Chapter 397. The power of the serpent’s spirit (part 1).


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Hmm guys, I found a new novel called SPIRIT SWORD SOVEREIGN / LING JIANZUN

It’s a bit like Tales of demons and gods but here the protagonist starts at the weakest role and starts climbing to be the best.

Now, I’ll post the first chapter maybe tomorrow, please give it a read and give me an honest opinion of would you like to reas it or not.

Only if I get favourable opinion will I continue its translation….

Also its got an anime and a manhua.

You can check them out to confirm.

Spirit Sword Sovereign

Chapter 397. The power of the serpent’s spirit (part 1).
Do you still need half a month to restore? Mo Fan was extremely surprised, was it really a hemopreparation that had such an effect on him?

Mo Fan got right to the point: the favorite food of the white magic eagles, for the totem snake was an excellent reinforcing agent, complementing his rebirth.

Chairman Luo Mian could not have imagined that all the machinations against the totem snake would turn against him.

Lo Mian looked as fierce as ever, pointing his finger at a totem snake said: “If you want it so much, I will help you die. And now I will break into this! This beast should be buried in the grave a long time ago, its name should be lost in historical reports, having killed you, on the earth it will become one less totem! ”

The totem serpent, still looking arrogantly from top to bottom, and while Luo Mian yelled in anger, he rushed in his direction.

Lo Mian promptly responded, plunging into shadow. One could see how his shadow divided into four parts, and scattered in all directions of the world.

Mo Fan was amazed, Luo Mian obviously used magic – Absorption by a shadow, having divided into several parts, he can easily confuse the enemy.

Lo Lo Myan could deceive other people, but not the sharp eye of a totem snake. He struck the ground with all his might, causing an earthen wave that haunted the shadow.

The earthen ox looked like a dragon, chillingly shadowed. From the blow, the assessor’s shadow, Lo Meyan, was thrown a hundred meters away.

He bared his teeth, got up. Soma high-level shadow magic was the power of the night.

Now it was the black night that covered the area with impenetrable darkness.

Luo Mian finished the constellation at an incredible speed, he needed to use high-level magic for protection, there was no other way out to fight against the totem snake, and there was no way to use the highest level. Seven constellations connected together, and formed a higher-level stellar galaxy, this process was extremely complicated and confusing.

The totem snake fiercely exhaled, a tiny swelling appeared on his body, in a moment the green snake venom splashed out of his body, the poison was originally like a gas, and began to merge into one, something like the totem snake itself.

Snake venom gathered in a giant boa, very similar to a devastating hurricane !!

The totem serpent shouted deafeningly, and a huge hurricane python rushed towards Lo Mean. Although the area, gripped by the power of the night and was huge, but it was small for this poison snake.

This python venom struck the darkness, tearing it like paper. The poison filled the air with fog, surrounding the shelter of Lo Myan.

The fog was as dense as a wall through which it could not pass, and assessor Luo Mian was trapped in the middle of this poisonous cloud.

He still had an element of light in stock that could, in principle, dispel this poisonous mist. Snake venom was extremely cruel, leaving no one alive, even the highest level mages.

The entire defensive power of Luo Myan crumbled under the onslaught of the blows of this giant poisonous boa, emitting poison.

Snake venom was getting closer, and Lo Mian was on the verge of death.

But how can such a villain spare him, and let him die so easily. The totem snake again breathed deeply, absorbing all the poison, a poisonous hurricane, along with Lo Myan. Luo Mian turned over in the air. When he realized that he was in the snake’s mouth, he suddenly came to himself, and decided to use his last trump card.

The golden rays surrounded Lo Mei’s body, forming a huge golden shield, such that Lo Mian could be inside him, just like in the golden room that protected him.

The totem snake’s fangs pierced this golden shield, and they couldn’t pierce it!

The totem serpent opened its mouth again, and bitterly bitten.

* bang *

It looks like an attempt to crack a gem. The totem serpent felt his teeth begin to lurch from hitting the gold box, and only small cracks appeared on the shield.

Lo Mian was in the middle of the shield, he straightened his mustache, a pale smile was visible on his face, this shield could restrain the bites of the totem snake, preventing him from dying. And while he breaks through it, not a little time passes.

However, the totem serpent rolled its tongue, sending a shield, along with Lo Mian into the esophagus.

The gastric juice of the totem snake will dissolve any object, even this golden unbreakable shield!

Snakes are animals that swallow food. Let Luo Mian slowly dissolve, for all his torment, thus suffering for all his sins.

Chairman Luo Mian didn’t want a similar death for himself, while he was going down the esophagus, he shouted: “I have a bracelet with an eagle red leaf, if you kill me in this way, the whole city will be destroyed, under the blows of white magic eagles, will die tens of thousands of people! ”

“Leave me alive, I will give you a bracelet, your friend has already died, for what? I am a assessor and can give him such glory as he never dreamed of. And the two of you, I can give anything you want! ”

Luo Mian began to fear that he would disappear without a trace inside the totem snake.

They say that this Spirit is extremely strong, and today, having fought with it, its magic of the highest level seems ridiculous. The power of the totem snake was many levels higher.

He did not want to die and could only ask for mercy, as if he did not look sorry …

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