Chapter 407. Competition of universities from all over the world.


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On the main street of the campus, Lin Tinh Yu did not even dare to lead the story.

Mo Fang’s words hit him. In fact, first of all he hates the most when someone touches his bow tie, in the second place – when someone says that he looks like a woman.

And this guy just made the most unacceptable. What if you catch up with him? Should I do it on the streets of the university?

“Dun Fang, why are you bothering me with the guys? You must want to make a good impression on Mu Nu Jiao, but I’m not going to give her such honor, ”said Lin Tin Yu angrily. (pp corrected – correct Dun Fang separately)

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” said Dong Fang Min.

“In the sense of” not injured “??? You mean he is stronger than me ?! ”- Lin Tin Yu said with a smirk.

If you look into the main campus of the Mingzhu University, there are hardly a few people who can be compared to him on their own, Lin Tin Yu. How should he believe that some asshole who got here from nowhere could overcome him ???

Dong Fan Min was also arrogant, even when he, as a trainee of a magical court, was sent to seize Mo Fang and Tang Yue. In the end, Mo Fan beat him pretty hard.

He hurried to take Lin Tin Yuya away, and thought to himself: “He, too, is from the University of Mingzhu, so why have I never met him here?”.

Lin Tin Yu, of course, said that Dong Fang Ming was trying to get out in front of Mu Nu Jiao, but in fact he himself was not going to take such an offense off of that boy named Mo Fan.

At the same time, Mo Fan went to the director’s office. In his report to director Xiao, he would not fail to add that at the university for the last six months, that he had been absent, everyone had already forgotten him — an evil trait, and now everyone who sucks is beating his chest, shouting loudly about his magical abilities!

“Director Xiao, I am with a report to you” – Mo Fan went directly to the director’s office without knocking.

There were already several people in the office, among whom were eminent teachers and outstanding students. All of them looked crazy at Mo Fan, who so brazenly burst inside.

“What faculty are you from?” How dare you brazenly rush into the director’s office? ”One of the deans asked ominously.

The students present were obedient. Their leader modestly stood beside director Xiao. There were also other people who entered the office door – it’s not even believed that all this time life in Mingzhu continued to go its own way.

Director Xiao was also angry at first, because all those present were unquestioningly subordinate to his authority. However, when he realized that it was Mo Fan, the director immediately changed his face.

With a wave of his hand, the director said: “You still go, then I will call you to the meeting again.”

The teachers and students immediately changed their faces: they had not yet seen such an arrangement of the director.

Soon they all left the office, and only Mo Fang and director Xiao remained there.

The director asked with a smile: “How are you? All is well?”.

“All perfectly. I just didn’t see Director Xiao more than six months, but I didn’t forget you, ”said Mo Fan with a smile.

He said these words sincerely: the director always took care of Mo Fang all the time at the Mingchu, so he always deeply respected and respected him.

“For your safety reasons, I asked Zhan Kona to inform everyone about your death. However, the fact that you could survive after demonization is simply amazing. There is our fault in all of this: we could not save you … Your inborn gift of owning two elements is really very specific, ”said Director Xiao.

“Yes, I myself am to blame, but everything ended well, and I was able to return here to continue my studies,” said Mo Fan.

The director nodded his head: it’s good that it happened.

“Director, if there is nothing urgent, then I will return to my classmates … Oh yes, I would also like to change the faculty,” said Mo Fan.

“Are you not in the faculty of the element of conscription?” The director asked with interest.

“There are no people in the conscription department even for one football team, and there are no girls at all. Better transfer me to the faculty of fire, it is the most numerous at the university, and the situation there should be more lively, ”Mo Fan asked with a little bit of restraint.

Director Xiao shook his head negatively: Mo Fan managed to do this at his small faculty, so he wouldn’t give a life to anyone at the faculty.

Although, on the other hand, simply transferring it to another department is not such a complicated matter. In addition, there he will have more competition, which is also good.

“Good good. Then now you must fully immerse yourself in your cultivation. Soon I will recommend you to the national team to participate in the competition of universities from around the world. I hope you can show your talents there too. ”

“The competition of universities from around the world?” What is this? ”Asked Mo Fan.

The director raised an eyebrow and said: “After all, are you a university student or not? How can you not know about this contest? And still, the Lin Yin division of the Hangzhou Magical Court insists on joining you in the national team, you don’t know about that either! ”

Mo Fan opened his mouth. Realizing what Tang Yue meant before, he said: “I do not even stutter about my participation in these meaningless competitions: if you win, this will be due to the correct educational methods of the university, and if you lose, then this will be only your mistake.”

The director, rubbing his temples with the air as if he had a headache, said: “You can’t even imagine how much financial and human resources universities, magic associations, hunters’ unions spend to get a member’s place! And you call it all meaningless ??? So, we will consider your recommendation at the meeting, and if your candidature is approved, then you will not be able to get rid of it! ”

“This is too cruel. Our university is full of venerable mages, why me? ”Said Mo Fan.

“There is still time before determining the composition of the national team. This competition is also called the “Battle of Venice”, but you will understand these moments later. I will ask the head teachers to help you change the faculty … although, okay, I’ll do it myself. You can go straight to the faculty of the element of fire. ” Said the director.

“Oh, thank you, Director Xiao!”

“Just do not break wood. There is a difference between faculties, but I cannot constantly help you with every little thing, ”said the director.

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