Chapter 420. The Great Battle of Fire (Part 3).


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“Silenus!”, Zheng Jia Hui stood under the arena, and looked at Mo Fang.

Initially, he thought that, in fact, Mo Fan’s forces do not reach the hundredth place, but after seeing how he defeats one after the other medium-level magicians, with elementary-level magic, he had to change his mind.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible, he is really very strong, but he still can’t stand two hundred fights in a row, especially rank, causing higher and higher, and after the victory over Jia Zhen Long, someone stronger will replace him” Said Zheng Jia Hui, shaking his head.

Such people do not fit into the orders of the world of Zheng Jia Hui.

After Jia Zhen Lun, a magician with a spiritual seed, was defeated, Wei Rong became even more angry, he stupidly stared at the list of names, and they all seemed to him completely meaningless and could not stand, he nevertheless called the following: “Xu Hong Guan, 331 place. ”

Wei Rong now did not expect that one of the two hundred and more places would be able to cope with Mo Fan, turned his head, and chatted about everyone with Bai May, not wanting to see how cruelly he was finished with his next student.

Suddenly, the whole stadium gasped, as if something really important had happened!

Wei Rong’s gaze returned to the arena, it turned out that Xu Hong Guan was hiding his true power, and took Mo Fang by surprise, forcing him to use mid-level magic.

Now one could see a stunningly bright sparkling-red star system under Mo Fang’s feet, his whole body covered with a raging flame.

Firing a flaming fist, the burning fire rose slammed Xu Hong Guan.

On the body of Xu Hong Guan, there was a magical protective armor that coped well with Mo Fang’s entry-level magic, and now partially absorbed the blow of mid-level magic, the Flaming Fist.

Only this did not save him, Xu Hong Guan lost, but this student in 331th place was able to surprise the public, everyone was waiting for him to lose by means of entry-level magic, and his opponent, unexpectedly for everyone, decided to use medium-level magic!

“He wasn’t so useless and turned out to be a much more pleasant defeat from mid-level magic!” Said teacher Bai-Mei, laughing.

The smile immediately disappeared from Wei Rong’s face.

Not everyone really began to rejoice at such small victories, recognizing the strength of this youth …

“This Xu Hong Guan turned out to be quite strong, with his secret. I think with him he could get to the 200th place, but in the end he came across an arrogant man! ”Said Juan Xing Li angrily.

More and more new opponents went into battle, and with each succeeding opponent, the mood that went into battle steadily declined from the fierce to “one must be forced to spend as much energy as possible.” And now, all of them already wanted only one thing – to bring his arrogance and arrogance to the ground.

Finally a student came out at number 190.

Mo Fan stood in the middle of the arena, gazing at the tall, skater group member.

My favorite Fan M’s teacher, Tang Yue, was about the same height, but she was much more busty, so this girl would not get a drop of indulgence.

And as soon as the battle began, Mo Fan immediately realized how narrow his view of the opponent was.

Everyone who was in the rating below 400 places, Mo Fan could easily put on the blades with entry-level magic, everyone who was above, and already had excellent skills, demanded additional energy costs. For those who would be above 200, Mo Fan hoped to spend perhaps a little more energy, but who knew that the level of development of this student of the fire department was not very different from his own !!

He has a fiery rose, the enemy also has the spiritual seed of the fire element, and, obviously, the varieties are a little higher, the fire coming from it was roasting straight.

Nothing can be done, Mo Fan finally finally launched the element of lightning. Fourth-step lightning prints took on the appearance of a lightning field, being under the student’s feet, paralyzing it.

Only with the help of fourth-degree lightning magic, Mo Fan was able to intercept an advantage on the battlefield. It is unlikely that he had other ways to defeat her, but this one spent quite a bit of magical energy.

“The double spiritual seed … this … this little fellow …”, – muttered Wei Rong, being confused.

190 place in the ranking was already considered advanced, and the defeat fell a heavy burden on the soul of Wei Rong!

“To cultivate fire and lightning, to be so cruel, to have a double spiritual seed, in addition to two fourth-level magic, it is not surprising that this guy who changed the faculty raised so much noise. He obviously has every reason to be so arrogant. And if among the callers, there is no one with a double spiritual seed, then I’m afraid that hardly anyone will be able to defeat him, ”said Master Bai Mei admiringly, looking at Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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