Chapter 414. Week calls.


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Zheng Jia Hui looked at Mo Fang and could not believe it. For him, the magical instrument of the nebula was something out of the ordinary: only magicians with outstanding abilities can get it by applying a lot of strength. He could not even dream of someone giving this tool to him. Looking closely at Mo Fan, he negatively nodded his head: “Don’t laugh at me, I still have to go to the playground.”

“Well, what kind of person are you, huh? You are the first since the end, why do you make such a zealous look? Those guys gave you this nickname, ”said Mo Fan.

“If I don’t exercise diligence, then I have no chance at all to challenge those who are above,” said Zheng Jia Hui.

“It’s not about your cultivation, but the fact that you have no resources at all. Most of those who study at the University of Mingzhu, came here after graduating from Mingzhu School – they are all intermediate-level magicians. And if you take a thousand students that are at the bottom, then the level of them all about the same. However, you are so scared that you even forget how the constellation is made up, causing them to fight. ”

“How do you know?” Asked Zheng Jia Hui.

Mo Fan no longer wanted to breed extra chatter, so, taking the instrument of the nebula, he put it on the kid’s hand.

Zheng Jia Hui was stunned. He never thought that there would be a person in this world who could just give the magic instrument of a nebula to another person.

The time flew by very quickly, and the week of calls has come. The students of the fire department were looking forward to this moment.

In the main hall of the faculty all the students gathered again. They all looked out for that same Mo Fan, who, as usual, without a drop of cowardice was among the rest. He did not even blink.

Mo Fan sat at Juan Xing Li and Din Yu Mian again. This fiery girl never showed him her face.

Huang Xing Li, turning to Mo Fang, began her speech: “Are you still as calm as a boa constrictor? Today is the first day of the week of calls and you know that everyone around will rush to challenge you. Too many people want to get the resources that are now provided to you. There is clearly something wrong with you. ”

“We only see each other a second time, and you already care of me that way,” said Mo Fan with a smile.

“Sick!” Huang Xing Lee turned away.

Wei Rong stood in his place – behind the podium. Glancing at the student crowd, his eyes focused on Mo Fang. The corners of the dean’s mouth rose in a smile: now he will see how this student will frantically fight back.

“I have a competitive list. Those who receive the call will have to fight on the bridgehead, in accordance with the established rules, in front of everyone. Everyone already knows the rules for holding, so we will not linger on them. Let’s get started, ”said Wei Rong.

Each time the competitors must fight in front of everyone.

Unfortunately, those who planned to rise higher in the rankings from last month were now forced to sit on the bench, because everyone was determined to kill that same Mo Fan.

Mo Fan specifically chose a site that seats a thousand spectators so that everyone could see his outstanding abilities.

Needless to say, the thousand bridgehead was filled. More than half were students of the fire department, but there were also curious people who came from other departments.

Wei Rong was also there. Today, he specifically came to see how his students scolded this arrogant kid.

“This moment is significant for me,” Wei Rong began his speech, looking at the names of the students in the competition sheet. Then he continued: “The call is thrown to Mo Fan, who is in the 100th place in the ranking. Today you have to fight with 231 people. I would immediately like to say that if you apologize to me, and to each student of the faculty for your behavior, we can let you go. ”

“It is not worth the indulgence,” Mo Fan said angrily.

“Good. First you are challenged by Zhan Yu He, number 736, ”said Wei Rong. He knew perfectly well that Mo Fan could not contradict this condition.

After that, one young man with a twisted nose rose among the crowd. By his mind, it became clear that he was the very named lucky one.

The ground was the size of a football field. She was even covered with thick green grass.

“Do you know how many people envy you? Even with all our efforts, many of us can not get the resources that are provided to you. Soon they will take it away from you, and yes, get ready to pay medical bills, ”said Zhan Yu He.

Wei Rong, seeing that both magicians are already on the site, said: “Mo Fan, Zhan Yu He is on the 736th place in the list. If you cannot defeat him, then you can act as I told you, or voluntarily get out of our faculty. ”

Mo Fan looked at Wei Rong and said with a smile: “Dean Wei Rong, don’t you think that it is too early to draw such conclusions?”

Wei Rong grinned, but said nothing.

Mo Fan looked closely at his rival.

It is only at 736 place, which means it will be easy to win.

“Wei Rong, you are too angry with this boy. You voluntarily gave him the hundredth place on the list, and you still expose so many opponents against him. It is beyond the power of even those who are above the hundredth place. Don’t you think so? ”Said Bai Mei Mao, a fire department teacher.

“Bai Mao, you are too kind to students. Director Xiao asked for the transfer of this boy. He received resources, and still behaves as if on earth he has no equal. It must be put in place right now. In the future, such kindness towards students may play a bad joke, ”said Wei Rong.

In fact, Wei Rong was just furious with rage. What kindness can there be?

He dared to insult him and his fiery faculty at a meeting in the hall … He, Wei Rong, just will not calm down !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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