Chapter 432. For the honor! Vampire?


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Mo Fan has already met such creatures in books and films, they were all utterly beautiful.

“Wait, did you say that they are attacking the girls?” Asked Mo Fan.

Hoto nodded: “These vampires are of a rather high rank, and“ attacking ”- obviously put it mildly, they carefully choose prey, like beauty hunters. Although, each vampire has its own preferences, someone with big hair, some virgins, someone has white skin. ”

“Are you sure that they are … Vampires?”, Asked Mo Fan, raising his eyebrows.

“Who knows, they say that the process of blood-letting proceeds slowly, they are looking for a more endearing place, and there they are given their pleasures, plunging their fangs into the bodies of young ladies, but this can only continue until dawn,” Hoto said seriously.

“Bastards, if there are such creatures in the world, rather show them to me, Mo Fanyu!”, Said Mo Fan angrily.

As the guardian of the night of all the lovely ladies, Mo Fan cannot afford to live like reptiles.

Seeing Mo Fan’s interest in the case, Hoto continued: “I need a tooth, a vampire tooth. I posted an ad on the wall of the association of hunters, but no one has taken it yet. Everyone believes that this kind of creature does not exist at all, but for me everything is obvious. In Shanghai, there have already been cases of creatures that are capable of hiding among people, and have committed atrocities against young ladies. ”

“Then I want to know if these vampires are humans or monsters?” Asked Mo Fan.

Hoto laughed and replied: “What is the meaning of this question? A monster or a person – you should always pay for your deed, perhaps they have more in common with people, but they are no different from the real monsters. ”

Mo Fan looked at the old man in amazement, not expecting from him similar philosophical sayings.

It was all said right.

“Since this is a hunting order and the monster’s rank is high, then I’ll solve the issue with a vampire’s fang, and you will lower the price for the work … to zero … I’m a poor student, after all,” said Mo Fan.

“Then two teeth,” Hoto put out two fingers.

Mo Fan involuntarily cried: “You yourself are like a vampire …”

“You’re stupid or whatever, you need a vampire, right? And do you think that he will have one tooth? ”Hoto said in response.

Mo Fan was silent. Said was true, and he has nothing to answer.

“The hunters did not find these creatures, maybe you have some information, Shanghai is big and there are a lot of people in it how to look for me,” said Mo Fan.

“I also don’t have a lot of leads, because I once drove the metro one evening, went out a little later, and saw how the vampire was eating. I did not have time to save the girl, and when I brought her to the hospital, she had already died from blood loss. The doctor said that it was a heart disease, and not the loss of blood was the main cause of death. I reported the attack to the hunters league and the magical association, saying that it was an unknown creature. No one was on the surveillance cameras, and they decided that I was insane. But I saw it with my own eyes. Perhaps in our country there were no such creatures, but in the west rumors about vampires were confirmed, and, apparently, they moved to feed us, and I accidentally caught one. I am not a defender, and the matter is not in that girl, I just found out in western books that vampire teeth are excellent material … ”, said Hoto.

“That is, the only clue is the death of a girl?” Said Mo Fan angrily.

Khoto nodded: “Aha, but if it were so easy, why would I give such a high reward? I can give you the name of a girl. The rest is up to you. When you get me a vampire tooth, then I will give you your magical armor, otherwise you pay 60 million, and a penny less. ”

“I have one more question.”

“Yeah, talk.”

“You cut such a loot, and ride the subway, isn’t it so expensive to catch a taxi?” Asked Mo Fan.

Hoto had a mustache raised, and staring intently at Mo Fang, said: “This is called saving …”

Mo Fan talked to Hoto for a long time, and Li Jun Nan, who was standing nearby, could not stand it, and whispered: “I … I also have a question.”

Mo Fan and Hoto paid no attention to him, and Li Jun Nanya’s face reddened.

He did not understand why the lack of patterns on the skin of a snake is an indicator of quality.

Mo Fan, there are seven days left until the second week of calls. And if he needs armor, then this gap of seven days is the best time to find a vampire and povybivat his teeth.

For this case, Lin Lin will definitely be needed, the fee for him is very high, but old Hoto tripled the speed fee. And this is clearly the case for a high-level mage who still needs a team.

However, once Hoto decided that he could deal with the monster himself, it means that the vampire’s combat power doesn’t look very high. The most difficult thing is to find them. They, like scaly monsters-parasites, are capable of hiding among people, but only they do not need to change their skin, they are just like real people, except for the fact that they feed on human blood.

In fact, the scaly parasitic monsters fed on human blood, perhaps they have common origins.

In any case, you need to get this reward as quickly as possible, magical armor, your own strength will increase, you can challenge those who are higher in the rankings in order to get more resources … It’s not true, can a real man allow some vampires to rape in downtown? And the main reward will be protection of your own honor!

“Ling Ling, we have a job, a very important thing!” Said Mo Fan.

“Where are you, I’ll be right now!”

Mo Fan brought her up to date, telling about the murdered girl, asked her to look for worthwhile clues.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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