Chapter 415. Weakest Challenge.


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“Start the fight!” Announced Wei Rong, not wanting to listen anymore to the persuasion of Bai Mao.

Shouts thundered around the arena. The spectators were thirsting for blood and spectacle, they were even more agitated by the opportunity to count the teeth of this conceited Mo Fanyu.

Zhao Yu He’s smile glittered even brighter. He seemed indifferent to Mo Fang’s silly ridicule and quickly painted a constellation.

Just a pity, this guy, froze, not finished and half of the constellation.

“Quickly … How so quickly you can create constellations !!”, Zhao Yu He turned pale, looking at Mo Fang, around whom the red flame blazed.

Mo Fan looked like a Torch Man, a red-hot wave of fire burned the cheeks of everyone in the stadium.

“Words of true nonentity,” Mo Fan said scornfully.

Dazzling flames accumulated in his hand.

The fist grew brighter and brighter. Mo Fan hit. A raging flame was released from his fist, in an instant, formed into the shape of a giant fist, savagely striking Zhao Yu He.

Zhao Yu He was taken aback, only half of his constellation managed to form !!

In a hurry, he used a protective magical artifact. Unfortunately, this was not enough, it was enveloped in flames and thrown back from the power of the blow …

** bang! **

Zhao Yu He described the arc, and fell to the ground, burns were visible all over his body.

“Garbage, it is not clear how you became 736,” Mo Fan raised his fist, extinguishing the flames in it.

At this time, Mo Fan said nothing to Wei Rong, but without words, he had all his insides ignited, burning the seat.

“Yes, this kid is terrifyingly strong,” said Bai Mao, grinning rather than enough.

“Oh! Only a little capable … At the faculty of fire, those who can beat Zhao Yu He with a blow are not few, ”said Wei Rong.

Wei Rong did not put on that the first challenger to Mo Fang would defeat him.

“I will go to heal, it feels like, the next few days will be restless,” Bai Mei Mao left the stadium.

Mo Fan was mentally prepared for a series of battles in advance.

The second opponent was in the 645th place, the girl magician of the faculty of fire. She turned out to be much more prudent, knowing about the tremendous speed of formation of the constellation Mo Fan, from the very beginning she adhered to a defensive position.

“Fire and water extinguish each other, are you not too controversial girl?”, – after the skillful creation of the constellation, a ball of fire flared in the hands of Mo Fanya.

“What difference does it make to you?”, The girl was stubborn, and again around herself created a stream of water similar to a silk ribbon.

“You love protection so much, shouldn’t you have chosen the water department …”, with a wave, Mo Fan released a fiery flame towards the girl.

The water magic used by the girl was the initial level of the third stage. Water silk ribbon formed a protection circulating around her body. With a continuous attack, after each strike you do not need to create a new tape.

Mo Fan was in the mood to harass the girl, and it was time to use a burst of flame. Between emissions, she will just have time to shape the magic anew.

“This kid just spends his magical energy, it’s clear, because you can quickly destroy the enemy, the point is to do this … A really arrogant youth,” grumbled Wei Rong.

Fight is a fight, is it possible to turn it into children’s games, if you do this in a fight with a monster, then of course, he will easily eat you!

The girl-mage of 645th place, naturally, was not on a par with Mo Fang. She herself understood that Mo Fan, just mocked her, and she left the arena, before leaving, looking menacingly in his direction. This scoundrel put her on ridicule in front of the entire faculty!

“The next opponent …”

“I urgently need the toilet!”


Mo Fan really lost all shame, looking for a suitable motive to delay these endless challenges in order to restore his magical powers at least a little.

“What are you trying to achieve, if you drag out time like this, it’s better to admit defeat right away,” said Wei Rong Mo to Fan, furiously.

“Why should I admit defeat, today I have eaten lunch, my tummy aches a bit, is it forbidden?”, Mo Fan explained his third trip to the toilet.

The fighting went one after another, and this was already the sixth opponent.

And the higher the person on the list, the more magical energy was required to spend Mo Fang. Mo Fan has already spent a third of the energy of the fire nebula on these six.

And if he uses medium-level magic several more times, then soon the magical energy will be exhausted completely!

“The next … Zheng Jia Hui … mmm?”, – uttering this name, Wei Rong wrinkled his eyebrows involuntarily.

What is the first from the end the guy was going to catch here, there were students, much stronger than him, and they clearly had a noticeable difference in strength with Mo Fang. Zheng Jia Hui, during a duel, cannot form a star system, what a giveaway?

Zheng Jia Hui was still a coward, for the first time he rises on such a lively arena, and all this makes him shake.

Seeing his appearance, Mo Fang’s eyes sparkled.

“What is he, hahaha? Not really he, brainless, like the previous ones saw the hack-work? ”, – the crowd exploded with a rolling laugh.

“This Mo Fan is not a slacker, delivered to Zhao Ping Yun from 538th place. It will be even more cruel than with Zhao Yu He! ”

“Once this guy got angry and called me. So he could not draw a mid-level stellar system for half a day, I stood and waited for his blow, but the only thing I got a blow from was my own laughter. How did such a cudgel get to the main campus of Mingzhu? ”

As soon as Zheng Jia Hui ascended the arena, the entire faculty of fire was already fighting in Homeric laughter.

Why this, and so already lost face, boy, again begs for trouble? Spending precious places to call, calling the one who is high above him!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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