Chapter 426. Fierce battle.


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All the teachers had a dumbfounded look. Bai Mei said: “He cultivates three elements, of which the elements of fire and lightning are already at a sufficiently high level, and the element of appeal will soon reach the average level. The speed of development of this boy just scares! “.

The fact that the element of Mo Fang’s call-up has not yet reached the average level allowed the teachers to calmly sigh.

The faculty was practically destroyed by this Mo Fane … Well, he does not have a contract animal – and that is good.

In fact, Mo Fan had already reached an average level in the magic of conscription, and his elemental systems turn out to be quite good, but the problem was one — he had not yet saved enough money to acquire a contract beast.

In order to grow the contract beast to the level of an agile wolf, you need at least 40 million yuan.

In the arena, Zhao Ji was already sweating cold.

Upon learning that Mo Fang does not have a contract beast, Zhao Ji immediately cheered up. To defeat the famous Despot Mo Fan meant raising his own reputation in the eyes of the university and his relatives.

Zhao Ji was well aware that Mo Fan was already exhausted and, without giving him even the slightest opportunity to rest, he began to release the magic of middle-level fire.

However, before this, his body was surrounded by a light shield that protected the magician by 360 degrees, forming a full reservation.

Although Mo Fan’s entry-level magic was very strong, her power was not enough to penetrate the rival’s light defenses, especially considering the fact that Zhao Ji had the spiritual seed of the light element, making his shield even more durable.

My Fan hated most of all to fight the magicians of the double elements of fire and earth. He was also infuriated by those who use light protection, which prevents him from using his shadow magic.

“Qian Jun / Thunder: Demon!”

Mo Fan immediately began to release mid-level magic. Peals of thunder began to appear in the night sky, among which dark purple lightning glittered. Magic flocked right above Zhao Ji.

Furious lightning, like claws, cut the night sky.

Demonic peals of thunder possessed tremendous destructive power, and even the fiery fist of nine palaces surpassed the power. Apparently, Zhao Ji purposely forced Mo Fang to resort to mid-level magic. At the time of the appearance of lightning above his right palm, one could see an extinct light. The magic of the element of light began to manifest itself.

“The blessing of light: the holy wall!”

The golden rays of light began to quickly appear over Zhao Ji, forming a wall.

Lightning struck the wall sharply … The lightning magic that originally possessed tremendous destructive power was now simply eliminated.

Dark purple lightning continually reappeared, splitting into innumerable electrical currents. They all swiftly struck the holy wall until they began to disperse. As a result, the magic of lightning was destroyed.

“My next attack will be your last. Using mid-level magic, how long will you be enough? ”Said Zhao Ji with a smile.

Mo Fang was deeply parallel to Zhao Ji’s words, he continued to stand in the same place, and his entire face expressed absolute fatigue.

“A small compensation for your folly,” said Zhao Ji, forming a flame in his palm.

All the power of the elemental star system Zhao Ji accumulated in his palm.

“Flaming fist: Tower!” – Zhao Ji supplied his spell with the energy of the spiritual seed, due to which his power was equal to the strength of Li Yu Jie.

The red flame enveloped the entire competitive arena, so Mo Fang had to use his shield of darkness. He continued backing away, retreating from the flaming flame.

Even the shield of darkness could not fully protect the owner: tongues of flame frantically approached Mo Fang, which caused his beloved upper cape to ashes, revealing the boy’s chest.

The flames engulfed his whole body (it was only the fact that Mo Fan had his own flame that saved).

The shield of darkness required a lot of energy and could not save Mo Fang from the enemy’s enhanced magic.

As a result, Mo Fan suffered: his entire body was covered with numerous burns.

Zhao Ji, having seen that the rival was wounded, smiled – now he had the feeling that there is less and less time left until the victorious moment.

His magic of the element of light has already dissipated, one more blow – and the duel can be considered finished.

The flames continued to cover the district, in the midst of which stood Mo Fan with a shield of darkness, a strange smile appeared on his face.

Suddenly some strange spear flew out of the center of the shield of darkness.

This is an attacking property of the shield of Gloom!

A spear rushed through the flames right in the direction of Zhao Ji!

Attack of the shield of darkness crossed the entire fiery space, violently aiming at the target! Zhao Ji did not even have time to scream!

“Mountain curtain: Stone barrier!” – Wei Rong managed to intervene.

No one saw him create the elemental system. The stone wall sprang up right in front of Zhao Ji.


Attack of the shield of darkness hit right on this stone wall in front of an opponent.

Zhao Ji almost put his pants in fear. Now he did not understand what was happening. Perplexed, he looked at the stone barrier in front of his nose.

“Zhao Ji, if it weren’t for the stone barrier, then you would already be dead. You lost, come down, ”Dean Wei Rong said in a cold tone.

Zhao Ji could not believe his failure: because of his carelessness, he lost to Mo Fang …

He raised his head and, looking respectfully at Mo Fan, said: “I was able to hurt him – this is enough …”.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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