Chapter 398. The power of the snake spirit (part 2).


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Chapter 398. The power of the snake spirit (part 2).
“The spatial bracelet is still on his hand, inside the antidote from the epidemic that Wang Xiae Jun got, and if he dissolves with assessor Lo Mian, what to do with the infected, how will the military deal with the onslaught of white magic eagles?” Ling Ling

To kill the assessor Lo Myan is to repay the enemy, but for Hangzhou this will end in disaster.

Without hesitation, the totem serpent swallowed even deeper assessor Luo Manya with his iron box, not giving even a chance to run away to him.

Mo Fan was still thinking, suddenly there was a sound from across the horizon, he lifted his head, an army of white magic eagles flew at them !!

Here, so close to the city, this plain is the edge of Hangzhou, but even here there are several houses, civilians live, there are streets, schools, and there is the general isolation ward here. And although most people were evacuated to prevent infection, but soon white magic eagles will enter the city and immediately start killing !!!

The legion of white magic eagles was getting closer and closer, the light of the eyes was dim in the fog, it was already possible to discern their silhouettes in the air, and there was one waving its silvery wings.

“Is it there, silver one?”, Mo Fang was afraid before his tremor.

“This is a silver heavenly ruler, the lord of the western ridge. He forced the heavenly eagles to rebel, ”said Ling Ling.

“Things are bad! If a commander-level monster enters Hangzhou, then a terrible disaster cannot be avoided! ”Said Mo Fan.

When the disaster of the city of Bo in the city invaded only a monster level commander in chief – a winged ash wolf, but what a bloody bath turned out! And here the commander, and to him the army of white magic eagles, which is overwhelming the sky, … What kind of a nightmare awaits the city?

But it is necessary to eliminate the source of disasters, and this cannot be achieved without a bracelet, Luo Man, of course, is already deep in the stomach of the totem snake, and he grabbed the last thread to be released, otherwise the antidote will no longer exist, and all efforts of Wang Xiao Jun will be in vain .

What to do?

At this time, Mo Fan did not know how it would be better.

* cackle *

The totem serpent threw up his head and uttered a growling cry. White magic eagles rather flew over him, they flew to Hangzhou, you can already see how the front ones began to dive, they noticed the game on the ground, only you need to fly up and grab.

These were not magicians, but only fragile people unable to resist.

* cackle *

The totem serpent was unusually outraged, Hangzhou is his territory, as he can allow other animals to run amok on her!

He instantly crossed the plain, heading towards Hangzhou.

His body was huge, like a mountain, and people from Hangzhou could see him, even if they were far away. Passing behind him, the serpent left deep potholes, creating a small channel near the suburb.

People in the streets were shouting loudly, unable to hide from the clawed paws of white magic eagles. They began to die.

White magic eagles, like white raindrops, completely covered the roads, they could fly up, which made many magicians useless in the fight against them.

However, even worse than the snakes, which crawled into the streets of the suburbs.

The totem serpent arrived on the outskirts of the city. He opened his mouth and fiercely spat poison in the white eagles flying in the sky, the poison dissolved in the air.

Snake venom was strong against the white magic eagles, and killed everyone he fell into, and several already hit the ground, lounging a bloody spot on the road.

The poisonous cloud has covered the sky of the suburb, becoming a barrier to this part of the city, and as soon as the white magic eagles dare to fly over this barrier, then immediately fall down the corpse.

Many white magic eagles died from this poison, and even more thought that they could break through this foggy screen. The result is one – death.

Poisonous gas circled in the air, not falling on human areas.

People initially thought that a great threat was looming over them, and they were ready to perish here, who knew that this green cloud in the sky – a poisonous magic barrier, was created to protect them from white scum. But they were still afraid to look at this snake-reaching serpent.

“Is he protecting us?” Asked a middle level magician from the association. In front of the girl mage, there was a group who had just entered a nursing home, elderly people.

Nobody needed these old men, and only this girl from the magical association took to protect them.

The old men, too, involuntarily raised their heads; they looked like a huge snake, using a layer of poison, to kill white magic eagles that attacked Hangzhou. In surprise and joy, they remembered the old myth: there is something in the city that protects it, and this something is a snake, like a wall surrounding the city!

The totem serpent stood on the outskirts, looking at the sky, at the flying white magic eagles, in his eyes they are nothing more than flies, there are many of them, but there is nothing to fear.

They all arrived, and the poisonous barrier became denser and denser, preventing them from passing!

However, soon a silver lord of the firmament appeared in the sky above his head!

He looked haughtily down on the totem serpent, uttering an awesome cry. This sound echoed off the earth back into the sky!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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