Chapter 395. The Wrath of the Totem (Part 1).


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Chapter 395. The Wrath of the Totem (Part 1).
Lake Xihu, the dam, the sound of trees …

A cold wind whistling through here.

Mo Fan and Ling Ling heard everything … even the sounds of an ashen eagle trying to protect the host’s body.

Finally, the ashen eagle could even deliver Wang Xiao Jun’s body to the western fort, but Mo Fanyu and Lin Ling didn’t become calmer.

* Snake snarling *

The totem serpent under the supervision of Mo Fan and Ling Ling has already fully regained consciousness. While the boys were deep in thought about Wang Xiao Jun, the serpent had fully recovered – his skin had become smooth and dark.

It seemed that with the shedding of the serpent completely changed. Together with his old skin, he got rid of his weakness.

During the molt, he, along with Mo Fan and Lin, heard absolutely everything.

He made a sound, as if supporting the children in their experience.

Mo Fan did not notice the moment when this molt was completely over. Now the snake’s skin was bright, scale to scale.

* Snake snarling *

The totem serpent made a long sound, sticking out its red tongue. He looked at the sky on the west side as if his enemies were there.

Yes, the totem serpent also suffered at the hands of Luo Myan, almost becoming the main scapegoat of this epidemic.

“Do you want retribution?” Asked Mo Fan, feeling the rage of the serpent.

The totem serpent was very intelligent and well understood people. His body began to rise so that he could look from the height of the entire lake.

The totem opened its mouth, making an awesome sound. As if saying: “Get ready, your worst nightmare has come true!”.

Totem was angry. Huge waves began to roll toward the shores.

“Has your molt completely ended?” Mo Fan asked in surprise at the serpent’s head.

Prior to this, Mo Fan was very much afraid of the snake, but, feeling that the snake from the inside was overwhelming with the same righteous anger, he felt confidence in him …

Luo Mian was a man of great strength. Now he kept his hand on the pulse of the life of the city, because he had saving grass. However, after he transfers the red leaf to the quarantine isolator, he will be responsible for what he did with Wang Xiao Jun.

Mo Fan and Ling Ling could not wait for the moment when they could cut Lo Mei into thousands of small pieces. And the end of the kite molt was just in time!

“You want to say that you hear me?” – Mo Fan felt as if he was beginning to communicate with the serpent in his own language.

Totem once again answered in the affirmative.

The giant serpent once again said that in the most difficult period, Mo Fan helped him.

And now he hears Mo Fang’s inner rage … He will help him destroy the main instigator of all this …

“Great, then let’s go and find the very instigator!” Mo Fan was delighted.

Luo Mian, who relies on his high status, his strength, but at the same time so poisonous …

But now, when the molt of the snake is over, nothing will save his pathetic little soul from retribution !!!

“Ling Ling, tell me the location,” said Mo Fan.

“It is located on the plain between the western fort and the city. Soon he will reach the outskirts of the city, ”answered Ling Ling.

She could accurately track the location thanks to the bracelet that gave the signal.

Let this Luo Mian only enter the city …

He dared to kill Wang Xiao Jun, so let him try this taste of death himself!

“Fine! Serpent, are we going to kill? ”Shouted Mo Fan, standing on the totem’s head.

The serpent soared sharply, turning into a night dragon …

The rest of the flying animals would take a lot of strength to fly into the heavenly heights, but the snake everything was very easy. After that, a waterfall was formed on the surface of the lake – a spectacle of indescribable beauty, which enraptured all people on the coast.

After the snake took off, it was surrounded by its inherent fog.

On the one hand, this fog hid the body of the serpent, on the other – supported it. This is the ability !!!

Ling Ling and Mo Fan sat on the snake’s head, looking at everything from the height of its flight …

The animal level commander flies very quickly. Very soon the city turned into a small point, left behind.

It was now possible to see the many white silhouettes that belonged to the white magic eagles.

After such a long battle, the white eagles were already on the frontiers, intending to penetrate human territory, into the city.

However, the totem did not pay attention to these eagles, his whole gaze was now directed down to that very small plain. With his watchful eye, he sought out Lo Meyan …

“He’s downstairs, and with him there seem to be quite a few more people,” said Lin Ling, looking at the laptop.

“They have a lot of people, but we have …”.

Mo Fan had not yet managed to finish, as the serpent immediately went arrow down!

A lot of people?

Totem Serpent!

This is a commander-level totem serpent!

Not that Hangzhou, the whole world can not escape him!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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