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A trace of hot air, from the heart of the heart, infiltrated Chu Xingyun’s internal organs.

The fragrant heart is the Third Grade spirit, and the spiritual power contained is especially large. Together with the unique enthusiasm, it is like a hot sun, and it has to bear a lot of pain.

In contrast, it is precisely because of this characteristic of Yanzhiguo that the potential of Martial Artist can be stimulated, directly through the cultivation base.

After three days, Chu Xingyun completely refining the hot heart of Yan Zhiguo, the spiritual power of the body has skyrocketed several times, and it has become especially violent, turning into a mighty spiritual tide, move towards a strong cultivation base. go with.

The dull sound of hōng lóng lóng, Chu Xingyun’s eyes suddenly opened, and a burst of ecstasy.

“Successful!” Chu Xingyun feels the spiritual power of the body, especially satisfied.

It was only a few days after the last breakthrough. Now, he has successfully entered the Body Tempering Seventh Level by swallowing the heart and breaking through.

This speed is even beyond the expectations of Chu Xingyun.

However, after this breakthrough, Chu Xingyun did not continue to break, but to run the nameless cultivation technique over and over again, beginning grinding the own cultivation base realm.

The nameless cultivation technique Although it is incomplete, but with the previous cultivate experience, Chu Xingyun knows how powerful this cultivation technique is.

Since the cultivation technique is powerful, its cultivate difficulty is also great.

At the beginning, after Chu Xingyun got the nameless cultivation technique, in a short time, the cultivation base went through a breakthrough and reached a very high realm.

But it is for this reason that Chu Xingyun ignored the gradual progress of Martial Dao and did not lay the foundation for cultivate.

This drawback has caused him to encounter more than ten bottlenecks in the subsequent cultivate, and even once made him almost cultivation deviation, and he was killed on the spot.

This time he will be alive, and naturally he will not make this mistake again.

After the cultivation base reaches the Body Tempering Seventh Level, it is necessary to begin polishing the realm to lay the foundation of the cultivation, which will greatly help the realm with higher impact in the future.

Coming to the courtyard, Chu Hu and scorpion are learning, and Shui LiuXiang is sitting next to it and resting.

For Shui LiuXiang’s inability to condense Martial Spirit, Chu Xingyun pondered for a long time and still couldn’t find out why. In desperation, he could only teach a Heart Method and let Shui LiuXiang raise his body.

“After I stepped into Spirit Gathering, I could do a lot of things. At that time, I must thoroughly investigate.” Looking at Shui LiuXiang’s delicate and pretty face, Chu Xingyun in the heart secretly swears.

In addition, Chu Xingyun has not forgotten the Samsara Heavenly Book.

As long as he stepped into the Spirit Gathering realm, he can continue to read the Samsara Heavenly Book. With his vision, he is deeply impressed by the book and definitely hides the secret of shocking.

“Master.” Scorpion saw Chu Xingyun’s figure, and immediately went to salute, Shui LiuXiang and Chu Hu also stopped their movements and looked at Chu Xingyun’s direction.

“You continue to cultivate, don’t bother me.” Chu Xingyun snorted and said: “I am prepared, I will leave Chu Town, go out of learning through experience, this time of departure, might a little longer. ”

Said, Chu Xingyun looks at the poisonous road: “When I am away, you must secretly protect Chu Town. If there are other forces make a move, you don’t have to be merciful.”

Chu Xingyun flashed a icy sigh of relief in his eyes. You must know that the news of the rise of Chu Town will soon be fully publicized. It is inevitable that there will be good people and greed for Chu Town.

In this case, the way Chu Xingyun handles is very simple, Wind and Thunder make a move, the force is shocking!

“Follow!” 阎 poison remembers Chu Xingyun’s words.

Later, Chu Xingyun probably explained some things. When he was ready, he left Chuzhen alone.

This time, Chu Xingyun did not wear the black robe, but used some small means to change the five senses of the own, even the skin color became dark, completely, there is no trace of the original, like a personal change.

All the way forward, about two hours later, Chu Xingyun finally arrived at the Hidden Dragon Peak.

Due to the blockade, the whole mountain peak became more and more dead, and even the figures could not be seen. It formed an extremely strong contrast with the fun of Fengqi Mountain.

However, the more so, the more satisfied Chu Xiingyun is, so that he can enter the powerhouse cave mansion without knowing it.

Climbing all the way, Chu Xingyun was arrived at the edge of the cliff of Hidden Dragon.

Standing on the cliff, a cold wind blowing from the bottom of the cliff made Chu Xingyun feel chilling. He took out the rope that had been prepared from the storage ring and fixed it. It jumped directly. cliff.

Hū hū !

The strong sound of the wind swept past the ear, sharp and piercing, replaced by other people, had been scared of look pale, did not dare to look down, but Chu Xingyun is a pair of eyes with rapt attention, Look around all around.

After a dozen seconds, Chu Xingyun’s eyes burst into a bright glow, and I looked deeply at the dark place not far below.

“found it!”

Chu Xingyun flipped his wrist and immediately pulled the rope, and the figure that fell quickly, stopped.

I saw the dark place, covered with weeds and dead wood. If you look closely, you can blur the entrance like a cave. Here, it is the place where the powerhouse cave mansion is located.

Seeing the cave in front of him, Chu Xingyun was also slightly relaxed, and at this moment, his eyes were slightly condensed, and his pores were upside down, feeling a dangerous atmosphere.

Chu Xingyun didn’t hesitate, his toes slammed on the mountain wall, and the whole body slid a few meters to the side.


Just as Chu Xingyun left, a fiery-red figure swept quickly, slamming into where he was, and the fire flashed past, and the hard mountain wall shattered directly, causing the fallen stone.

“Fire Spirit Eagle?” When I saw this fiery-red figure, Chu Xingyun’s face suddenly came down.

Fire Eagle is an extremely fierce Spirit Beast, most of which lives on a cliff. This Spirit Beast is the equivalent of the Body Tempering Eigth Level Martial Artist in adulthood. Due to its small figure, the action is extremely flexible. It is very tricky to deal with.

If it is on the ground, with the strength of Chu Xingyun, naturally not afraid of this fire eagle, but now he, the body hangs in the air, a little careless, it is likely to fall directly to the cliff.

“The fire eagle’s territory is very strong. Once it is eye-catching, it is almost irreconcilable until death. What is even more tricky is that this kind of Spirit Beast is mostly a group, and it seems that it can only be quickly resolved.”

Chu Xingyun in the heart I thought quietly, the spiritual power of the whole body quickly circulated, and the silky and empty sword cry burst, and it was clearly echoed in the cliff.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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