Chapter 433. She is alive !!!


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Mo Fan and Lin Ling decided to separate. Ling Ling will go to the police and get the materials on the case of that girl, and at the same time ask the police and the doctor …

And Mo Fan will go home, where the dead girl lived, and find out the opinion of her family.

It happened not so long ago: about two months ago. Mo Fan wandered into one old street and saw a house in which there was also a trading shop. Passing through a small passage, one could see the doors.

The building was a two-story building, and with its face facing the street. Inside you could find a small cafe and a clothing store.

On the second floor there were a lot of flowers. The ivy gave the old building a pleasant shade, making the presence here very pleasant.

On the back side there was a small courtyard, there was a grape arbor. The dangling branches of the grapes swayed by the wind.

In appearance this place was very comfortable for living. Only in the courtyard and on the second floor there were still mourning symbols. Two months have passed since that incident, and life here, apparently, went on as usual.

“Please tell me, is this the house of Liu Xian?” Asked Mo Fan, who entered.

“Um … Yes, hello. That’s right, and you …? “- Said a charming girl. You could see a friendly smile on her face.

“I…. You … .. ”- Mo Fan was speechless after seeing such a beautiful creature. People cannot say the words after this half a day!

The girl looked at Mo Fan in surprise, not understanding the reason for this strange behavior of him.

Mo Fan stepped back a few steps. His expression changed, and all because it was the dead girl Hoto was talking about!

Mo Fan had previously seen this face in the photograph, so he could recognize her.

The death certificate was, the human body was cremated … But! She stood at this moment in front of him quite lively!

Do they really say that a person who died from the vampire’s fangs resurrects during the first month and also becomes a vampire?

The girl was really very pale, only the lips were her juicy pink – what kind of image, chilling soul? Or is it like a vampire, or is the girl so fascinated by Mo Fane’s charm ???

“I am the sister of Liu Xian. My name is Liu Zhu, we are twins, ”the girl replied, having guessed Mo Fang, the reason for such surprise.

“And …” – only this said Mo Fan. He felt like he was on an American TV series.

“Twins means … Oh, and you scared me!” He said, breathing heavily.

The girl smiled sweetly and asked: “And you? Are you a friend of my sister? ”

“Aha … I heard about what happened …” – Mo Fan nodded his head.

Mo Fan did not say that he is a hunter. A lot of ordinary people and even mages still do not know that the city is inhabited by something humanoid, which came to the country from the west. Mo Fan and Ling Ling may be pretending to be anyone, depending on the situation, when studying and working with ordinary people.

“The house is not cleaned up a bit, so it would be better if we talk in a nearby cafe” – the girl didn’t run Mo Fang into the house, because she was there all alone.

Mo Fan shook his head. He thought about what kind of Liu Zhou is a smart and charming girl. How could her sister die like that at such a flourishing age?

In the cafe, Mo Fan ordered a girl a glass of juice, but he himself had something to eat. However, he practically ate nothing.

“I saw mourning symbols in the house. More than two months have already passed, and they are still not removed … ”said Mo Fan.

“There was no one in the house all this time. Relatives helped arrange the mourning items and left. After that, I also left for a whole month to heal the soul. Just yesterday I just returned, I didn’t even have time to remove anything, ”Liu Zhu replied in a tender voice.

“So there were only two of you in your family?” Asked Mo Fan.

“Yes. We were left without parents very early. My sister constantly worked so that I could learn, ”said Liu Zhu, her voice was already beginning to tremble.

Mo Fan looked at her and thought about what it was like to live when you have a twin?

“Let me help, and then one can not cope,” Mo Fang said good-naturedly.

Liu Zhu shook her head negatively. She did not want to strain outsiders.

Looking at him, she asked: “I have not seen you before. Are you a colleague of my sister? ”

Mo Fan replied: “No, not a colleague. We worked side by side, so sometimes we exchanged a few phrases. ”

“Ah, so it’s you … The sister said about you that you always took good care of her,” Liu Zhu said.

Mo Fan understood that the girl recognized in him a completely different person about whom it would be necessary to find out. Well, once rolled – and that is good. Apparently, she had to go through a very difficult period in her life. Mo Fan decided to ask the main question: “So your sister died of heart disease?”.

“Yes, the doctor said exactly that,” the girl replied.

“I heard that someone had bitten her. In addition, there was extremely little blood in the body, ”said Mo Fan.

“My sister always had anemia, I don’t see anything supernatural in that,” Liu Zhu said.

“I accidentally bumped into an old man who took your sister to the hospital, he told me about it. What surprises me most is how such a young girl could die from heart disease? In the last few days before her death, I felt that she was somehow restless. I asked her what was the matter, and she replied that something strange was happening to her. Did she tell you anything about this? ”- Mo Fan decided to turn to the main topic in this way.

Liu Zhu recalled something: “She didn’t say anything to me like that. But I remember that at that time it was no longer cold, and when I returned from school and opened the window, she immediately closed it. She was too cautious. ”

“Apparently, something strange was really happening then …” said Mo Fan, twitching his glasses on the bridge of his nose. He bought them specifically to look more like a scout …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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