Chapter 421. The furious blow of nine palaces!


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Double spiritual seed! The whole ground shuddered.

Due to the fact that all students were mid-level magicians, the presence of spiritual seed was akin to a transitional border.

The 400 strongest students of the fire department were only because they used spiritual seeds.

Only 140 of the first on the list have a double spiritual seed!

There is no point in talking about the power of a double spiritual seed. Ordinary students can achieve only the third degree / discharge in magic, which makes it impossible to resist the magicians of the first fifty!

And although Mo Fan has already proved that he clearly is above the 140th place in terms of his power, the fact that he reached the fourth level in the elementary level magic of two elements said that he is above the 100th place.

Mo Fan was able to deal with magicians below 400 places, using only entry-level magic!

“And this translation is clearly cool! There will be no rivals for him at the fire department soon … I heard about the fierce competition between faculties, but there was never such a fierce struggle inside the faculty … wind

“The fire faculty will soon become famous for having been going to beat the transferee, and in the end he was defeated by him!”

“I mean soon ??? I posted a vidos on the university-wide forum, and under it already had more than a thousand answers! ”.

Many students from other faculties watched this event online, even without being able to go here in person.

“He destroyed 66 people without a break! Who said that entry-level magic is bullshit ?! ”

“One person against the whole faculty! Someone will soon beg for mercy! ”.

This topic has instantly become a top on the Internet. At the present time, when everyone has a smartphone and everyone is sitting on a weibo * (Chinese social network), such events quickly attract everyone’s attention.

The thousandth platform, on which there were still empty seats, was now filled to capacity; people even stood outside to be able to see this spectacle!

At the very beginning, the suspicions that the fire faculty had specially organized today’s contest to show their new outstanding talent crept in. However, later, some students of the fire department denied this information.

The name of Mo Fan, that already won 66 people without a break, was already on the lips of the whole university. Siblings of prominent families gritted their teeth in anger: they could not even think that the first day of the week of calls would turn out like this!

*** Fuh *** Mo Fan exhaled the air.

He stared at his rival …

124 place in the ranking, the owner of a double spiritual seed. The rival began to use the initial wave-level wind wave, which means that there was nothing left for Mo Fang to bring down all his power of the elements of fire and lightning!

Most of all, Mo Fan was strained by the fact that the elements of the rival were fire and earth. Her entry-level earth magic could perfectly help to hide from fiery emissions. Now Mo Fan had to use lightning magic, which required additional energy costs from him.

Continuous fights markedly weakened the energy of Mo Fan.

“You yourself understand perfectly well that only thanks to your specific entry-level magic did you survive to this point …” said his opponent from 124 places in the rating.

“Your defense must be very powerful, otherwise it will be bo-bo!” – Mo Fan was also angry. For the first time, he sees a girl who so arrogantly makes fun of the embarrassing situation of another person.

Mo Fan’s body became covered in the flame of a fiery rose that turned into a blast wave!

“Fire Rose / Flaming Fist: Nine Palaces!”

Mo Fan directed his power against this Li Yu Jie … If he continues to save his strength, he may soon be defeated …

Li Yu Jie possessed a strong defense of the spiritual seed of rocky power, which withstood the attacks of Mo Fan …

However, the blow of nine palaces could not help but break the protection of the girl … The whole arena began to shudder from its power …

Now you could see a large column of fire, which literally pulled out of itself the burning magma!

After that, the rest of the pillars of fire began to appear around …

Nine raging fiery pillars formed a fiery palace building, which enveloped the entire area with fire!

Mo Fan growled wickedly! All the fiery energy, all the flames of this spell were directed against the opponent!

The blue stone cliff turned red from the flame, and then completely crumbled …

Li Yu Jie did not prepare any specific protective object, relying on her magic of the element of earth. However, when she saw that all her obstacles were crumbling in the sand, she had to spend energy energetically to protect her.

“Faster, save her …” said Wei Rong to Master May Mei, seeing that the situation is clearly spinning out of control.

Bai Mei was also worried that Lee Yu Jie might be turned into ashes by the fist of nine palaces. However, intending to intercede for her, he felt that all the anger of Mo Fang was going somewhere …

The raging flame dissipated, the fiery columns disappeared. On the site there was only a pile of scorched earth …

In the middle of this picture was Li Yu Jie, who could not believe what was happening. Her face was red …

“I … I lost,” she said, head down. She no longer had the strength to remain on the court.

Even such an arrogant rival as she could not withstand such specific magic of nine palaces.

At that moment, when Mo Fan abruptly stopped his magic, a strange feeling appeared in the soul of the girl …

Not every person is able to control his emotions in this way, instantly moving from anger to calm. Even an opponent can be noble …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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