Chapter 416. Mock Me


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Wei Rong watched as beaten Zheng Jia Hui deserted from the battlefield. What can I say, this picture is clearly not pleasing to the eye.

If there were garbage in the fire department, then this Zheng Jia Hui would not be worthy of even being treated.

“Begin, Begin,” said Wei Rong impatiently.

Mo Fan stood in front of Zheng Jia Hui and saw how compressed he was: “What are you afraid of? Are you really afraid to fight or you can not portray the battle? “.

“No … No … I’m not afraid to fight, just ..” – Zheng Jia Hui said, evading the answer.

“Okay. If you are not able to release medium level magic, then you can use at least initial magic. Just do not tell me that you do not remember how to make up the constellations. Come on, make a fist and hit me! But our game looks too fake, ”said Mo Fan.

“We are doing the right thing? My band mates despise me, ”said Zheng Jia Hui with excitement.

Hearing these words, Mo Fan laughed: “Open your eyes! Look around: are there teachers who respect you? And girls who sympathize with you? Isn’t your situation epic enough? You think too much if you think that there is at least some respect in this fiery department. In fact, in the eyes of all these people, you’re just ridiculous. ”

Zheng Jia Hui looked at Mo Fang. Initially, he thought that he was helping him, but, having heard these words, he completely lost himself.

He tried to draw a constellation, but it exploded!

There were smiles around. Zheng Jia Hui again tried to make a constellation, but on the fourth star again everything was ruined.

“Your cultivation is not at such a low level. But because of your tightness, you have nothing at all. I think that you will not make a wizard if you continue in the same spirit, ”said Mo Fan.

Hearing these words, Zheng Jia Hui changed his face. Angrily looking at Mo Fan, he said: “What do you understand!”.

“Surely you were going to become a famous magician?” Mo Fan laughed. His words hurt the guy right in the heart.

He wants to become a magician, and can not even make a constellation!

Even on the training ground, this guy was excellent in both constellations and elemental star systems: the speed of their compilation was quite fast. However, as people began to appear on the site, all his abilities seemed to evaporate.

Mo Fan saw the body of a guy covered with a dark aura, which seemed to say that he wanted to live with the light. However, only a grin was visible in the eyes of people around.

The average wizard is down to something like that.

However, at the University of Mingzhu, almost all mages belonged to the average level – it was passable for admission.

“I have time, you can take your time,” said Mo Fan. He already scored everything and just decided to wait.

Zheng Jia Hui again made a constellation. Gradually, magic began to appear …

However, everyone kept laughing around: constellations and element systems were not difficult for all of them.

“Is he a monkey?” Or just an asshole? He can’t even release an entry level magic! I think he should find a quiet place for his grave, ”said Zhao Ji.

“Come on, get out! Don’t waste our time! ”

“Why are you so? He is just clamped, we have to give him some more time, ”said the girl from the crowd.

The crowd was already starting to make noise. In the eyes of all those present, there was a grin that the majority did not show in connection with maintaining the image of well-bred students.

“Zhang Jia Hui, if you cannot release even the simplest magic, then you had better go,” said Wei Rong in a cold voice. He thought that this kid was destroying his reputation with every second. The most important thing now is not to let Mo Fang complete his plan.

Classmates began to make fun guy. Zheng Jia Hui was accustomed to a similar attitude on the part of students, but the words of the dean were finally broken. Gritting his teeth, he turned to leave.

Mo Fan shouted: “What are you doing?”

“I have to give you back this magical instrument of nebula, because I still can’t do anything,” said Zheng Jia Hui with a depressed look on his face.

“The decision remains for you, but you must understand that now you and I are in the same bundle. You are free to do as you wish. Understand one thing, if you leave now, then I will remain completely alone against two hundred magicians! ”Said Mo Fan sternly.

Mo Fang’s plan was very simple: he wanted to fight Zheng Jia Hui and lose to him. Then Mo Fan would become the last number on the list, and then no one else could challenge him. Becoming the last number, he himself could easily defy the fact that he is in the top fifty!

The plan was impossibly simple, it was also easy to implement. However, Mo Fan could not even think that Zheng Jia Hui would behave in this way and would not be able to release even the magic of the initial level.

However, according to the rules of the competition, if one of the magicians cannot release magic, then his opponent cannot admit defeat, since this will not be considered a loss.

“I … I don’t want either. I’m exhausted. I tried, I really tried my best. Sorry, Mo Fan. I know that you want to help me, but nothing will save me, ”said Zheng Jia Huje in a thin, weak voice, like a fragile girl’s voice.

Mo Fan looked at this manifestation of human weakness.

He looked at the smiling Wei Rong, and then turned his eyes to the exhausted Zheng Jia Huya.

Mo Fan understood that Wei Rong does it all intentionally. He destroyed Mo Fang’s plan, expelling Jia Hui from the landing.

“Stop !!!” said Mo Fan angrily.

“I …” Zheng Jia Hui turned, already about to go beyond the bridgehead.

“Imagine that you are making fun of me! Mock me, as if I am the worst garbage in the whole world! ”

“You are now breeding this confusion, but I cannot compare with those two hundred students.”

“Okay, then open your eyes wide! Today, I, Mo Fan, the same garbage as you! And because of you, I will have to ask for forgiveness from the dean and bow my head in front of the whole department, recognizing my wrongfulness! ”

Mo Fan was furious. He was angry because of the weakness of Zheng Jia Huya, for which he was forced to surrender.

Zheng Jia Hui himself brought himself to such a derogatory state, he has no will at all!

Having said everything, Mo Fan returned to the center of the court.

Wei Rong said: “Call the next opponent!”.

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