Chapter 393. The Silver Lord of the Firmament


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In the airspace above the western fort is a white net. Sharp claws hung thickly above human heads, causing screams.

Everything within a radius of 10 kilometers from the fortress was turned into a battlefield. The quantitative forces of the opponents were unequal. The military tried to destroy even those eagles that were close to the ground.

The county was littered with corpses. Mages of the primary and secondary levels attracted the attention of white magic eagles, forcing them to descend to the ground, and then kill them.

In the airspace was the most important battle in which high-level magicians participated. And although the number of fighters was unequal, only high-level wizards have killed more than 100 servant-level individuals. They were smaller, but they did not even think of retreating.

At the level of the clouds, there was another battle – here the white four-legged eagles of the level of the commander-in-chief and the strongest mages of the human race have already measured themselves.

Four-legged eagles on the one hand and palace bodyguards, commanders, members of the magical court on the other … Any loss of one of the parties could be decisive …

Four-eagles were about 10, each of them the size of a cloud, from which four paws protruded. It seemed that with their claws they could turn the mountain!

Even one such animal can cause irreparable damage to a small city, but what to say if there are 10 ???

10 snowy four-fingered eagles seemed to be hiding in the sky. From there, they closely followed the actions of the small people.

The eagles of the level of the servant and leader of the pack cannot fly to such a height: their organisms simply cannot withstand the freezing winds that are inherent in such heights.

Four-legged eagles were not at all isolated. They held a triangular system, while maintaining control over the heavenly space.

However, in addition to 10 of these commanders-level eagles, there was a single eagle that surpassed them all. His plumage was molded with silver, which was why his body could withstand even more severe cold.

His silvery feathers were fundamentally different from the feathers of any other white magic eagle, and their noble color spoke of the highest status of the commander. The metallic sheen of his wings indicated that each feather of the commander was sharper than any blade. His head was the size of a large room, with a fluff fluttering around his head. Bright hawk eyes looked with interest at people who tried in vain to attack him.

He took off even higher, leaving those ten eagles down below, giving them the opportunity to deal with the magicians themselves.

“Is this … Is this the same silver lord of the firmament?” Li Tian said with horror in his voice.

“Well, yes, who else could lead the parade of 10 birds at the commander-in-chief level?” Replied Tang Zhong.

The silver lord of the firmament!

He was the main hegemon of the heavenly space of all the western ridges. In order to send all the magical eagles on the attack, all he needed was to fly up into the sky with a cloud!

The western fort never strengthened its guard, if only because the white magic eagles for so many years never attacked people. Who knew that this time they would all be in the retinue of 10 commanders and one commander!

Even the beast of the commander-in-chief level in the eyes of magicians is a kind of boss, how then can this silver lord of the sky be called?

“To get to the commander, you must first deal with these ten eagles!” – Zhu Meng passed over the earpiece.

“If so, then we will never get to the commander!” Said Yun Feng.

“No matter how many of them, kill at least a few of them, so that they know that we are defending our borders!” – Zhu Meng, in a rage, threw off his cloak.

He immediately spread his wings with a furious gaze, heading toward the commanders of the eagles.

Wu Ping Jing, the head of the palace guard, saw that Zhu Meng went to the epicenter of the events, followed him.

“Here Zhu Meng gives that!” – Li Tian said.

Palace bodyguards were much more powerful than members of a magical court. However, Ping Jing’s capabilities were much weaker compared to Zhu Meng, which seemed incredible!

“First we finish off his retinue, and then, without haste, we will deal with the ruler himself!” – having said this, Li Tian also joined the others on the battlefield.

The higher into the sky, the more fiercely the battle.

Closer to the ground was a battle of magicians and white magic eagles at the level of a servant.

Far from the military front there was a dark forest. In this forest, an ashen eagle, bending down to the ground, made strange melodious sounds.

These sounds were like a whistle that gave way far into the depths of the forest.

The ash eagle was a half-breed, and very different from the usual white magic eagle.

White magic eagles began to fly from this sky, hoping to profit. They went downstairs, where the young man’s body lay breathless.

The ash eagle again uttered a heart-rending cry. White eagles, seeing that this half-breed drives away them from the human body, issued a response aggressive whistle from a distance.

The ash eagle opened its wide wing, covering it with the body of a guy.

Raising his head, the half-breed turned his angry, scorching glance at a flock of white eagles … His gaze was exactly the same as that of his young master …


Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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