Chapter 394. Red Sky Eagle.


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The barracks. Lan Qing slowly entered the empty room.

All the soldiers were on the battlefield, and there was not much security left.

Len Qing entered Wang Xiao Jun’s room. It was a tiny komorka, but everything was removed, not counting a pair of gray feathers.

“Commander, Wang Xiao Jun has no military rank yet, he cannot be placed in the main barracks. His elder brother, a magician-rider of the heavenly eagle, is now unknown where, so he stayed here, goes to the apprentice of the tamer … Did he really do something? ”Asked Xu Li, whose face was covered with cannabis.

Len Qing entered the room, and took from the table a frame with a photo, a cheerful young man was depicted on it, judging by the photo, it was Wang Xiao Jun, his smile glittered. He looked very at ease and simply, who could believe that he would be cursed at the top.

Behind him stood a snow-white heavenly eagle, tall, mighty, very arrogant in appearance.

In the hands of Wang Xiao Jun, there was a gray egg, according to his careful attitude, it was possible to understand how he loves him.

“This young man considered the jewel of this half-breed of the heavenly eagle. And fed him all the time, after all, it was a gift from his older brother … At first, the tamers were against the gray sky-like eagle, but taking into account that he was a victim, they turned a blind eye to it, ultimately he is still young, the riders in the celestial eagles argued over who was stronger. As I know, he resisted all kinds of orders, and the head judge came to pass a verdict, and as soon as he was going to do this, he remarked on the youngsters … ”, – the freckled tamer Xu Li did not understand what had happened.

Xu Li with his elder brother Wang Xiao Jun was not particularly familiar, and Xu Li harbored irritation and hostility towards him, but he loved this pitiful little imp, and saw the future military man in him, eighteen years old, could he have expelled him then …

“Help me collect his things, and more, if you please, ask Commander Min Ko posthumously to give him the title of a rider on the celestial eagles,” – Len Qing returned the frame with the photo on the table.

“A rider on the celestial eagles, you were told to give him the title of a rider on the celestial eagles?”, Disbelieving his ears, Xu Li asked.

However, Xu Lee said something: “You … did you say posthumously !?”

Rank Xu Li was not tall, and he did not know what happened at the western fort, and when Lan Qing arrived, he immediately suspected something was wrong.

“Unfortunately, I could not save him,” said Lan Qing, Xu Li, ashamed.

Xu Li froze. He could not believe what had happened. Another year and he would have officially become a military magician.

Everyone clearly understood that he would definitely become a military magician, and Xu Li wanted him to become like a big brother, become a real rider on the celestial eagles, even if the color of feathers, the eagle raised by him would be gray, but this did not diminish his determination. .

Xu Li had difficulty breathing, he terribly wanted to know what had happened.

“Xu Li, tamer Xu Li, Xu Li tamer …”

Suddenly, with a loud shout, an officer from the rear service flew into the barracks.

“I … I’m here.”

“A red sky eagle flew over the tower of the outpost … it looks like yours, someone recognized him. And there the military can not understand whether to kill him or not, quickly go there! ”- shouted a member of the rear service.

Xu Li doubted he didn’t remember to feed some kind of red celestial eagle …

“Let’s go see,” said Lan Qing.

The two of them left the building, and were a few steps to the tower.

Employees of the rear services crowded around, among them were combatants. They surrounded the outpost tower, deciding if it was an enemy.

Len Qing and Xu Lee finally got to the tower, and saw a falling eagle …

The red eagle flew by great difficulty, it seemed about to collapse, but over and over again it raised its wing and waved it.

Finally, this red-gray heavenly eagle was not more than fifty meters from the tower of the outpost.

Xu Li, in fear, opened his eyes wide.

He never fed the red celestial eagle, because he never thought that the eagle could be so stained with blood!

It was not a red eagle, but his native ashen, only his entire body was streaked with bleeding wounds.

Since the time Xu Li joined the army, decades have passed, he has seen many deaths, but never before has so many tears fallen from his eyes.


Lan Qing was also shocked.

This ashen eagle …

He is back, carrying Wang Xiao Jun on his back!

With such a distance, he went through the bloody slaughter of the front, and returned with his unharmed little master.

Scarlet blood dried not him!

Gray wings turned bright red!

This half-breed heavenly eagle fell on the ground in front of a crowd, and did not get up, turning its head to Wang Xiai Jun. His eyes did not move.

He died…

Lan Qing saw many purebred eagles. Powerful, with snow-white plumage. But in her memory forever remained this one – the ashen heavenly eagle.

What is the owner, such is the pet, worthy of dumb tears of people.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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