Chapter 391. The treacherous assessor.


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The Slow life of Princess in a prison, starting from broken engagement.



Mo Fan learned from Tang Yue to climb onto the head of a giant snake. They were already very good friends with him, and his inner fear of him gradually dissipated. In fact, the snake inside was very kind and gentle.

Mo Fan carefully examined the wounds on the body of the serpent. The festering cuts have already tightened, the skin from them began to crawl. Even deep wounds … peeled off?

“What is it? Even the scars from the wounds were peeling off too? ”He was surprised.

Mo Fan wandered around the body of the totem for about half an hour, carefully examining it. It turned out that on the site of even deep wounds there appeared traces of molting.

Mo Fan walked back to the head of the snake and found that some part began to separate from his body, as if another body had appeared.

“Mo Fan, what are you doing there?” Asked little Lin Lin, who was standing on the dam.

He turned his head. Seeing that it was Ling Ling, he said: “Shouldn’t you be with Wang Xiao Jun? How did you get here?

Ling Ling, holding the laptop in her hands, said sadly: “From here I can also help him.”

“This snake seems to be split in two, which is incomprehensible to me. Did the magic of lightning cut it into two parts? ”

Ling Ling, being a brave little girl, without the slightest fear ran up onto the body of a snake, heading in the direction of Mo Fanya: “In the sense of cutting? Do you not see that it is his skin that slid down during the shedding? ”

Mo Fan, looking closer, understood: “So his skin has already been refreshed! How happy Tang Yue will be when she finds out about this! ”

“That’s for sure. If Wang Xiao Jun also returns unscathed, completing the mission, then we can say that this crisis has been overcome, ”said Lin Lin, pointing to the laptop in her hands.

“Oh, if that was what it was.”

“Hm … Why hasn’t he moved yet?” Shouted Ling Ling, staring at the laptop.

“Who has not moved?”

“Wang Xiao Jun. It shows that he is still on the ground, although there are no threats from the magical beasts in the district. He should be back to the fort soon, ”Ling Ling said in surprise.

“Something must have happened,” answered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan greatly respected this young man, who, at the age of 17, ventured to take on such a huge responsibility.

In the forest that is located on the side of the western fort, Wang Xiao Jun climbed onto the back of his eagle. He looked at the man in front of him in bewilderment.

A flock of huge white magic eagles flew over his head, their sharp claws and wide wings eclipsed all of the airspace, and from this species the skin on the head shrank.

All these eagles were headed to Hangzhou. Wang Xiao Jun, who had no military experience behind his shoulders, was shaking with fear. Only his ashen eagle was covering him.

He was not blocked by white magic eagles, but by a middle-aged bearded uncle!

“You must be Wang Xiao Jun. I am the assessor Luo Mian. I must admit that you brilliantly coped with the mission! Now you can give the eagle red leaf to me, I will transfer it straight to the quarantine isolator, where the infected are! ”.

Wang Xiao Jun watched him carefully. He knew that before him was Lo Mian, a prominent public figure of the city of Hangzhou. However, he did not believe him at all, since he had already heard from Mo Fan and Lin Ling that this person was directly related to the spread of the epidemic.

He did not understand how Lo Mian appeared here, but he clearly realized that it was impossible to transfer a medicinal plant to him.

“I have to personally hand over the plant to foreman Yun Feng, if you really want to help me, then get out of the way.”

Luo Mian, laughing, said: “Do you want me, the assessor, to give way to some little boy?”

“Well, what do you think?” Answered Wang Xiao Jun.

“Quickly give the bracelet to me!” – the smile on Luo Myan’s face became formidable.

In theory, Luo Mian could easily have ordered his subordinates to take away the plant bracelet from this fellow, but, thinking that there are a lot of white eagles in the district, Luo Mian decided that no one could handle this matter so silently myself. Because he, Lo Mian, is the magician of the high level shadow element!

No one in Hangzhou and in the western fortress could even suggest that he could remain inconspicuous in such an open space.

How could Luo Mian sink to a showdown with some unknown boy? He thought that such a big city as Hangzhou should be saved not by a child, but by him – Lo Mian!

This case needs a scapegoat. He has already lost the trust of Zhu Maine, and may be losing his job. But … if he takes the rescue of Hangzhou, he may not be afraid of the reaction of Zhu Meng and the rest …

He just needs to get rid of this boy!

“Well, so how?” – Lo Mian looked at the boy and his eagle – “Do you still want to oppose me?”

“Do you want to fray with me?” Wang Xiao Jun asked irritably.

He could not have imagined that the assessor would come to this.

“Listen to me … If you give me this plant, I will not only save you life, but I can help you in your career. If not … Then you should understand that for me there is nothing easier than to erase a boy like you from the face of the earth! ”Answered Luo Mian angrily.

Lo Mian was shrouded in a veil of dark darkness. The man who always wore a broad smile, now looked like a dark vampire …

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