Chapter 405. Dressing.


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The practice on the lake was vaguely remembered at the beginning of the year, so what did Mo Fan damn him in recent years?

First there was a snake-like big lizard, followed by an eerie warrior-killer, then, changing the image to the savage, he hung out with the marsh armored monster and scolopendra for several months, then big events occurred in Hangzhou, in which he also took part.

And not to return to Mingzhu University, not to wear a uniform, and it is impossible to just continue to believe that you are simply the best.

Where to find a safe place in this world?

Okay, do not think yourself thinking up, all the same, all that remains is to return home.

Pulling the key out from under the flower pot, Mo Fan quickly opened the door of the apartment.

“Sister, this Zhou Shu Min is so arrogant, tells everyone, boasts that she has become your daughter-in-law, even before the whole world, with all her urine, forcing you to be embarrassed, where is she from? Coma of this devilish idiot, I have never met such wordless crazy people! ”- Ai Tu Tu shouted to the whole room.

Mu Nu Jiao sat on a soft sofa, her graceful body fell into a seat, slightly, her head thrown back, her hair hung from the back of the sofa, and the beautiful swan neck was raised to the top.

She was massaging with a finger the space between the eyebrows, she looked a little tired, and had absolutely no desire to answer Ai Tu Tu.

* crackle! *

The massive door swung open. A young man with a broad smile on his face entered the room, looked around the room, immediately took off his shoes, put them in a chest of drawers, along the way he hung a backpack on his loop, then took off his windbreaker.

In his early movements, it was obvious that he was used to being here, as if he had returned to his home.

Ai Tu Tu and Mu Nu Jiao were sitting in the hall, staring dumbly at this young man for a couple of seconds.

“Sister, isn’t it that I see a ghost?”, Said Ai Tu Tu in shock.

Then she looked out the window, there was a clear day sun, fully illuminating the hall. Never heard a ghost appear in broad daylight.

Mu Nu Jiao kept silence, and could not understand what it felt like.

“This fool turns out to be even more reckless. Ai Tu Tu, come on, give me my name … Well, all right, I can help you … ”, said Mo Fan involuntarily, with a mischievous smile on his face.

“You are you …”, – Ai Tu Tu poked her finger in Mo Fang, for a while, unable to utter a word. “Did you not die?”

Laughing Mo Fan spoke: “No matter how much I jumped from the chips, I can’t die. But where should I leave you, my orphan girls … This is absolutely not my style. ”

“Ugh! We are sisters, not a mother with a daughter! ”, Said Ay Tu Tu in anger:“ Don’t start me here, you, devil, everyone says that you died, if you are a ghost, you want us, beauty sisters, then you simply act immoral. I will tell you something, I, Ay Tu Tu, awakened an element of necromancy, and if you move, then I will make you my slave! ”Said Ay Tu Tu.

Mu Nu Jiao stood next to her and seemed to want to say something, but just silently pushed Ai Tu Tu.

Ai Tu Tu bravely stood in front of her sister and spread her arms, continued to say: “Do not even think that you can even get hair from us, it’s better to be reincarnated as a new person …”

Mu Nu Jiao coughed, her face turned red, and she whispered: “This is … Tu Tu, go get dressed.”

Ai Tu Tu froze, lowered her head, and found that her melons were bare.

“Ahhhh!” Ai Tu Tu shouted in fright and shame: “You bastard, how did you dissolve my clothes !?”

Shouting, Ai Tu Tu, covered her chest and ran up to the top floor.

Mo Fang’s nose began to pulsate from such a beautiful frame, as if a 3D-4D picture of a girl with large buffers materialized in front of him.

Mu Nu Jiao from the sight of Ai Tu Tu just slapped her forehead, the whole situation was caused by her laziness.

Only two of them live in this house for a long time, although it is cool outside the window, but the room is quite warm. And Ai Tu Tu used to everyday, do not limit yourself, the bra was too tight for her, and she took it off after taking off her dress. And in this form, the village watched the television series.

Full of girls who live alone at home and do exactly the same. They do not think about the possibility that Mo Fan will be resurrected and come here.

“And your habits … Isn’t it a surprise for you?” Asked Mo Fan. Only he and Mu Nu Jiao stood in the room.

Mu Nu Jiao said, “Everything is expected. So scoundrels like you will not take me by surprise! ”

“Your slander is again … Or from my return, can you not hold back your feelings? ”, Said Mo Fan Mu Nu Jiao, squinting in a smile.

Mu Nu Jiao looked up, then at Mo Fang: “Oh, what a surprise.”

Mu Nu Jiao put on fluffy slippers, and then wagging her thin waist, rose, leaving Mo Fanya alone in the hall.

“Shouldn’t we embrace after a long separation?” Said Mo Fan, laughing, after running away Mu Nu Jiao.

Mu Nu Jiao has already climbed the stairs, as she still looked back, in fact, she had no desire to return to her room.

Mo Fan looked at the elegant silhouette.

After Mu Nu Jiao returned to the room, she closed the door and leaned her back on her. With relief, she threw back her head, closed her eyes, and exhaled. After she opened her eyes, everything changed even more than she expected.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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