Chapter 4: Practical exam


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Rows were divided in sections with arena. Nearby is a bronze statue of a knight, where an owl uttered words.

“Please line up in the alphabetical column on the invitation.”

Check the invitation you received.There was a letter F.

“Misha is”

“… E …”

She shows the invitation and says.

An owl is flying at the end of each row and has a parchment with the alphabet written on it.It will be in the same column as the invitation.

“I hope you enroll.”


Parting with Misha, I stand in line with F. The head is far ahead, but you can see the situation with a far-sighted evil eye. Apparently, they seemed to be entering the waiting room one by one.

It will take some time for the turn to come.Anyway, here are just a couple of names.If all the rows are combined, it’s about seven XX names.Even though 2,000 years have passed, at best this is the number of descendants. Apparently, he didn’t have to worry about dying blood.

Despite that, I wait vaguely for time to pass.After a while, I was at the head of the line, with a waiting room in front of me.

Go inside. Then there was an owl again.

But who is this familiar? At first glance, there is no trace of magic.Perhaps they are hiding so well that they don’t know who their master is.Even in this era, some seem to be able to use some decent magic.

“Welcome, we will explain the contents of the practical exam.”

Inviting and taking the test does not mean that you will be admitted.There may be some, but the main purpose must be to find the founder of the reincarnated Demon King.

This is my first reincarnation.Reincarnation with memory should not be so unusual, but the remaining demons probably did not know how much awareness Demon King Anos was aware of.That’s all you need to do if you come up with a name, but well, you’ve been set up so far. It’s polite to get along.

“In the practical test, the students compete in a duel in the arena. After the five winners have passed the magical test and proper examination, they will be allowed to enter the Devil Academy Delzogade. It will be

If it was the founder of the Demon King, would he never lose? And if you look at the magic they use, you’ll be able to tell if you’re an ancestor.

It’s a bit too simple for the exam, but it’s reasonable.

“I accept the use of all weapons, armor and magic. Do you have any questions?”

“Not particularly”

“So, may you have the blessing of the founder?”

I opened the door behind the waiting room.It is dim and has a long and narrow cobblestone path.Even though it’s your own castle, it’s a place where fighters fight because it’s originally a show.This is the first time I have passed here.

As I went straight down the passage, I saw a light leaking from outside.

Exit the aisle, where you will find an arena surrounded by tall, round walls.Even higher than the wall was the spectator seat, where there were demons.When you see where everyone is wearing a uniform, you are a student at Demon King Academy .

“Yeah, we met again.”

On the other side of the arena was a dark-skinned man.It was Zepes that I treated lightly earlier.

HM.It’s hard to get me to understand that I’m the founder with small fish, but what do you do?

“Hello, are you listening, oh?”

When I walked a few steps forward without answering anything, the passage behind was closed by a magic barrier.Then Zepes said proudly.

“Oops. Are you so worried that your exit is blocked?”

“I just thought it was a pity that you couldn’t escape. Well, I don’t want to kill you.

Zepes makes a tongue tapping. Good grief. He was kind and said he wasn’t polite.

Or is it an idiot who still doesn’t understand the difference in power?

“I don’t know, I can’t imitate such a sloppy one.I’ll turn your watermark into a terrifying crying face and then kill me.”

I suddenly blew out.

“Kakukuhahaha. No, kill me? Who? Me?”

I look down at Zepes.

“Look for the minute, clown”

Despite the magical powers of nature and language, Zepes was not compelled to do so.

The dark-colored armor he wears unfolds an anti-magic magic circle.

“Hah, you can’t eat your hands anymore. This rebellious armor has the power to seal any magic.”

So that’s it. Because he relies on such armor, is he not good at anti-magic? He’s a descendant of my offspring.

“We allow the use of weapons, armor, and magic. The win or loss is determined by either death or giving up.”

The owl’s voice from the sky echoed throughout the arena.

“Now, let’s start the practical test!”

Immediately, Zepes pulls out his sword on his waist.The blade was burning brightly.

“I’m surprised! The magic sword Zefried is a sword born from the ancient fire that has been handed down to the Indu family.This amplifies my magic power more than ten times.It seems that I am good at anti-magic, The fire of this sword is not extinguished.”

“Hmm. Did you like arithmetic too?”

As he closes, Zepes becomes angry.

“What do you want to say?”

“If you multiply one by a factor of ten, it will be ten or so.”


Zepes kicks the ground. The next moment, he appeared in front of me, and I was in the middle of the magic sword Zephrid.


Fuwa. I’ll bite the ebb.

But it’s very slow.If I have a sword, I have already cut it a hundred times, but well, there are no adults who are serious about playing children.Will you go out with me?

Regardless of the weapon, the user will not need to bother to avoid this.

The evil sword Zefried touched my neck by a flash of light, and for the first time I looked straight at the sword.

Unpalatable! And I avoided the evil sword on the verge.

“Well, do you avoid it?”

Dangerous dangerous.A few millimeters later, the sword broke in half because of the weak anti-magic that I always wore.

It is a heirloom that the Indus have inherited them for generations.Despite the number of pillows, breaking such an important thing is truly a remorse.


“Is this a magic sword?”

“Yes. Would you like to see it for the first time? True magic, which is a bit different from modern magic.Yes, this is an ancient sword with hidden magic.A product of the times of the gods.

…… Is this a magic sword? Compared to these things, the sticks that fell there in the times of the gods have more magical powers.

Although it is said to be a product of the times of the gods, it may have been seized.A true magic sword has a will.And with its enormous magic power, even the owner will be attacked.

The word magic sword has also become much lighter.


take a breath. Then, the fire of the magic sword Zefried disappeared.

“Ge, Geh !?”

A surprise voice leaks out of the audience seats along with the screams of impeccable Zepes.

“… I can’t believe …… He’s extinguished the fire of the magic sword Zefried …?”

“I couldn’t even see the old fire, which is said to go away until the end of the world … and even deployed the magic circle …!”

Barely, Zepes clenches his teeth.

“You, no way, seal magic …!?”

“What, I just blew it out. Even the magical power of the sword would light the flame again in a few years.”

Zepes has a bitter look.

“… The sealing magic, the forcing magic, but it seems to be carrying magic at a terrible level, but it seems that the magic you deal with is not suitable for battle.

HM. Armor that is likely to shatter if stroked, isn’t that popular too?

“I’m not going to be proud when I break through.”

“Huh. Did you notice?”

“No, there’s one interesting proposal, because it’s wrong that you and me fight in the same position in the first place.”

Zepes stares at me to be on the alert.

“It’s a handicap. I can’t move one step from here. No magic circles, no magic, no words or breath. so”

“Hah! Let’s do a rough spell, or an excuse for losing? Apparently your magic isn’t for combat …”

Zepes vomits blood.

“… a silly thing … this is …”

“Did you hear?”

The sound resounds.

“Heart beats”

The sound of the heart beat in the heartbeat, and the sound shook violently inside Zepes. He wears demon armor, but is not very good.There were a lot of gaps in the anti-magic magic circle, and my beating passed through it.

“Kah, ha …”

With blood squirting from the whole body, Zepes kneels down and falls forward.

“Hmm. But he came. If he was so weak, if he throbbed violently, everyone would not die.”

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