Chapter 42: Mythical sword fight


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The conclusion was reached. Neither Mass nor Fan Union will be able to fight any more.

The entertainment is over. When I turn my eyes toward Rei-

Demon Ice Magic Flame Katsunami “…… <>. Can you cut it?”

-I muttered like that.

“If you beat me, I’ll give you a chance to try.”

When asked to provoke, Ray returned a cool smile.

“By the way, do you have to collect the sword you gave to Mass?”

“Because it takes time to get back there, even if you don’t have Initio, you still have another sword.”

Ray shows his sword on his waist. At first glance, I don’t feel any magic. It’s just an iron sword.

“Is it your poor sword to play against me? Can I wait until I get it?”

“I’m happy but is that true?”

“What is it?”

Ray pulls his sword out of the sheath.

“I can’t help but want to do it quickly.

HM. Yeah, come. He’s a man who follows my key points.

“I don’t mind this”

Apparently it seems serious. It doesn’t seem out of control, and it doesn’t seem like there is anything behind it. It’s an interesting guy.

“Well, return. I’ll do my opponent with only the sword.”

Pick up affordable tree branches falling on the ground. Looking at it, Ray said.

“Even though Anos would like to use an ordinary sword,

“Otherwise, do you want me to sever with this tree branch?”

Without denying or affirming, Ray simply smiled.

“If you are confident, try it.”

One step, I step into Rei’s space without being vigilant. In a moment, his hand disappeared and the iron sword ran like a flash.

“… Huh …!”


I swing down a tree branch with all my might. He collided with Ray’s sword and unilaterally stripped.

A violent sound resounds, and the blown-out Rei rolls over the ground.

“What happened? Did you think it could be cut as easily as a tree branch?”

Talk to the fallen Ray. Tree branches reinforced with my magic have more strength than iron.

“… yes …”

Muttering, Rei rises as if nothing had happened.

“It’s the first time someone has a weapon that is inferior to me.”

“I look happy for that.”

“Is it scary?

“Lie. Your mouth is loose.”

Rei laughs at her. And this time he stepped into my space.

In the gait method in which the waste is reduced to the utmost limit, the preliminary operation is not complete, not only at the speed. Ray suddenly appeared in front of me, as if using magic.


In a flash, I could only see the light running.

“Hmm. It’s a perfect blow.”

In response to Ray’s skillful blow, I use his strength to intercept. The sword and tree branches collided, and Ray’s body popped again.

“Is it the limit?”

He spoke up to the fallen Ray and got up easily again.

“I’m here. I thought I was over the limit.”

There is no impatience in his voice. There is only pure fun. I felt like I could understand Ray’s feelings.

“Is it okay once again?”

Ray holds his sword straight. It is a natural gesture, as if you are dealing with limbs.

“Try again and again”

Sue, Rei breathed in and stopped breathing.

When I think that my legs have gained a lot of power, the body turns into a flash instead of a sword. Lei accelerates the blade, stepping at a speed barely reflected in my demon eye.

“Hmm, it’s an order of magnitude faster.”

Going up one level, you use a brute-branched tree branch to beat Ray’s sword. The sword and the tree branch collide with each other, and their powers antagonize.

Rei, who had been unilaterally skipped until now, was taking my attack.

“It’s wonderful”

He put twice more effort and hit the ray with his sword. But this time he did not fall to the ground, but he held his hand and took his passive.

“It’s amazing. I thought it worked now.”

The tree branches are now more vigorously swinging than the first and second stations. Nevertheless, Ray seems to be able to respond to my attacks.

I did not hide my ability. An iron sword against me, I can’t afford it. I can’t imagine that the limit was just exceeded.

In other words, Ray is growing at a terrible rate every time I hit me during this short interval.

“… but I feel like I’m going to remind me …”

“What is it?”

“How do you handle swords?”

Ray steps in again. However, unlike before, there is no speed. It’s clearly visible, but it feels weird.

“Huh …!”


He hits a tree branch as if he had swept a gentle Lei sword. A buzzing sound rang, and the sword caught my power and poured backwards.

With his skill, Ray is deflecting, not against the flow of power, my blow that would blow the castle if he hits it properly.

Yeah, I was surprised. Did you respond so quickly?

“Great guy, you are”

As expected, I could not catch all the shocks and hit a second shot into Ray which lost balance.

“I’ll give you a reward.”

“… Huh …!”

A banging buzzing sounded, and once again, Ray parryed my attack. And this time, don’t lose your position.

He smiled refreshingly.

“Kusu. Next, can you cut that tree branch?”

“It’s funny, so let’s break that sword.”

Rei and I slash with an iron sword and a tree branch, making a roaring sound that is unlikely to resemble a sword fight. Gradually lifting power, Rei, at its terrible growth rate, once exceeds the limit with every blade. A terrible sword, a terrible natural gift. If Rei’s growth couldn’t keep up, it might have been an instant, but I wanted to see how strong this guy was.

“Come on quickly, up to my area. Don’t turn up the sound halfway.”

“I don’t mind if I can expect so much.”

As we slash with ten and twenty, our sword fight gradually approaches that of mythological times. The blades shake the earth, and the impact blows the trees away.

It is just like the center of a typhoon, and everything that is around us is being knocked down by sword pressure.

“Kyu, kyaaaaaaaaaaaa !!”

“What, what, this is a catastrophe!”

“Cho, hey, Anos, what the hell are you doing! The mountain has blown away!”

“The river withered”

“Ji, the earthquake won’t stop …”

I responded swiftly to the screams and screams heard from the thought communication <>.

“What are you doing just a little harder?”

“I’m sorry. Can you put up a little more?”

Once again, Ray and I exchange swords. The sword pressure and the shock wave caused by the sword pressure dislodged the surrounding vegetation, turning the whole area into a vacant lot.

However, the magic tree forest is full of magic in the soil. No matter how rampage you go, it will be back in one night. In other words, you can exert your full power.

“It looks fun, Anos.”

“It’s fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to beat my strength as much as I want. Sometimes I need to do some exercise to get frustrated.”

In addition, he cuts it with a tree branch and an iron sword. The sword pressure that swirled swirled into a tornado that blows away all clouds above.

“It looks like you are not full.”

“Because it’s my first time. I’m going to have a sword for so long.”

If you have such a natural gift, even if you are the best opponent, if you come up with a few, you will have quickly caught up and left behind.

“You seem to like swords.”

“It’s just that.”

Perhaps because of that talent, Rei had never been blessed with a rival. It is no less trivial for him to be insignificant.

“I understand your feelings well”

“I wonder if I can understand Anos’s feelings somehow”

Hmm, what is this feeling? Even though he is using his sword with all his might, his heart is hot somewhere.

First time. Is it because of this age that does not compete for life?

“But I guess it’s about to end.”

With great skill, it completely parrys the branches of my tree, and at the same time the sword’s cutting point points to my throat.


A whole body thrust that has never been shown before has been released. As soon as you try to beat it, the trajectory of the thrust changes, piercing half of the tree branch. Pressing and pulling will not escape cutting.


In addition, the sword’s trajectory changes, and Ray begins to cut off tree branches. Determined the timing, I pushed the belly of the sword up with a broken tree branch.

The tip of the broken sword flies off, and at the same time, half of the tree branches fall to the ground. I stuck a shortened tree branch against the rigid Lei’s head.

“Hmm. As declared. No way, I didn’t really think I would cut my weapon off.”

“… but I’m losing because I didn’t just break my sword with a tree branch, I was stabbed to the end.”

Like a surrender, Rey dropped her broken sword on the ground and raised her hands.

“Can I say something weird?”

“lets listen”

“I felt a lot while I was shaking the sword. I wonder why. I never met you for the first time, no matter how you thought.”

“Then, maybe I met you two thousand years ago. I know a man like you.”

Rei turns his gaze to look interesting.

“Ray. If I say I’m the demon of violence, do you believe me?”

“I don’t know, but it’s not surprising if it were.

I can’t say for sure what the reincarnated was. However, I felt like I knew Rei well.

“By the way, can’t you join Anos’s team because you lost?”

Well, he was reincarnated. You don’t have to be caught in the old days.



“A man who can exchange swords with me is also attached to you by Yui Kosoba.”

I gave him his right hand and asked for a handshake, as Ray did at first.

“Then Anos”

Take my hand, Rei shakes her hands hard.

“Next will win”

“I’m not going to break even my sword next time.”

When he speaks, he smiles refreshingly. I was laughing grinned.

Contrary to our refreshing mood, the forest of Maju was as if it had been trampled by a giant tornado, and seemed to be miserable.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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