Chapter 434. Stumbled upon Someone!


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“Do you think my sister’s death was not accidental?” – a little light lit up in the girl’s eyes.

Mo Fan agreed to nod his head: “This old man who took your sister to the hospital is a very powerful magician, I don’t think his words are lies. Are you sure your sister had a heart defect? ”

Liu Zhu replied: “My sister really did not have chivalrous health, but I heard about this disease only after her death. I also thought it was something unimaginable. ”

“I would like to understand this case. If you suddenly remember something, or some strange people will hang around, then immediately report it to me. Especially when it comes to men, ”said Mo Fan.

According to Hoto, a male vampire attacked the girl. Before committing a crime, vampires revolve around their victim for some time, so Mo Fanya was now interested in the identity of the guy with whom the murdered woman worked.

“Well, if we talk about men, then you just come under suspicion,” said Liu Zhu.

Mo Fan was embarrassed.

However, he has already received an important clue, and now he has to find out everything.

“Besides me, are there any others?” Asked Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu looked at her watch: “Oh, I’m already late. If you have any questions, you can find me at the university. ”

Mo Fan did not delay the girl.

After the girl left, Mo Fan, using the magic of the shadow, entered the sisters’ dwelling.

Inside, everything was arranged in a girlish style: pink and blue.

There were also a lot of dolls. They were everywhere: on the shelves, on the table, on the bed …

Mo Fan tried to find something specific, but he did not find anything.

“Let’s see what Lin Ling found out,” said Mo Fan himself to himself.

“The body was cremated. If we had a body, we could investigate for evidence of a vampire attack. And I couldn’t have thought that these western creatures would get to our country !!! ”- said Lin Lin.

“Well, what did you find?” Asked Mo Fan.

Opening her laptop, Lin Lin said: “All documents show that she died as a result of her illness, nothing special. The death certificate also no clues. Frankly, if this Hoto had not said that he had personally seen the attack, I would not even have thought that this could be due to magical evil. Is there really a person who is willing to pay for it? ”

“Hmm. The case did not budge. Now, if this vampire would have attacked another girl … Then we could prove his existence! My head is splitting … ”said Mo Fan.

“I was at the police station and got video from the subway there. I haven’t watched it yet, but I hope I can find something, ”said Ling Ling.

“If nothing is found, you will have to go to her little sister again and talk to her,” said Mo Fan.


Mo Fan and Ling Ling opened the video from the surveillance cameras, focusing on the time when Liu Xian stepped inside.

At night, people around this subway station quite a bit.

The tunnel path was poorly lit, making it difficult for the passing people to be seen. There was a sharp metallic chime.

“Mo Fan, pay attention. At this point, there are no cars. The last train went five minutes before that. All people in the subway left on it. Liu Xian knew exactly the time why she needed to go into the subway when the last car had already left? ”Said Lin Ling, while staring at the laptop.

When juxtaposing several frames on a laptop, you can see a gray silhouette. However, at that moment when Liu Xian entered the subway, there was not a soul around her.

Ling Ling drew the path of the girl, according to the trajectory of her movement. This method is often used by police and hunters.

“That’s right. The last car left, and she was still there. And in her movements, it doesn’t look like she was trying to catch up with the train, ”said Mo Fan, pointing to an image of a girl who was an exact copy of Liu Zhu.

“So, she was forced to come there,” Ling Ling concluded.

“Maybe. First we need to know what she did before entering the subway. In the vicinity of the station there is no shop, there is only a traffic light. She definitely couldn’t have been there just like that, ”said Mo Fan.

“Now it sounds scary. If a vampire really has the ability to lure people, then ordinary citizens are very hard to avoid his attack! ”- Lin blurted out.

Mo Fan recalled a seducing spider in Jin Lin City. He used the inner weakness of the people. If this vampire has a similar ability, then it will not be difficult for him to hide in the city and find new victims.

“Then this vampire must be much smarter than that spider creature. If Liu Xian was really attacked by a vampire, it means that he still knows how to mask the cause of death well. After all, if the cause of her death is a heart defect, then this matter will not reach the hunters’ league, and the vampire can continue to rest on its laurels. In a city with a population of more than ten million, it is not difficult for him to find food for himself every day! ”

“Mo Fan! Look here … Here she stopped, as if she came across a person! ”Shouted Ling Ling.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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