Chapter 392. How could he deal with him so unworthily?


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In the pitch darkness, the ashen eagle took a few steps back. Wang Xiao Jun was shaking. Luo Mian really had outstanding power.

“Last time I ask you to give me the plant!” Said Luo Mian in a cold voice.

Wang Xiao Jun grabbed the bracelet, not even having thoughts to give it away.

“I forgot to tell you that I practice the curse element. You most likely do not even know what it is. But you are lucky, I have never used the magic of a curse to kill a man since the very moment I became a assessor. This is the most perfect way to kill, ”said Lo Mian, heading towards Wang Xiao Jun.

He was hiding something in his hands, something from which came an ominous aura.

The spirit of the cunning spider appeared above Wang Xiao Jun and his eagle. The spider appeared in the air, and its long paws were twined with the threads of the palm of Lo Mean.

This thread began to surround the boy and the ashen eagle, tying their bodies. The spider was already spinning its bloody web, directing it towards Wang Xiao Jun.

Man was the most unstable creature in front of the curse element. And all because this damned web not only immobilized people, but also affected their souls. Now these threads got to the soul of Wang Xiao Jun.

“Well, how? You know, I’m not so young anymore, and all these executions are too dreary for me. If you give me the bracelet now, then I can make it so that you do not suffer, ”said Lo Mian.

Wang Xiao Jun changed face – it became purple. These cobwebs brought him terrible torment, he could not even say anything properly.

Luo Mian looked at him. It seemed to him that the boy wants to ask for mercy …

The body of Wang Xiao Jun was sharply heavy, his soul was already almost withered … His face became livid and his body was completely weak. The boy’s eyeballs went upstairs, like the eyes of a hanged man; they were filled with horror and agony.

“Do not overestimate your strength, do not be ignorant …” – said Lo Mian, approaching the guy. He still continued to control the whole process of execution with his hands.

I could not even believe that this little lad was holding a cure for the plague … Luo Mian could no longer look at him.

Upon receiving the item, Lo Mian must return to the quarantine isolator as soon as possible. With this thing he can put forward his conditions to the largest figures of the city of Hangzhou!

Using his wonderful abilities magic element of the shadow, Luo Mian moved in the middle of this area, which was teeming with white magic eagles. Behind, he left a lifeless guy and an ashen eagle that screamed with his last strength …

West Lake, Hangzhou

“Moron! Fool! ”Ling Lin screamed angrily, jumping on the head of a giant snake.

She heard everything on a special radio. Ling Ling furiously cursed. However, she was not scolded by this sinister Luo Myan, but by Wang Xiao Jun.

Why, why would he have to resist?

He is just an entry-level magician, how did he think of confronting Lo Mian ???

You just had to give him a bracelet, then at least he saved his life.

Ling Ling’s eyes turned red …

She called Wang Xiao Jun a fool, although he was in fact very clever … At that moment, when Luo Mian began to attack him, Wang Xiao Jun quietly switched on the hidden walkie-talkie.

Luo Mian, of course, did not even suspect that his words were recorded and heard by Mo Fanem and Ling Ling!

“The deadly spider trap … It cordons off the soul …” – said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan dealt with this kind of magic. At the very beginning, when they and Tang Yue were chasing after the famous criminal, he, using the magic of the curse element, was able to instantly turn the four people from the Dongfang family into soulless bodily tools.

However, Wang Xiao Jun was not as strong as those four from the Dongfang family to withstand the average level of such magic!

And this Luo Mian … He was so ruthless as to use such insidious magic against the young man …

“Ling Ling, don’t worry, he can still …” – Mo Fan was still hoping.

“Are you really holding me for a child? You think I don’t know what an element of curse is ??? ”- shouted Lin Lin -“ … this assessor, how could he deal with him so unworthily? ”.

Mo Fan fell silent.

Everyone already knew that Lo Mian was a dishonest and insidious person. But how? How could he decide to kill Wang Xiao Jun?

How can a person be so shameless and ruthless? Those who are ready for anything, in order to achieve the position?

This is all his business: all that is connected with the epidemic. And now the murder …

How? How dare he raise his hand to the kid?

Mo Fan thought that the most ruthless man in his life was Liu Nian, how wrong he was … Today he realized that this assessor is superior to Liu Nanny in his bloodthirstiness a hundred times!

Could it be that at that moment when Wang Xiao Jun rushed into the meeting room with his proposal, did he have a plan for killing this kid in his head ???

Ah, that Luo Mian …

*** Khk … Khk … ***

At the end of the radio, strange noises were heard.

These were the woeful sounds of an ashen eagle that heard the moans of Ling Ling and Mo Fang …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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