Chapter 427. The Awesome


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All students of the faculty of fire fell sharply: they could not even think that even such a strong man as Zhao Ji would lose.

Zhao Ji was too careless. The anticipation of a guaranteed victory completely confused him.

In addition, the opponent’s shield was too specific. About the magic object with the effect of attack, many can not even think.

And most importantly, Zhao Ji was able to injure Despot Mo Fang with his fiery magic. He was already practically defeated, who knew that his shield of darkness could do such tricks!

“Although the power of the shield of darkness is not so great, but this attacking effect is really useful! Money was not wasted! ”- Mo Fan spoke to himself.

Mo Fan wanted to laugh, but he could not: the wounds on his body made themselves felt. His fighting ability was now at zero.

Zhao Ji descended from the arena, but his eyes continued to drill Mo Fang in the same venomous way. Suddenly his gaze settled on a tall guy with golden hair.

The guy with the golden hair had snow-white skin, and the nose bridge clearly showed him a native from the west. His beauty was not Asian: the numerous freckles on his face once again underlined his apparent differences with Zhao Ji.

“So you were also … Haha. I practically glorified our clan Zhao … My fiery magic was able to inflict damage on him – he was all black with fire! ”Said Zhao Ji to that guy with golden hair.

Golden-haired almost half the head was above Zhao Ji. He stared at him coldly.

Suddenly, he hit Zhao Ji in the face !!!

***Slap in the face***

All the views of the audience abruptly switched from Mo Fang to the slapped Zhao Ji.

“Who is it?”.

“Yes, who dares to beat Zhao Ji?”

“What’s happening? I missed everything … Who hit Zhao Ji? ”

People began to discuss what is happening. Zhao Ji, after the strike, walked a few steps away, his bloody tooth fell to the ground – so strong was the blow of the golden-haired one!

Blood spilled from Zhao Ji’s mouth, but he didn’t allow anger to appear on his face. He carefully looked at his cousin, intending to say a word with his strength.

“I lost only once …” – Zhao Ji tried.

Those who were well acquainted with the temper of Zhao Ji, too, were stunned. He is one of those who do not forgive even the slightest insult.

“Get out of here! Garbage! ”The golden-haired man said fiercely, never taking his eyes off Zhao Ji.

Zhao Ji is noticeably inferior to this man. All this time he did not dare to say at least something. Seeing a fallen tooth, Zhao Ji’s face twisted her anger.

“The fact that you allow yourself is simply unthinkable in the walls of our university!” Said teacher Bai Mei, looking at the golden-haired one.

“Teacher, I just solve family issues. Sorry, ”answered the guy with the golden hair, depicting a smile.

Wei Rong was also not particularly pleased by the fact that Zhao Ji lost so shamefully. Seeing this drama of family squabbles, he did not pry into other people’s affairs.

Most viewers did not understand what was going on. Mo Fan, who was dead tired, suddenly laughed …

“I have not seen you for more than six months! How could your fiery aura become so powerful? ”Mo Fan recognized his acquaintance in this golden-haired boy and decided to say hello to him.

“And you’re still the same! If I had not heard about this fight, I still would not know that you had returned to the university! ”- the golden-haired one laughed, as if seeing an old friend.

“Ordinary fighting disassembly” – replied Mo Fan.

“How can I not intervene when someone offended Zhao Man Yan’s friend? It then turns out that this someone is eating from my family plate! ”Said Zhao Man Yan.

“Cool hair color!”.

“I thought you were lying in a coffin … And you, it turns out, are taking part in university competitions …” Zhao Man Yan said with a smile, but there was some kind of misunderstanding in his eyes.

The last time he saw Mo Fang, he was overgrown and had powerful demonic power.

Zhao Man Yang was covered with nostalgia … He thought that Mo Fan had died, saving all the others, had been demonized. This meeting was similar to their very first meeting in the walls of this university, then there was also a competition.

Making sure that Mo Fan really survived, inner grief over a friend in Zhao Man Yan’s heart literally disappeared.

He will have his little brother Zhao Ji beating up and daring to injure Mo Fang!

Mo Fan saved Zhao Manyan Yang’s life by doing a great service to the Zhao family. All that Zhao Ji has is he got from the Zhao family! So a similar offense cannot get away with it!

Zhao Man Yan, deciding not to distract tired Mo Fang once again, sat down next to a girl.

Mo Fan, who saw that a girl appeared in Man Yang, was simply stunned.

“The next opponent … number 467 …” – Wei Rong called the opponent.

All the students that were below 400 places in the list, certainly could not make a worthy competition to Mo Fan.

The number of opponents has already exceeded two hundred. The battle dragged on deep into the night … In the usual time, all students would have slept in their dormitories a long time ago, however, today the stands were filled to capacity.

The rivals who entered the arena after Zhao Ji were very weak. And although Mo Fan did not have enough magical energy to release mid-level magic, all subsequent adversaries could not resist even his initial magic.

Gradually, the people began to realize that Mo Fan was already on the verge.

Already during the battle with Zhao Ji, he had no strength, however, he was able to defeat him with the help of his shield of darkness.

“We can assume that everything has already been decided with this Despot. If the magician comes above the 200th place in the ranking next, then Mo Fang simply has no chance. ”

“In the sense of over 200 places? Anyone below 600 will be able to finish it now! ”

“Why are you rubbing it up so joyfully? Sami, try to put 200 magicians, then let’s talk! ”One of the students spoke from the rostrum.

“He definitely killed us all, putting the whole fiery department at the ridiculous!”

The truth was one – now everyone obviously became afraid of this Despot Mo Fang, translated from another department!

But the most terrible thing was to realize the fact that, if he really completed this contest, then the students of the fire department would never again be able to bully everyone else in their lives!

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