the incompatible person will not be the demon of violence!”

“That’s right. It’s not power or wisdom. It’s precious blood flowing through our bodies. Don’t forget the pride of the royal family who inherited the blood of the founder. There is no ”

From the audience seats, you can hear such a whisper. It’s ridiculous, witnessing the power of the founder, but is this also the aim of Avos Dilhevia? But what are you going to do, taking over my position alone? If you only want power, there is nothing special to notice, but you still have no idea what you are aiming for.


I heard Isel’s laugh, and I stared there.

“It’s the last one. He imitated me wisely, but I can’t throw it anymore.”

If you look at it, all the swords stuck in the arena are gone. All that remains is Rei’s hand.

If you meet with Izel’s twin swords, the evil sword will disappear in an instant. If you think about it normally, this would be a jam, but strangely, that guy doesn’t feel like losing.

Let’s take a look at what we are going to do.

“Then, let’s do it normally.”

One word Rei murmurs, and he heads towards Isel without any tweaks.

“Huh, have you finally decided. Come on. The sword is not a throw, I will teach you how to use the magic sword.”

Izel and Rei face each other. If you go the other half of the way, you are inside the gap between the two. Despite the overwhelming disadvantage of Ray, he was the one who took the steps casually.

“Immediate imitation”

The double sword ran without any adjustment. Both arms behave like separate creatures, the evil sword of fire is aiming at Rei’s head, a few moments behind, and the evil sword of ice is aiming at the chest. Even if you barely wield the flame magic sword, the ice magic sword will hit where you have lost your position.

In response to his two deadly strikes, Rei intercepted him with his right hand magic sword.

“It’s there.”

The sound of collision between the sword and the sword resounds.



Izel has a steep expression. Ray’s magic sword beat Izel’s twin swords.

The mystery is that Lei’s magic sword is intact, not to mention the skill of intercepting a double sword with a single sword almost simultaneously. Touching either the fire sword Zess or the ice sword Ides, Ray’s sword would have been destroyed.


Again, Izel wields a double sword. The sound of the sword rang, and Rei easily beat it off.


Ray mutters.

“… What are you doing, kid?”

The sound of collision between the sword and the sword resounds.


“… Chu, then …”

The speed at which Izel’s twin swords wielded doubled, and the next moment it doubled. He smashed countless rounds of invisible fire, and Lei’s sword was intact.


“Ore … Why can you use the poor evil sword to prevent it? What kind of tricks do you do?”

The sound of the sword prospering constantly sounds as if it were gagging.

“I see. Rei, when you cut down the sword you threw, Izel’s twin swords slightly spilled over. I can’t really do it.

“… Is that stupid … I’m trying to get rid of this high-speed twin sword, aiming only at the slightest part with a spill …?!

To be more precise, since throwing the magic sword, he was aiming at only one place of the double sword. He controlled the throwing power, angle, and aim, and tried to cut off at the point of the twin sword without any inconsistency. If you repeat it many times, even the magic sword Zess Ides will cause some spills.

“I was silent because it would be disadvantaged if I gave it to me.”

Rei says, without any trouble.

“Give me that handicap.”

Isel steps back and measures time.

“… Apparently, he seemed to have despised him as a kid. From here on, let’s go with all his might …”

A magic circle floats on both hands of Isel. The blade of fire rises from the magic sword Zess, and the ice blade covers the magic sword Ides.

“This is the true figure of the magic swords Zess and Ides. Be prepared!”

Izel is shaking. In an instant, he stepped into the gap and shook his twin swords at high speed. The strike counts 2 ○○ per second. Flames and ice slashes hit the ray almost simultaneously, leaving no room for escape.

“… Huh …!”

Rei sparkles the evil sword, with a breathtaking spirit. The slash, equal to the flash, once again knocked down all of Izel’s twin swords.


“… What, why? …? It would have been useless to aim for the blade spill …”

Ray doesn’t seem to answer. I said instead.

“It’s easy. Rei’s magic sword isn’t touching your twin swords, because he just flew away with sword pressure alone.”

“It’s pretty difficult.”

Ray says with a cool face.

“… Is it possible to fight my twin swords only with sword pressure …”

After regrets, Isel stares at Rei in the form of anger.

“I’ll show you how long this tightrope will last!”

Once again, Izel’s twin swords sparkle, and Ray breaks it off.

“It’s a terrible sword, but how about endurance? I’m going to get tired if this is a hundred years.”

Izel has lost words.

The flames and ice that the twin swords wore were scattered as if shattered. The two magic swords snap off and the blade spins and spins in the air.

And pierced the ground.

“… My twin swords broke … broken … ta …”


What I was counting was the number of times before I could break that double sword.

“by the way”

Ray says with a cool face.

“When will you teach me how to use a magic sword?”

Lei’s refreshing smile, but Isel shrugs in awe. He then turns his gaze to Geisel for help. But after he had already done it, he finally realized.

“… what the hell are you, you guys … We haven’t heard of any demons who treat the Seven Demon Elders as children …”

Says Isel as drooping. I turned my gaze towards Rei without paying particular attention

“Rei. You were out of your hand?”

“I don’t know.”

“Humility is good. With your strength, you could have cut and discarded it without any gang.”

Rei smiled with a cool smile.

“That’s not practice.”


“I wonder if I could break that double sword with just the skill, without using magic.

It’s a stiff, cheerful, funny guy. Did you train your sword against the Seven Devil Elders?

interesting. I really want to see the bottom of my power.

“Come on tomorrow seriously”

Ray said without breaking his smile.

“How about?”

“If you practice against me, you will die.”

“If possible, I would like to ask you not to die”

As always, they respond easily.

“Well, I hope you like it.”

“It would be helpful to say that.”

Laughing fearlessly, I said.

“I’ll make you want to be serious”

After looking at me with a momentary look, Ray smiles.

“Anos is a pretty sad, right?”

“What do you say. No demons are as kind as I am.”

“Then it would be helpful if you could take care of it.”

“Hah. Don’t be stupid. Your body doesn’t say that.”

Rei smiles like she’s not full. It’s not militant, but he doesn’t seem to hate fighting. Otherwise, you wouldn’t train your sword that far.

“But if you exercise, you’re hungry.”

“Isn’t this class good anymore. Do you want to go back to the classroom and do it?

“Is it fine?”

“Whatever you go, no problem”


While talking, Rei and I came back out of the magic barrier watched by the students.

“… Hey.

As usual, Sasha was blurring like that.

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