Chapter 40: Preparatory battle


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next day. Delzogade Demon Academy, Maju no Mori. The two sets of students were all gathered here for the upcoming exam.

The bell of class starts ringing, says Emilia.

“Now, we will start a team-based competition test between the Ray team and the Anos team.”

Rei walks towards me.

“Did you sleep well yesterday?”

“Oh, sleeping is a good thing.”

“I couldn’t sleep much.”

“Hum. Did you find an interesting book? Late nights are poisonous to your body.”

“That’s true. It was hard to get up in the morning and I couldn’t help it.”

Fuwa, and Ray shrinks.

“Cho, a little bit!”

Sasha caught her mouth as if something was complaining.

“What happened?”

“What’s wrong? I’m going to do a team-based competition test from now on! A team-based competition test! What’s that warm air?

Hell, nothing kills. Of course, you may die inadvertently, but you won’t waste anything.

“Bad, my subordinate is a bit noisy.”

He put his hand on Sasha’s head and told him quietly and silently.

“… Um … hands, hands … I won’t be silent because of this …”

Despite that, Sasha’s momentum was reduced and she grew calm.


From behind Sasha, Misha turns aside.

“… What are you saying …?”

“Because Anos is different from Sasha.”

Is it different from my time?

“Oh, what, Sasha. Are you jealous because I’m talking peacefully with Rei, unlike you?”

“You’re stupid! Don’t be jealous …!”


Looking into Sasha’s face, she turns away.

“… I’m not jealous …”

A weak muttering like a solitary leaked.

“In the first place, the previous group-based competition test started fighting from you.”

Sasha turned his gaze only at him and shouted, “Well …”



Mass, who calls Sasha’s sword curtain, is a little scared.

“… Eh, um .. Why don’t we fight?”

“What’s the game?”

“You see, Anos and Rei have promised each other. Would you like to compare ourselves so that they don’t get in the way?”

“I’m amazed. The team-based competition test is a mock war. Where in the world is there a war where you can fight together?”

Sasha reluctantly says, but Mass laughed.

“Yesterday’s magical photo seems to have been a favorite.”

“… besides, not really.”

Sasha’s eyes are swimming.

“Fufu, I’ll give you if I beat me?”

Mass instantly glimpses from the bosom at something that looks like a photograph.

“… That’s all I want to say?”

“Yes. Let’s fight well.”

With that said, Mass returns to the Anos van Union.

“Oh, yes, I remember, yesterday’s game was Anos’s win, right?”

“Yes, what can I do?”

Rei shows a cool smile.

“Well, do you enjoy this group-based competition test?”

Laughter leaks from the bottom of my belly when I slip on it. Why aren’t these lines that seem so straightforward than those who make strong threats?

“It’s interesting. I’ll expect it.”

“What about the base?”

“Choose whatever you like”

“Is it east side?”

Ray turned his heels and called out to the masses.

“Let’s go. It may be an unreliable leader, but I want everyone to help.”

Then, Mass appeared with an unexpected expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, Rei has changed. How do you say this to us in white clothes?”

“Oh, I’m not good at that, because I don’t understand the royal family or anything.”

Ray says in a plain tone.

“And I sometimes think about it.”

“What is it?”

“Did the founder really say that?”

Mass stares at Ray with a surprised expression.

“Does he really say that the royal family is great?”

“……that person?”

“Oh, but it’s a bit of a story. I’ve always felt uncomfortable. The demon king of violence that everyone says doesn’t seem like a different person. Well, if you say this, it’s white, even though it’s a generation of chaos You can see it with your eyes.

Mass laughs a little happily.

“Fufu, okay. By the way, isn’t Rei interested in Unification activities?”

Misa began soliciting, as if she heard Rei’s story and decided to win.

“No, not at all”

“Yes. Unfortunately, are you interested in Anos-sama’s fan union?”

Rei walks to the eastern base while talking peacefully. We turned our heels and headed west of the forest.

Thought communication After a while, <> is sent from an owl flying above.

“Let’s start the team-based competition test between the Ray team and the Anos team. Please try to beat the enemy with all your power so as not to be ashamed of the founder’s name!”

With the complaint as usual, the fire of the team-based opposition test was cut off and dropped.

“… What is the strategy …?”

“I’m dealing with Mass and the rest of the students.”

Misha looks at Sasha’s face.

“Do you want a photo?”

“That’s different! I just want to show my eyes to that woman who thinks she can do something.”

It’s a bit like a mock war, but it’s getting better.

“Sasha. One thing to say.”


“Although it’s overwhelming, if you’re under my control, don’t run away.”

She smiles with a cheerful attitude.

“It’s obvious. Look, we’ll all kick it off.”

“Hmm. Well, I’ll give you a reward if it works.”

“What do you give me?”

“I’ll do anything. Think about what you like.”

Then, as if thinking about what, Sasha appears as if she was shy.

“… whatever …?”


Sasha’s body is coming.

“Anything, really anything? Anything is fine?”

“Oh, what do you want?”

Immediately she turned her face red and turned away.

“… Separately. It doesn’t mean anything … because I’m thinking …”

Apparently there is something I want.

“Build a castle?”

Misha says.

“Yes, can you build it?”

Missha, holding her left hand to pray. I wondered how many ice crystals appeared from , and they formed a magic circle and began to shine.

“Ice Castle”

Creative architecture Misha uses the magic of <>. In the blink of an eye our feet freeze, creating an ice floor and outer walls. Subsequently, ice thrones, bronze statues, and mirrors appeared. The next moment, the ice floor rises to the heavens, as if lifting the body. Finally, the sky was closed to the ice ceiling, and a huge ice Demon Castle was completed.

We are between the thrones.

Creative Architecture “… What did Misha’s <> build a complete Demon Castle so quickly?”

Misha twisted her small neck.

“Because there is a ?”

“Well, there will be.”

Sasha curiously asked.

“What else is there?”

“Ask your source.”

I glance away at Sasha’s gaze looking dissatisfied.

“What do you want to do before you build the castle?”

“I’ll wait that much. I’m going to beat it so well that it doesn’t make a squeal.”

It seems that he is competing with Mass during this time, but he is on good terms.

“So, how do you look beyond that?”

Thought communication We use evil eye and intercept <> like this time. By the way, Misha and Sasha also made it sound.

“Oh, I think you’ve been asked now.”

“Eh? Do you understand?”

Thought communication <> I heard the communication between Rei and Mass.

“Hello, Anos. You’re listening, right?”

Thought communication Did you notice? Even if I heard from the masses that I could intercept <>, it is true.

“Because I was free. How about the construction of the Demon Castle?

“I guess it will take a little longer”

“It’s boring”

“So, why not kill your time at the biggest waterfall in this valley?”


“Are you alone?”

“It’s better not to get in the way, right?”

I thought she wasn’t a runaway hideaway, but she was going to challenge me dignifiedly. And it’s interesting because I know my power.

“Go soon”

“I’ll see you later.”

Thought communication <> is disconnected. The masses may have stopped using magic.

“That’s why. I’ll play a little.”

“Be careful”

Misha says.

“It’s good to play, but don’t settle before I beat the mass.”

Demon King The team-based competition test is over if you are a group leader.

“I wait for three minutes, but I can’t guarantee any more.

Transfer I left it and used the magic of <>. The eyes are dyed white and immediately regain their color. There was a waterfall where the water rushed down from a height of about three meters.

As expected, isn’t it yet? I sit on an affordable rock and wait as it is.

Eventually, a huge demon castle appeared around the eastern forest. It seems to be quite robust.

I was dimly observing the work of Demon Castle, and I heard a footstepping on the grass. When I turned my gaze, there was Ray.

“Hello, do you wait?”

“What, I just came.”

Ray walks here. Just one step outside of the sword-space, he stopped.

“Isn’t it all right to start suddenly?”

“I don’t mind, but are there any other interesting ideas?”

Rei smiles as if she came up with a mischief.

“Which of you, the children of the fan union, will win?”

So that’s it.

“That face, something has been prepared.”

“Mass, I guess she also wanted to join Anos’s group. It’s somehow related, and I decided to cooperate a bit.”

interesting. Is it a preparatory battle between subordinates?

“Of course, my subordinate is determined to win.”

Remote Perspective I deployed a magic circle at the waterfall and used the magic of <> there. The giant waterfall is screened and my team, Rei’s team, and both sides are shown.

“I heard you, Sasha. Good news. I have to wait until you and the Mass are settled.”

“Thank you. I’ll finish it quickly.”

Flying Sasha flies in the sky with <> and is heading straight to the Devil’s Castle built by the members of the Fan Union. Going from the sky is not desirable because it exposes the figure, but it is not a big deal given the difference in ability between Sasha and Mass.

“I’ve come as you want, Miss Iriologu. Come out, or should I go to the castle?”

“Thank you, Fufufu, Sasha. Thank you for your hard work.

The sound of the ground sounds like zu, zuzu, gooooooooooooo. A rock arm extends from the Demon Castle built by Fan Union. Then the leg is raised and slowly rises.

It was a giant soldier with as many mountains as a castle.

Manipulation of the object “……… <> magic … but no way at Demon Castle …”

Object Manipulation <> is magic that manipulates objects like living things. The greater the size of the object, the more difficult it is to operate and the more magic it requires. Sorcerer The operation is probably performed by each fan union. But even if they put everyone in a class where detection and manipulation magic would benefit from magical enhancement, they would not have enough magic.

“Do you have the magic power?”

Huh and Rei smiled.

“I’m a little poor at magic. I don’t have much use, so I have more magic.”

The Demon King’s army is probably turning that into a fan union with the magic of <>.

“I’ll go, Sasha-san!”

A giant soldier raised his stupid sword and slashed at Sasha.

“Well … this …!”

Giant soldiers are quite agile, not matching the figure. The rolling wind pressure prevented Sasha from flying as expected and seemed only to avoid the attack.

“I don’t want to have a figure!”

Sasha stares at the giant soldier with . The outer walls of the rocks fall apart, but the giants are too big. Sasha’s field of view cannot be fully reflected. You can’t be completely destroyed with a glance.

“Isn’t it better to lend a little power?”

Ray says. In addition to the number of masses, Sasha’s disadvantage is that Ray has the magic power. However–

“Don’t look down on me.”

Thought Communication I spoke with <>.

“Sasha. Need help?”

“I don’t need it. No matter how many people are out of control, it would not be under the Demon King’s control if they seemed to use this much power.”

Hell Flame Extermination Cannon “I said well, then use <>”

It was an unexpected proposal. Sasha’s reply was delayed.

Mage: “… I can’t do that. It’s something that only two people could do. Even though my class is now, it’s not enough magic.”

The mage class grants magical enhancements to attack spells and raises the magic power. On the other hand, healing effects are imposed by recovery magic, and physical abilities decrease.

“You can borrow Misha’s power.”

“… but only two people …”

“Can’t I trust?”

After a moment of silence, Sasha said.

“… I understand. Misha, are you okay?”

Thought Communication Sasha calls <> while dodging the attacking giant soldier’s sword.

“N. Deploy a three-dimensional magic circle. Turn the surgeon into Sasha.”

Glittering crystals emerge at the Great Ice Castle in the western base, far away from giants, and they form a magic circle. A magnificent magic circle appeared in front of the castle, which changed like a turret.

Demon King Army Misha’s magic power and Sasha’s magic power are united through the magic line of <>.

Sasha stuck to the giant soldier’s sword, and held his hand as if aiming.

Hell Flame Extermination Cannon

The magic circle deployed at the Ice Demon Castle changes like a turret, and a black sun appears there. It boasts a tremendous amount of magic, and its light trails out as if it were to be flipped out, and is released straight to giants.

“See, Miss, avoid it!”

“Muh, it’s impossible! It’s this size!”

Goooooooooooooo and giant soldiers are wrapped in the black sun. The rattles and rattles, the arms fall, the legs collapse, and the outer wall, the outer wall, peels off.

Unfortunately, the Fan Union screamed.

“Kyu, kyaaa!”

“As expected, it is too strong to destroy such a giant soldier with a single shot under Anos-sama!”

“Hey, hey! I noticed something amazing!”

“What do you do when you are about to die?”

“If he died, he was killed by Anos-sama’s order, so he wasn’t killed indirectly !?”

“This is killed!”

The giant sound of Dogga Aan sounded, and the giant fell from his head.

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