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The Fire Eagle seemed to feel the murderous intention, and the killing intent was revealed in the eyes. After a long scream, the wings trembled and rushed to Chu Xingyun again.

Its body is flaming, and under the flash, it is like a fire. If it is hit by it, even if it is Spirit Gathering, you will suffer a slight injury.

Chu Xingyun stares at the fire eagle, which is getting closer and closer, and the spirit sword in his hand trembles more and more.


When the Fire Eagle was only three feet away from him, the sword shadow flashed, and it was like a Thunder plucking the sky, illuminating the dim cliff and accurately stabbing the neck of the Fire Eagle.

A handful of blood mist filled the sky, dyed the sky, the fire eagle instantly disappeared, falling from the air.

Looking at the fire eagle that fell on the cliff, Chu Xingyun’s mouth floated a smirk, just wanting to converge, a path of angry eagle sounded, let the cliffs tremble slightly.

Looking at the sound, but seeing the sky not far away, there are dozens of fire eagle.

These Fire Eagles seem to be aware of the death of their companions, their eyes staring at Chu Xingyun with anger, and the speed is soaring, rushing at an extremely terrifying speed.

“It’s awkward!” Chu Xingyun snorted, so many fire eagle, under the impact, he could not live.

In a hurry, Chu Xingyun clenched the rope and swayed directly in the direction of the cave.


The body suddenly landed, and the those weeds and dead woods were all smashed, but Chu Xingyun couldn’t control it so much, raising the speed to peak and forcing it into the cave.

Those fire eagle saw Chu Xingyun escape into the cave, became more angry, and the eagle sounded deafening.

However, they did not forcefully chase them in. They just hovered around the caves. It seems that there are terrifying things in this cave that make them extremely jealous.

“It seems that I have not chased it.” Chu Xingyun leaned against the mountain wall and heard that the eagle sounded a lot weaker, and suddenly put down the big stone in his heart.

The cave in front of me is not wide, only three people can walk together. Chu Xingyun walks along the memory and moves towards the cave. The spirit sword is already clenched in the hand, always vigilant around.

When he came to this place, the cultivation base had reached the Heavenly Spirit realm, even in the Imperial Dynasty, it was a peak of the existence, just a look, it was enough to let the thunder fire eagle escape.

It’s no better than it was at the beginning. It’s always right.

Going forward hundreds of meters, Chu Xingyun’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and looked strangely to the surrounding mountain walls.

I saw the mountain wall, covered with strange and numerous strange traces, it seems that because of the age, these traces have become very vague, if you do not look carefully, it is easy to ignore.

In the last world, Chu Xingyun also noticed these traces, but did not pay much attention to it, but this time, after he had a thousand years of insight, once again saw these traces, the whole face was full of shock, and even horror.

“antiquity script!” Chu Xingyun exclaimed, these weird traces, actually script, from antiquity!

In the last world, Chu Xingyun has entered many antiquity secrets in order to find the opportunity of the breakthrough. It is no stranger to these antiquity scripts.

Why, when he looked at these scripts, he couldn’t see why, for a long time, he felt dizzy and Mind was a little embarrassed.

“A powerhouse cave mansion, actually the existence of even the antiquity script I can’t understand, could it be that this cave mansion hidden mystery?” Chu Xingyun look awkward, suddenly become more cautious, carefully look around, not willing Let it go.

Continue to walk forward, turn a corner, Chu Xingyun pushes away the scattered gravel, the front view is suddenly clear.

Within the field of vision, there is a vast space with rivers, trees, and buildings. It is like a paradise.

Due to the advent of the antiquity script, Chu Xingyun became cautious about everything, but along the way, he never found the antiquity script.

The whole cave mansion, just like the one he came to, has nothing to do with everything, one flower and one grass, completely revealing a silent atmosphere.

“The emergence of “could it be that antiquity script” is simply a coincidence?” Chu Xingyun hid his doubts in his heart and stepped forward, directly at the stone chamber of the owner cultivate.

The stone chamber is not large, only three meters long and wide. In the center of the stone chamber, there is a marked burnt mark. Some of the instruments are scattered and appear to be very messy.

Chu Xingyun went to the center and reached for a ring of ancient and plain.

This ring is the storage ring of the cave mansion master. After opening, there are a lot of things in it, Martial Study cultivation technique, spirit stone, and even some medicine pill, which are very rich in variety.

But Chu Xingyun didn’t take a look at these things and looked directly at the center.

There, there is a stone platform, a four-foot Ancient Sword suspended in the stone platform, about two fingers wide, the sword body is transparent, even if this is directly looking straight, you can feel the sword’s fierce.

This sword is a low level Magic Item that Chu Xingyun said.

Buzz~ !

The spirit sword in Chu Xingyun’s hand trembled, and seemed to resonate with the hollow sword. The palm of the hand was loose, and the spirit sword broke away. Like the wind, it was like thunder, but it was directly stabbed to the hollow sword.

The crisp gold and iron percussion came, and under the watchful eyes of Chu Xingyun, the moment the two swords collided, the spirit sword became a brilliance, blending with the hollow sword.

“Sword is coming!” Chu Xingyun Sees this scene, opening a low drink.

The hollow sword seemed to be inductive, shattering the dust, and the sword body fretting, and the moment it fell into the hands of Chu Xingyun.

Look at the sword carefully, on the sword body, lingering with a glimpse of the sharp, the sword body fretting, the breath will bloom, enough to easily break the air.

Chu Xingyun is very clear, this sharp atmosphere, from the mysterious stone.

On Rank, the Skull Sword is not high, just the low level Magic Item.

But on the material, the hollow sword is forged by the mysterious stone. This mysterious stone, only in the hurricane raging land will appear, not only hard, but also make the blade become extremely sharp, almost all A rare stone that the forge is craving.

“A rare baby like Xuanfeng Jinshi, in the hands of the forged Grandmaster, is enough to forge the King Item level. The guy who forged the hollow sword was mostly a stupid generation of closed doors. He mistakenly regarded Xuanfeng Jinshi as ordinary. Stone.”

Chu Xingyun stared at the hollow sword in his hand, his wrists flipped, and a sword went straight ahead.


The air was torn apart, the sword body was in the shadows, and it was so quick that people had some reaction. However, it seems that they saw the phantom.

The Martial Spirit is awesome and varied.

If the Martial Spirit is animal-shaped, it is called the Martial Spirit, and the Martial Spirit of the Martial Spirit can attach the Martial Spirit to the body to get the unique Martial Spirit.

If the Martial Spirit is rendered, it is called Martial Spirit, and the Martial Spirit of the Martial Spirit can be used as a weapon with the Martial Spirit. Similarly, the Martial Spirit can be integrated into the weapon to make it more powerful. power.

Chu Xingyun’s spirit sword belongs to the Martial Spirit. After the hollow sword is added, the speed of the hollow sword is made faster and more ethereal. It is judged from these two characteristics. The hollow sword is especially suitable for Chu. Xingyun.

Of course, in addition to the Martial Spirit and the Martial Spirit, there are other forms of Martial Spirit, but these Martial Spirits are rare and rare, and Rank is generally higher.

“Xuanfeng Jinshi is not the stone that the forgemaster dreams of. Even if it does not fully exert its characteristics, it has such power. It seems that I will collect some stone in the future, and maybe I can promote the hollow sword to King Item!”

Chu Xingyun in the heart is self-talking, but not impatient. With his current cultivation base, the hollow sword is more than enough. If he is forced to promote to the King Item level, he can’t control it.

“The most powerful thing about the hollow sword is that it can release the hollow air blade, Body Tempering Seventh Level realm, I don’t know if it can be smoothly pushed.” Thinking of this, Chu Xingyun left the secret room with a hollow sword. In my heart, there is actually a sense of expectation.

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