Chapter 401. The Totem Serpent Against the Silver Lord of the Sky (Part 2).


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All the white magic eagles, in spite of how many there were, fell on the ground with corpses.

The giant serpent gazed at a large silver eagle, he did not pay attention to how thousands of eagle bodies fall down. He carefully examined the eagle commander, sticking out his red snake tongue.

The great silver eagle sent his charges to certain death to no avail. Then he ordered the eagles to retreat, and he decided to attack the serpent with his feather-blades.

Most of the eagle’s defensive sphere was destroyed by Zhu Maine’s invasion, and its combat capability suffered as a result.

Suddenly, the totem snake flew up, with the speed of lightning, he approached the eagle, the remains of his protective sphere could not cause any harm to the snake. The snake clutched its teeth into the eagle’s wing, dragging the bird down.

People rushed inside the safe boundaries of the city. Each city during the attack of magical creatures activates its safe borders, the inner space of which becomes a haven for residents.

The internal space of the borders is very limited, and it’s not easy to get to them during a disaster.

From the heavenly height, the streets of the city were spread out in a small net, tiny cars rushed back and forth, and the people on this background were even smaller.

People seemed to be small dots, and only when they got together could human movement be tracked. If it were not for the poisonous cloud on the borders, then all these residents would have become food for white magic eagles long ago.

“My God! What is it there? ”Exclaimed a student from the crowd, pointing to the silver lord of the firmament, who was rapidly falling down.

The entire body of the silver eagle was covered with metal feathers. He was swiftly sweeping down, his wings already touching the buildings. The eagle collapsed, destroying a residential building and causing a squall of screams in the whole district.

There were no people at all in this part of the city. Having collapsed to the ground, the eagle commander hurried up and shook his feathering from the dust.

He rose to his full height, and the schools, hospitals and parks around compared with his dimensions were like toy.

People were already far away from here, but from most of the city one could clearly see how the eagle spreads its wings, inflicting even more damage on the city!

“What is it that fell there?” Cried the student, who had run away from his teacher. He was pointing at the western borders of the city.

In the sky you could also see the silhouette of a totem snake. People just now began to realize that now he was much more than that when they saw him for the first time.

The silver eagle was a monster-destroyer, but the totem serpent was larger than it.

The totem serpent crashed to the ground, raising a huge wave of sand and dust. People who looked at what was happening from afar could not believe their eyes!

Even just magic was deeply respected and honored by people. But the battle of two commander-level animals is clearly something out of the ordinary!

Ling Ling and Mo Fan, who were sitting on the totem’s head, were not less scared.

The totem serpent obviously did not stand on ceremony with an eagle, but would it not have been better if he had first lowered them to the ground? Why start the battle so violently?

The totem serpent was really angry. In his eyes now there was only a silver eagle commander, and he was not going to be nice to him. Even knowing that Mo Fan and Ling Ling are protected in his scales, a collision with another commander-level animal can erase them into powder!

* Squeak *

Totem did not give the eagle and the slightest opportunity to take a breath. At that moment when the eagle tried to fly, the serpent threw back its tail.

His long serpent’s tail slid near the eagle, hitting him in the face!

The big silver eagle has been slapped again! He made an angry sound that rolled in a powerful sound wave from his mouth.

The sound wave was directed toward the totem, destroying everything around it and reflecting on the snake’s skin.

However, the totem serpent did not retreat: directing his long tail, he again grabbed an eagle.

The sonic bang came again from the eagle’s mouth …

The silver lord of the firmament was like a singer, who, having received a slap in the face, suddenly fell silent. Eagle backed away from hitting the tail back, collapsed on the state building.

“And the serpent is cool!” Screamed with admiration of Ling Ling.

Mo Fan next shook his head.

Most recently, Mo Fan witnessed with his own eyes how five outstanding magicians were defeated in a battle with an eagle commander. But the totem was beating quite differently: despite the protective armor of the bird, he grabbed and dragged the eagle down. Only the totem could allow the eagle to strike the strongest blows, which were not affected even by the eagle screams!

“How many people are watching!” Said Ling Ling, looking around from the height of the totem. In the distance, there were people everywhere who closely watched this battle.

Despite the fact who wins, a totem or an eagle-commander, they were so huge that everyone from anywhere in the city could watch this battle.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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