Chapter 430. This Scale – Sucks!


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Hmm … During these six months of cultivation, he has not achieved much progress, and this is not good.

Competition in the main campus was much fiercer than Mo Fan suggested. In addition, it’s not so easy to get into resource allocation.

In order to raise the lightning nebula to the third stage, it needs to be cultivated in a three-stage tower.

The dark talisman, of course, markedly increased the speed of Mo Fan’s cultivation, but to reach this level he needed to get into a three-stage tower.

Only the top 50 students can enter the three-level tower, and Mo Fan is at 100. Still, the tower is still far away …

Besides, this week he needs to take care of his body. Although he defeated all those who challenged him, but now he himself can not challenge anyone to fight.

“In the second week of calls, I certainly can climb higher!” – thus, Mo Fan approved the plan of tasks. A sip of cold fruit beer dripped down his throat.

The burns on Mo Fan’s body gave him a lot of discomfort. It seemed that something was burning inside him. And although there was not much pain relief from this cold drink, he visibly refreshed his thoughts!

The last week of each month is the second week of calls.

In the first week, Mo Fan was challenged; now, in the second week, Mo Fan himself could begin his upward movement.

The resources provided by the university made it much easier to rebuild. Without them, Mo Fan’s forces would quickly fall into disrepair.

After a week in the dorm, Mo Fan felt that he was fully recovered. Now he remembered the scales and headed for the Oriental Pearl (Tower of Shanghai Magical Community).

With his letter of recommendation, he entered the hall of the magical association. Without difficulty, he also found the office of a famous blacksmith, who forges chain mail in the Oriental Pearl.

The status of the blacksmith Hoto was very high. His reception was located in one of the parts of the spheroid tower. Panoramic windows opened a beautiful view of the Huangpu River that flows through Shanghai …

There are only two most prestigious magical associations in the whole country: one of them is the Imperial Magic Palace in Beijing, and the second is the Oriental Pearl in Shanghai. And, of course, not everyone has an office in the Eastern Pearl …

“Hello, I am a student of Mr. Hoto, my name is Li Jun Nan,” the young guy politely introduced himself.

“Um … Hi, hi. I would like to see Mr. Hoto, is he here? ”Said Mo Fan.

“He is here, but his mood is not very good …” – said Lee Jun Nan quietly.

“I understand, but I was told that only Mr. Hoto can handle the material that I brought, so I hope that you will call him,” Mo Fan sincerely said.

Builders belong to the magicians of the earth element, blacksmiths – to the magicians of lightning. With such specific materials as bones, leather or scales of magical animals, no mechanism or machine can cope. They can only be processed with the help of the special magic of fire and lightning of blacksmiths.

Like metal from which you want to make jewelry. First you need to melt the metal, and then with the help of special tools to give it shape and cool.

The material obtained from magical animals must also be destructed first, so that later you can make a bracelet, pendant, boots or chainmail out of it …

Due to the fact that the tools used are directly related to the spirit of the master, they must be in the activated state during use.

Numerous hunters go hunting for magical animals just to get their valuable hides, claws, bones or scales.

The scale that Mo Fan had, although it was a snake, but a totem snake is a special kind of animal … The boss among the bosses … The animal-level scales of the military leader’s level are materials that not every blacksmith can work with …

This Li Jun Nan was left here by the blacksmith Hoto himself, but Mo Fan immediately stated that he wanted to see Hoto.

Li Jun Nane was not particularly pleased with the request of Mo Fang, because he is a student of Hoto, and therefore he is able to do the same thing as Hoto’s mentor himself. What is such a special material can bring twenty magician with whom he can not cope?

“Show me the scales you brought.” – Liu Jun Nan still spoke politely so as not to quarrel with Mo Fang.

However, Li Nun’s temper also had one!

He would like to say that he went on the second metro line to Nanjing Donglu station, moved there to the tenth line to Tiantunlu station – there he can find a lot of suitable blacksmiths!

“Good” – Mo Fan opened a bag that had dark black scales.

The material consisted of two pieces of totem snake scales, but this amount was sufficient only for smelting a single product.

The scales were laid out on the table. She clearly did not have the brilliance that is inherent in precious scales.

Mo Fan himself did not understand why she was like that. However, this is exactly the material that Tang Yue gave him.

Although, if you think … If the scales were so fiery-shiny (as new), why would the totem snake need to drop it?

“You can …” – when Li Jun Nan was just about to send Mo Fang to another place, he noticed that the scales were strange. There were no snake skin patterns on it: “Do you know about snake patterns?”.

“I know,” said Mo Fan.

“Well, this scale – sucks!”.

“Why?” – Mo Fan frowned.

“The higher the scale of the scaly beast, the more corrugated the scales it has – the pattern can be felt as clearly as possible. There are no patterns on this scale at all, it is completely black. Probably, is this the skin of some kind of servant beast? ”Said Li Jun Nan.

Mo Fan looked at the material … There really wasn’t any embossing on the black canvas …

But … These are the scales of the totem snake !!!

It is so huge … How should its patterns be imprinted on two small pieces of scales ???

These black pieces were removed from the patterns on the back of the snake !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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