Chapter 408. A substitute from another faculty. Institute of the element of fire


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In small towns, the element of fire is considered something rare and scarce; however, at the Mingzhu University, excellent students with an element of fire are commonplace.

In addition, everyone who studies in the main campus of Mingzhu has already reached an average level, which means that all who have reached it already have certain financial resources.

All this suggests that the element of fire – a powerful element!

Now that everyone already knew about the talent of Mo Fan, to command the two elements, he thought that now there is nothing to hide.

The element of fire was basic for Mo Fan, therefore a high level of competition at the faculty will undoubtedly lead to the building up of its potential.

Its fire nebulae have already reached the third level. And although it was still far from a high level, constant cultivation becomes the basis for expanding the boundaries of abilities.

The fire department of the Minzhu is called the institute of the element of fire. It includes at least 2000 students. The remaining faculties cover about a thousand people, since the number of secondary school graduates is limited.

Mo Fan chose the right time for the transition, as once a month there is a selection for admission of students.

The purpose of selection is very simple – the resource section. The most venerable get the most resources and access to sources. Reaching an average level requires a lot of resources, otherwise the speed of cultivation will be low.

Mo Fan was a sub from another department, and about 1,100 people took part in the selection. Due to the fact that Mo Fan had not previously participated in this selection, his name was dragged somewhere at the end of the list, and the competition for resources was too high …

Mo Fan only entered the building of the institute of the element of fire, inside it was bright red, and it constantly seemed to be burning with flames!

The walls and pillars of the building were like holographic, they cast different fiery shades from different angles, and it seemed that the fire on the surface of the walls was moving.

The seats were staggered, and inside was too crowded.

There was only one consolation: there were many charming girls surrounded by a sexy, fiery atmosphere.

Next to Mo Fan, a group of girls sat down. He sniffed greedily, feeling the floral scent of their perfume.

“Hmm, your face looks unfamiliar … Surely you came from another faculty as a spy? You think you can grab something here? You can say goodbye to your fantasies! ”Said one girl, turning.

Mo Fan looked at her, and anger overwhelmed him.

For today, the second time they reproach him … One is like a woman, and the second is like a man!

“We are sitting here together with you, are you so interested in me?” Answered Mo Fan.

All the girls turned sharply – only one word could be read in their eyes: shameless!

Mo Fan was surprised that one girl who was sitting in front and whose hair like silk was falling over her shoulders did not turn.

Having examined her, he saw the ribbon that was woven into her gorgeous hair, she gave her image restraint and elegance.

“You would move back, we usually sit here with girls. The whole semester was our place, ”said the boy.

“And if I don’t leave?” Mo Fan asked.

“Listen to me, I, Juan Xing Li, am on the 300th place in the general rating! And believe me, this is more than enough to trim such a nothingness like you! But the services of healing magicians today are not cheap … “- said the girl, who called herself Huang Xing Li.

“Xin Li, calm down, you shouldn’t make a fuss,” said a girl named Din Yu Mian.

She didn’t turn her head again – Mo Fang’s heart fluttered again.

“Yui Mian, you are too indulgent. Nothing happens if you ask him a bashing once. I sometimes think about how such a calm person as you could awaken the element of fire, ”said Juan Xing Li.

Mo Fan sat by and heard everything. With impatience, he could not wait for the moment when this girl named Yu Mian would show his face. But, unfortunately, she never turned.

Very soon the dean of the fire department entered, after which the noise inside abruptly dropped.

He went to the podium, looking at all the students gathered here.

“Who is Mo Fan?” Asked Dean Wei Rong.

Mo Fan, not understanding what was happening, slowly stood up.

All eyes were on him. It was not clear to everyone what the name of one of the thousand is called for.

“Did you transfer from another department?” Asked Wei Rong.

“Yes,” Mo Fan nodded.

“The semester will be over soon! Why did you decide to come here? I can’t just take all kinds of trash! ”Said Wei Rong rudely.

Wei Rong was on the edge: he was boiling at the moment when he was told that he should accept a student from another department.

It was clear that the student was not easy, since director Xiao personally asked for his translation. However, Wei Rong would never accept a sub: the difference between faculties is too big, and he simply will not tolerate such an attitude!

Selection for its fire department is too strict!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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