Chapter 413. Sincere love


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Mu Nu Jiao, flushed, turned abruptly, turning to Ai Tu Tu: “Do not say nonsense! Who needs such a dolt? Mu’s family does not need such! ”

Ai Tu Tu, watching this violent reaction, quietly whispered Mo Fanyu: “Have you noticed how Mu Well Jiao deceives you nicely? I have never seen her behave like this with other guys. This behavior does not mean that she hates you, but that she likes you. Just now, when I said that you could become a son-in-law of the family of Mu, she immediately reacted, although the family of Mu is not a little …

Mo Fan nodded his head.

Mu Nu Jiao finally got red in the face. She did not think that these two would cooperate against her.

“You look! Angry hell, you’re becoming more and more successful! ”Said Ai Tu Tu.

Mo Fan with a little sincerity answered: “Even if her family does not give me magical gifts, I still agree to marry.”

Ai Tu Tu screamed: “Dreaming! A girl like Mu Nu Jiao can quietly hold a young high-level mage, well, or any other talented person who gives great promise. And you are just a minor magician of the average level, without any soil under your feet. All you can hope for is some kind of ugly maid from our uni, and the Mu family and her gifts require compliance! ”

“You want to say that even if I become a member of their family, the society in which they live will still pressure me? Even if we have sincere and mutual love? What kind of feudal views on life ??? ”- said Mo Fan.

Ai Tu Tu, hearing these words, began to roll with laughter.

Mu Nu Jiao heard everything. She thought that after such harsh words, Mo Fan rethought everything, because this situation clearly hurt his dignity. However, Mo Fan was even more shameless.

Who is still genuinely in love with him?

Mu Nu Jiao no longer wanted to wait and quickly flashed into her room so as not to stumble upon these two.

Ai Tu Tu, this girl is also good! At the very beginning, they also agreed that they would put this evil trait in place, what did she now agree with him? And her eyes sparkle so much when it comes to Mo Fang!

If this continues, then most likely this Ai family will get this bastard as a son-in-law.

Time passed, Mo Fan spent all his days cultivating. He did not even have time to deal with his mail. Every time he went out to eat, he was constantly photographed, saying: “Your day will come soon, fire wedge!”

Mo Fan got the nickname “fire wedge”, because everyone already knew about his arrogance. She quickly scattered across campus.

However, Mo Fan did not give in.

These idiots dared to give him a nickname!

In less than a month and the whole university will know that the evil devil has returned !!!

On the same day, after dinner, Mo Fan returned from the training area.

The training bridgehead was made humanly: there were mobile targets here so students could use them at their discretion, and with a side stood a stone magic stand, thanks to which the magicians could quickly recover their magical energy.

Energy recovery takes a lot of time, especially a lot of energy is spent during the cultivation periods. The presence of such a stone magic stand significantly increases the effectiveness of training.

This training bridgehead was available only to those students who were among the top 300 rankings. All other students had to study on a common springboard, where there are not even mobile targets.

Such special resources were available only for the strongest, the rest were forced to work even harder to get the right to use specific resources.

Having understood this system, in which the best goes to the strongest, Mo Fan understood why the majority of students who are classified as weak people challenge him uninterruptedly – only in this way can they get access to university funds.

After he left the site, Mo Fang had a headache. The hundredth place on the list was good for him, and there were a lot of students challenging him … Now the only question for him was how to keep at least this hundredth place?

Turning a corner, he stumbled upon a small student who had hit his head in his chest.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose,” said the student in a weak voice.

Mo Fan was puzzled. In fact, he himself thought about something when he turned, and this guy apologizes in the end.

“Isn’t that the same Zheng Jia Hui?” – Mo Fan recognized him.

Zheng Jia Hui looked up at Mo Fang. His face changed, with a hem in his voice, he said: “How … how are you ???” I thought … I thought you were far away … “.

Mo Fan, seeing him, was very happy. Taking his hand, he said with a smile: “What are you afraid of? They despise you, but you cannot go far with a general enemy like me. ”

“I am the only one to garbage. I … I understand that I am weak. But … but I dare not challenge teachers and provoke students, ”said Zheng Jia Hui in a quiet voice.

Mo Fan hit the small one on the shoulder: “Well, don’t you want to stop being the last from the end? I also know what it is – to trail in the tail. ”

“It’s all the same. All semester I was the last. At the end of the year I will leave the University of Mingzhu ”.

“Do not be so dramatized. You can help me turn one little thing, and I can guarantee you not only resources, but also help you to get rid of the stigma of last place. I will lend you the magic instrument of nebula, which is given to the student at the 100th place, how are you? ”Said Mo Fan enthusiastically.

After meeting this boy, which is in the first place from the end of the fire department’s rating lists, Mo Fang had an idea.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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