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At the time of Chu Xingyun’s retreat, there was a major event in the outside world.

The more than ten towns under the jurisdiction of Xifeng City suddenly announced that they would be willing to surrender to Chu Town, and they are willing to seek the development of Chu Town by sharing resources and sharing resources.

As soon as this news came out, all the families in Westwind City were shocked, and even the City Lord Mansion was no exception.

Although these ten towns are under the jurisdiction of Xifeng City, each town has its own management rights. Even the City Lord Mansion can not be ordered at will, which is why almost all of these ten towns are in open strife and The state of veiled struggle.

Now…more than a dozen towns, suddenly announced collectively, to share resources, but also willingly surrender to Chuzhen, which is too strange, right?

However, to shock everyone, it is far more than that.

Just after the announcement of the surrender of Chu Town in more than ten towns, Chu Town fully disclosed all cooperation with the Treasure House and publicized the news of the fire stone.

For a time, all the families in the West Wind City were stunned, and they all d’t expected that the town of Chu actually developed to such a level, and even some family forces, they went to Chu Town on the same day, to show the Chu Family.

The water house is in the hall of the council.

Shui Chongxian and other high-ranking water homes gathered here. They listened to the reports of their men, and their faces became more and more somber.

“After all the towns are merged into Chu Family, the strength of Chu Family is enough to be ranked among the top families of Westwind City. If you add the cooperation of Chu Family and other forces, it is financially enough to approach our water home. Yesterday, Jin Family and Yang Family sent people to Chuzhen, it seems that they want to negotiate cooperation.”

Hearing here, a high-level waterhouse next to Shui Chongxian, the two eyebrows are almost locked together, whispering: “Patriarch, if you follow this trend, not a year, Chu Family is enough to completely suppress We are a water house.”

Shui Chongxian’s face is not very good-looking, tone somber said: “In the past time, I also heard that Chu Family has fallen apart, absolutely not’t expect, only a few months ago, they not only did not decline, but also With so many forces, even the Fortune House is so good with them.”

“In the beginning, the cooperation between Baibaolou and Chuzhen, almost everyone thought it was a small fight. In fact, they blocked a lot of news. When the time came, Chu Family announced that the strength and financial resources were jointly displayed. So that there will be countless families willing to join their ranks.” A senior member of the water family also sighed again and again.

Since Chu Xingyun’s mention of the family, everyone has forgotten Chu Family, the water home is no exception, almost no understanding, has always believed that Chu Family is on the verge of decline.

The news from this time was like a slap in the face of the water house, making them feel hot and uncomfortable.

“In fact, the relationship between Chu Family and the Treasure House has long been reflected, but we have neglected nothing more.” At this time, another senior member of the waterhouse suddenly opened his mouth and asked Shui Chongxian to gaze slightly. What do you mean?”

That water home high-level road: “Patriarch, you remember that a few months ago, Qin Yuyan let the Baibao Building cut off all cooperation with our water home?”

“Of course remember!” Shui Chongxian’s eyes are cold, even if it has been a few months, he still has anger when he thinks about it.

At that time, he just went to the Baibao Building to hang out, met Qin Yuyan, and wanted to pull a little more than nothing more. He did not make any special or rude things.

Who knows, after Qin Yuyan asked a question, then directly turned his face and let Baibaolou sever the cooperation relationship with the Shuijia.

At the time, this incident also attracted a lot of trouble, and the water family lost a lot of wealth. For a long time, the days were not too good.

“Hundred Treasure House and Chu Family cooperated in the mining of spiritual materials. This is definitely going on in the dark for a long time, but we don’t know nothing more. Everyone knows that our relationship between the water house and Chu Family is bad. Treasure House and Chu Family It is also a cooperative relationship. It is sure that Chu Family is stalking from it and let the Baibao Building sever the relationship with our water family.”

“This is very reasonable. The cooperation between our water house and the Treasure House has been very smooth. It is inevitable that the cancellation will be cancelled. It must be that Chu Family is stalking!”

“Chu Family is so insidious, we have been secretly calculating our water home, we have counted it.”

A group of high-ranking waters have joined the road. For a long time, the whole hall is filled with anger. Each and everyone points the finger at Chu Family, saying that Chu Family is mean and shameless.

As a party, Shui Chongxian’s anger is more prosperous.

After thinking about it, he also agreed with this statement. He even thought that these things were all manipulated by Chu Xingyun. When he was raising his relatives, he vaguely felt that Chu Xingyun had changed and he did not know it at all.

“It’s just a waste of playing tricks, why should Father be angry with this?” Just as Shui Chongxian was angry, a female voice full of disdain came.

Shui Qianyue, who was in the dark blue Nichang, walked slowly into the hall. Her face was on the face, and it was floating in a slap in the air. The body smelled like a rainbow, and everyone’s eyes trembled.

“Moon, have you broken into Spirit Gathering?” Shui Chongxian was shocked first, then rushed to Shui Qianyue’s face in front of him, looking up and down, unable to suppress the ecstasy of his body.

“Before the first severe days, the breakthrough, but in order to cultivate “Bibo Jiuzi Lang”, and repaired more severe days, now, I have completely stabilized in the Spirit Gathering First Level realm, and fully learned the “Bibo Jiuyilang” “”.”

When Shui Qianyue spoke, it did not give off a color of pride.

Sixteen years old, with the Fourth Grade Martial Spirit, also reached such a realm, she, Shui Qianyue, is definitely the number one genius of the West Wind City, no one can be right.

“With my current strength, participating in the selection of the military, it is simply a breeze, and even the position of the leader, and our water home will be famous for me, but at this moment, you are so mad at a waste family. Furious, pass it out, didn’t you lose my face?”

Shui Qianyue, a pair of aloof and remote, seems to have won the position of the leader, sneer at the top of the water home, so that the face of the tall top is a little red, so I can’t say a word.

From Wufu’s selection, there are still several months. During this time, Shui Qianyue continued to suffer, and maybe he could really win the title and become the Talent who the five Wufus are vying for.

In the face of a rising Talent, they can only please, and they dare not argue.

Shui Chongxian also smashed his face and lowered his voice. He said: “There is also reason for you to say in the month, but it is always good to prevent it from happening. I will send someone to sneak into Chu Town and touch the real thing. See how?”

“Let’s follow you.” Shui Qianyue’s face flashed a little disappointment, facing the Human Road: “I only hope that the actions you make, do not affect my cultivate, only this nothing more.”

After that, Shui Qianyue’s head Buhui’s left the hall, and even before leaving, there was no such thing as the father of Shui Chongxian, who was arrogant and ignorant of their taste.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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