Chapter 418. The Great Battle of Fire (part 1).


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Mo Fan was able to run into all the troubles in the world at once!

Subsequent opponents initially could not withstand the magic of Mo Fan of the fourth grade of the initial level, flavored with spiritual seed …

The seed of the fiery rose was distinguished by its explosive flammability, which doubled the power of fire magic. The magic increased as a result by five times (* Mo Fan achieved a similar effect by persistent cultivation) was also increased by 4 discharges.

The fivefold enhanced fiery outburst could easily destroy a servant-level animal … What can we say about students with simple protective artifacts.

Cutting out students with his fiery emissions, Mo Fan forced everyone around to look at him with different eyes.

“Is there really no one who will force him to use mid-level magic ?!” gritted his teeth, said Wei Rong.

Wei Rong drooped: out of a few hundred opponents, there was not one who uses spiritual seed …

“Wei Rong, it looks like this time you underestimated him,” said Master Bai Mei with a smile.

Unlike strict Wei Rong, Bai Mei’s teacher was not so picky about students. And although Mo Fang was guilty of this, who allowed himself to speak dismissively about the dean and the fire department, Wei Rong was not inferior to him: he inflated such a view from the usual insult.

“Teacher Wei, sorry to bother you, but the student you most recently called flew away with one blow. Will it be difficult for you to call the next one to the site? ”Mo Fan said ironically.

Wei Rong clearly regretted that the university rules did not allow teachers to kick their asses to their students … Somehow he had to put this upstart in place!

“Don’t be smug!” Wei Rong snapped sharply.

“Not a bit! Busting this second-rate composition does not cause absolutely no emotions in my heart, ”answered Mo Fan.

Wei Rong, creaking his jaws, went through the list of opponents. He must find in him at least a few people, of whose abilities he is personally confident!

The dean knew that the list should be capable students. However, the situation was complicated by the fact that Mo Fan had already laid more than thirty students, and none of them could force him to use mid-level magic!

“Jia Zhen Loon … Well, well … I think it’s worth a look!” Said Wei Rong, with a smile on his face.

Jia Zhen Lun was at 280 in the ranking. He was not considered a venerable magician and was not on the top of the list, but the dean personally knew this man.

Jia Zhen Lun is a hunter. Most of his time he spent in the hunting team, destroying all kinds of animals. Undoubtedly, he had a wealth of practical experience.

Last month, he committed an offense related to Liu Qiang, which is above the 50th place in the ranking. As a result, this situation pushed him to 280 place!

“Before Zhen Luna there are 5 more people. I hope he will not disappoint me, ”the dean thought to himself.

These five Mo Fan, without any backward thoughts, were crushed into powder.

The magic of these magicians required more years of cultivation before they could achieve anything worthwhile.

Of the three years that Mo Fanem spent in high school, he spent two years working out elementary-level magic. And although the entry-level magic cost him a lot of effort, the fiery surges and lightning bolt were his most honed spells …

His efforts were not in vain … Two years of hard training made him unapproachable …

“Following! Number 280, Jia Zhen Lun! ”Said Dean Wei Rong.

Jia Zhen Lun was one of the few in the fire department who showed great promise. Soon the guy got up.

“Jia Zhen Lun, scribe of this transferred from another department! And then he already thinks that there are no strong opponents in the fiery department! ”

“Yes! You will surely be able to give him heat! Defend the honor of the faculty! ”

“It seems that Jia Zhen Lun also uses spiritual seed and belongs to strong magicians?”

“Well, since there is a spiritual seed, then he will definitely be able to win!”

When Jia Zhen Lung went up to the landing, everyone around us involuntarily began to scream.

Jia Zhen Lun was not considered to be a venerable magician of the fire department, but the fact that Mo Fan destroyed all his rivals below 310 places, using only elementary-level magic, hit the faculty’s reputation quite hard …

There were also students from other faculties, all of them were impressed.

Jia Zhen Lun stood on the landing and thought about how since then he managed to get such a hot support from the faculty …

“It seems everyone supports you.”

Jia Zhen Lun abruptly replied: “They didn’t sympathize with me very much, it was a business.

“So it means that we are comrades in misfortune. Come on, you can release magic as you like. After your defeat, you leave, and after the competition we can have a beer together, ”said Mo Fan magnanimously.

“….” – Jia Zhen Lun was just speechless.

Well, even if Mo Fan considers himself cool, Jia Zhen Lun is also not a wimp, and certainly can get the laurels.

“Just beer will not be enough to celebrate your faculty victory … In addition, there are still many guys from the list that they dream of giving you. It’s not so easy to make everyone remember your name! ”Answered Jia Zhen Lun.

Jia Zhen Lun was not very famous. So without having gotten the resources of the university according to the list, he decided to use this chance by all means.

“Come here! Your entry level magic certainly won’t be enough to defeat me! ”Said Jia Zhen Lung enthusiastically.

“You overestimate yourself too much,” said Mo Fan. He didn’t even think about using mid-level magic.

Mo Fan has already begun to create a fiery release. In his right hand, the flame was already visible … The red constellation was developing at high speed.

Needless to say, after Mo Fan began to use a magical tool during training, the rate of release of magic noticeably increased.

It is worth saving up money to get another magic tool, then all his magic will be even faster! Not only the magic of the initial level, but also the magic of the average level will noticeably advance! Like the same Dun Fan Min, who by nature releases magic very quickly … Mo Fan beat him with just the magic of the fourth level of the entry level!

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