Chapter 406. Mo Fan Fan.


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The squeaky sound cutting Mo Fang’s ear has disappeared.

Much time passed while Ai Tu Tu took a breath. Without this long respite, she would not be able to completely calm down and recover.

Mo Fan lay down on the sofa, and stretched to his full height.

But the world still does not know that he is alive. Is it good?

Certainly, the quieter things happen, the more likely it is that they miss him.

Early in the morning at dawn.

During the night, the leaves made a wonderful rug on the school path, and also swayed slightly on the water surface. Everything looked so depressing …

Waking up until dawn, Mo Fan entered the Mingzhu with a handle with two charming neighbors. With the most beautiful mood!

Passing by the old buildings, on the left, busty with a childish face, to the right with a serious and elegant girl, they walked along the street, and all the honors pupils and pupils were smiling, bowing before them.

Mo Fan felt in his holster, except that he was not pleased with his two beauties, who proudly walked in front, pretending to have nothing to do with.

“Sister Mu, this is Lin Tin Yu, mongrel Zhou Shu Min!”, Said Ai Tu Tu at the guy, approaching the training building.

The guy had sharp tips of the ear, he immediately turned and scanned with the evaluative look of Ai Tu Tu and Mu Nu Jiao, then glanced at Mo Fanya, who was standing next to the girls.

“Oh! Ai Tu Tu changed her servant again? Next time choose a tidier and smarter. They also say this is your shield, and if we talk about the shield, then its power should be appropriate, and not like the last time when our Zhou Shu Min cut off with him in one blow, and he looked like that, for the sake of ” insolently said a beautiful student with varnished shoes, without fear of the magic of Ai Tu Tu.

There was charity in the tone, a “feminine” surface appeared in Mo Fan’s head, which he put on the forehead of this rich man’s fan.

Wait, this fool just insulted him!

Mo Fan sharply raised himself, and took a step forward to the young man, looked into the eyes of this little guy: “What did you just say!”

A fan of the rich, not afraid at all, looked at Mo Fang and laughing said: “I said that you are a servant, does it make you angry? Then let me guess which house you’re from … ”

Mo Fan grabbed the boy’s bow tie, and angrily looked at him: “Dike look at your dog’s eyes !!”

Hearing the words of Mo Fan, Ai Tu Tu almost fell from her lofty shells, and was already thinking of cracking it.

But Mu Nu Jiao’s lips went up the corners of her lips, she could not find other words for this person.

“Boy, I recommend removing your paws to you, otherwise I, Lin Tin Yu, cannot guarantee that your teeth in the hospital can insert back!” – Lin Tin Yu’s tone suddenly became very cold.

Although Mo Fan pulled his bow tie, his eyes were getting colder and colder, the temperament of this effeminate changed dramatically!

“What more. You insulted me. Before, I would immediately roll you into the asphalt, without letting the words finish, ”Mo Fan did not loosen his grip.

The atmosphere around them was heating up, and if it could be seen, it would have appeared as a repulsive field for everyone around.

“Remember my words!” – the tone became colder ten times.

Only he finished speaking how a tall man approached from the side.

“What happened, Tin Yu?”, – a tall man came closer, looked at Mu Nu Jiao and, smiling, nodded.

Apparently, he wants to take control of the situation!

“Brother Dun Fan, you saw it yourself … I hate most when someone else touches my bow tie!” Said Lin Tin Yu.

“Something to get used to,” said Mo Fan, laughing.

He pulled the bow tie even harder, tearing it from the neck of Lin Tin Yue.

Lin Tin Yue suddenly flew off the coils, but Dong Fang immediately stood in front of him.

“You cover!” – Lin Tin Yue poked a finger at Mo Fang.

Mo Fan immediately threw out his bow tie, looked at Lin Tin Yue provocatively: “A man should not wear such a colorful tie, he is too female. Consider, I helped you. ”

Lin Tin Yue turned pale as death.

He already wanted to open his mouth, but Mo Fan was ahead of him: “Do not say that you hate most when being called a woman …”

“I will kill you!”, – Lin Tin Yue was already going to make a dash, and if not for a lot of people around, he would have used magic more tightly.

However, Dong Fang, who was standing nearby, pulled him towards him, forcing him to pull this rich man from the crowd.

Lin Tin Yue could not imagine why he did that.

Is he interested in this, insulted?

“I wonder, why did they suddenly leave?”, – not fully understanding, asked Ai Tu Tu.

“Mo Fan, are you familiar with this Dun Fan?”, Mu Nu Jiao was staring intently at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan shrugged his shoulders, and just said: “Nothing, it’s just that he understands that he loses my talent a thousand times.”

Not far, Dun Fang walked loose, dragged along behind him by the rich man Lin Tin Yue …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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