Chapter 4 Samsara


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Chapter 4 Samsara Heavenly Book

In the last world, Chu Xingyun achieved the name of Ba Tian Martial Emperor, the name world, lifespan is more than a thousand years.

In this long year, there are only two things that are regrettable.

First is the death of Shui LiuXiang.

Second, it is the whereabouts of Chu Xingyun’s biological parents.

Everyone knows that after Chu Xingyun was born, Chu Family suffered an assassination. Chu Xingyun’s mother-in-law was missing. His father left the Westwind City to trace the murderer. He had never seen it for 16 years.

But the truth is not the case.

At that time, Chu Xingyun was inadvertently encountered a drunken water Chongxian before being driven out of Xifeng City.

From the mouth of Shui Chongxian, he was surprised to learn that the assassination of the year was originally a good match between the Shuijia and Yunmengwufu, and forced to take away Chu Xingyun’s parents.

Yunmengwufu is one of the five great military houses of the Imperial Dynasty. It has been inherited for hundreds of years, and even the Imperial Family is not afraid to take a nap.

Compared with Yunmengwufu, it is said that Chu Family, the entire Westwind City, are very small.

It is precisely because of the intervention of Yunmengwufu that Chu Xingyun’s parents will be taken away. Chu Family has suffered numerous deaths and injuries, and even was rumored to have been assassinated. No one dared to trace.

At that time, Chu Xingyun, who heard the truth, could not wait to kill Shui Chongxian. Unfortunately, his strength was too low and he could not start. He could only bury this secret in his heart.

“I knew the truth at the beginning, and I didn’t have the strength to take revenge. When I really have the strength, this matter has passed for hundreds of years. The Imperial Dynasty has long been a human being, the water house has fallen, and Yunmeng Wufu has been destroyed. No matter how to trace it, there is no clue. Chu Xingyun sighed deeply, and Good Fortune got these four words, he has a deep understanding.

This time, Chu Xingyun crossed over a thousand years and returned to the age of sixteen. He will certainly make up for these two regrets. Not only will Shui LiuXiang be with him forever, but he will also go to Yunmengwufu to find the whereabouts of his biological parents!

“Yunmengwufu is a huge force. Now I can’t match it. I will start from the water home for the time being. Today, I twice asked Shui Chongxian. From his reaction, he must know a lot of insider.” Chu Xingyun Eyes flash, in the heart thinking.

Time is slowly passing, unconsciously, night, already deep.

Chu Xingyun did not continue to ponder, but placed his eyes on the jade stone in his hand.

Speaking of this jade stone, it is quite mysterious.

In the last world, Chu Xingyun entered the Heavenly Spirit Mountain in order to find an opportunity to enter the emperor. This jade stone was born at that time.

“I was sneaked by Xiao Sentence of Heaven, and somehow returned to the age of sixteen, but this jade stone did not disappear, still following me, could it be that all because of this jade stone? ”

After getting this jade stone in the past, Chu Xingyun didn’t study much, but no matter what he tried, this jade stone didn’t have any movement.

Didn’t expect, it is this mysterious jade stone, in the moment when Chu Xingyun’s soul disappeared, taking him back to the millennium, it is too mysterious. If it is not a personal test, Chu Xingyun will never believe that there will be such a Things existence.

Because life and death are not manpower to control at all, even the legendary powerhouse, can not live or die, must follow the world of Law.

Just as Chu Xingyun was puzzled, a fascinating rays of light, suddenly shot from the jade stone, condensed into a huge vortex, shrouded Chu Xingyun’s body.

Chu Xingyun only felt a whirlwind, and when he regained consciousness, he found that arrived arrived at a strange place.

Here, it seems to be a confined space, surrounded by six sides, the whole space is filled with a little glow, there is no trace of life, it seems a bit gloomy.

“Strange, when I studied for so long, I didn’t find the secret of jade stone. How now, but it has a vision on its own, and brought me to this place?” Chu Xingyun is more and more confused, looking Looking ahead, I found a stone platform standing in the middle of the space.

He hurried over and found a black ancient book on the stone platform. There was nothing else.

This ancient book is very thin, only a few pages of nothing more, the whole body is painted in black, and there is no script written on it, it is impossible to judge the origin.

Chu Xingyun stepped out and walked up to the black book, but he was not in a hurry to look through it, but rather cautiously explored all around.

After a while, there was nothing unusual about it. Chu Xingyun picked up the black ancient book and opened the first page.

Just beginning, Chu Xingyun thought that this black ancient book is what Martial Study cultivation technique, but after careful review, the content recorded on this first page is a biography, from Samsara Heavenly Emperor.

It is this biography that makes Chu Xingyun understand everything.

“This jade stone I got in Heavenly Spirit Hill, called Samsara Stone, is the life source of Samsara Heavenly Emperor. It can reverse Samsara, let the dead people go back, re-beginning a new life, in my presence Before the death, fresh blood was impregnated with Samsara stone, which inadvertently inspired the effect of Samsara stone.”

“As for Samsara Heavenly Emperor, according to the above biography, he is not a true continent, but from a place called Xianting, which was chased by the enemy and eventually disappeared. This Samsara stone was It was preserved and left in the Heavenly Spirit Mountain.”

Chu Xingyun knew this and didn’t feel the surprise.

At the beginning, he swayed the true continent and entered the secret of the man. He had long known that in addition to the true continent, he also had a variety of mysterious World.

Samsara Heavenly Emperor said that Xianting is probably one of the Worlds.

Moreover, this Xianting must be thousands of times stronger than the true continent.

At least in the real continent, Chu Xingyun has never seen the Samsara stone, and has never heard of anyone who can reverse Samsara and return to the past.

“The ancient book also said that the space I was in was inside the Samsara stone. The time flow rate was completely different from the outside world. The outside world spent one day, but it took a full five days, in other words, if I cultivate here for five days. The outside world only passed one day.”

The ecstasy of Chu Xingyun eyes is very exciting, and I can’t wait to open the second page of the ancient book.

However, he used all his strength to open the second page of the ancient book.

Even the entire ancient book became extremely heavy, with both hands loose, and immediately fell back to the stone platform, and it turned into the original appearance, as if nothing had happened.

“What is this?” Chu Xingyun frowned sharply, and the next time he saw a line of scripts appearing on the stone platform.

“Go to Spirit Gathering to continue to review the Samsara Heavenly Book.”

“Samsara Heavenly Book!” Chu Xingyun once again stared at the black book, remembering the name in his mind.

He has a hunch that Samsara Heavenly Emperor left the Samsara Heavenly Book and set such a limit, there must be something ulterior secret.

Maybe this is related to the Samsara Way of Samsara Heavenly Emperor cultivate!

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