Chapter 437. There is hope of getting mail!


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“How can you say that? Your sister worked so hard that you had enough money! I can also give you as much money as you want! ”Said the vampire in the windbreaker.

Hearing these words, Liu Zhu finally flew off the coils. She violently grabbed the branch from the ground and began to beat the vampire with it.

Seeing the stick in the hands of the girl, the vampire began to shake!

With fear, he said: “From where? How do you know that I am afraid of wooden objects? Do not come to me!”.

Liu Zhu was a little embarrassed, and at that moment the vampire laughed out loud.

The expression on the face of the vampire abruptly changed to a smirk. He played it, showing his acting skills.

“Ha ha ha! We are immortal! Only the same indifference of the girls in love can kill us! ”The vampire said coldly.

“So you will die now!” Liu Zhu said sternly.

“Although you and your sister look like two drops of water, your characters are completely opposite! I did not want to kill her, she begged me to do it! Every day she begged me to bite her … She said that her life was fed up with her, no one had anything to do with her, and she still had a sister in her arms! She said that only in those moments when I sucked the blood out of her, she felt easy … It was hard for me to stop … Therefore, she had a severe form of anemia. Would you say from her that she looks like a dependent prostitute-prostitute? ”The vampire said slowly.

Hearing this, Liu Zhu literally lost her mind.

How can this monster blaspheme her beloved sister?

Liu Zhu again attacked the vampire with this ridiculous stick in his hands. He continued to stand in the same place, with a grin looking at the hot girl.

And this girl was much more interesting than her sister! You can have fun with her for a while …

Liu Zhu only now realized how stupid she was. The powers of the vampire were far superior to her own.

At that moment, when she realized that her sister’s fate could befall her, a flame suddenly appeared near her!

The flame of a fiery rose blinded his eyes, cutting through the dark forest space.

A violent flame with his fist struck the vampire!

A vampire in a windbreaker and could not think that the magician of fire was hiding in the forest … The power of a fiery fist threw him ten meters!

The whole body of a vampire caught fire, he fell heavily to the ground. Indeed, it was not so easy to kill him … Only with a surprised look he looked at Mo Fang …

A vampire, realizing the situation, hastened to close his face with a windbreaker collar.

If a vampire does not show his face, then he can continue to rampage in the city!

His eyes were burning with hatred … For once, a man appeared who ruined his plans!

The vampire did not think that there was a hunter in the forest. From a fiery spell, his windbreaker turned into a piece of matter that dangled in the air, like wings, all the time that he was thrown back. The vampire hurried to hide in the depths of the forest, using the magic of shadow. Mo Fan did not have time to catch up with him.

“You’re lucky you get away so fast!” Mo Fan cursed.

The magic of the shadow of a vampire was much stronger than the magic of the shadow of Mo Fan. In the opposite case, he would not let him go for nothing.

Nothing else remained … If the vampire once again dares to approach Liu Zhu, Mo Fan will definitely destroy him!

Mo Fan approached Liu Zhu.

She lay on the ground, and tears flowed continuously from her eyes.

She seemed disappointed.

Mo Fan wanted to comfort the girl, but did not know how to do it.

Remembering what words the vampire used to wound her, Mo Fanya, too, involuntarily embraced anger.

The girl continued to cry. She was not allowed to return to the room; Mo Fan would take her to herself and put her in the living room.

The girl needed a good hematopoietic drug. Mo Fan understood that Liu Zhu specifically allowed the vampire to suck her blood in order to wait for the right moment and attack him.

“Thank you … I’m sorry for being so rude to you the last time,” Liu Zhu said, lifting her head.

“You knew from the very beginning, under what circumstances your sister died. You should have told me everything at once … How can a simple girl like you deal with such evil spirits? ”Said Mo Fan.

“I just didn’t want to drag in other people,” Liu Zhu said.

“Leave it to me. This time I managed to scare him well … The problem is that he never shows his face. I could not see it. Do you know who he is? ”Asked Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu shook her head negatively. She did not know who this vampire was. Her sister knew this, who, unfortunately, was already dead …

“You need to rest,” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan put her in his room. She could not go back to the women’s dormitory – who knows when this vampire will decide to finish the job.

Seeing that the girl finally fell asleep, Mo Fan was only now able to breathe deeply.

An ordinary person in the place of this girl, knowing that he was dealing with a vampire, would not risk his life. She was determined in her intention to avenge the murder of her sister.

Mo Fan was sitting in the living room at the moment when Lin Ling knocked on the door.

Ling Ling was not the first time here, and was oriented in space very well. Without asking, she went to the refrigerator and took a bottle of juice from there, quickly draining it.

“How are you? Could you track him down? ”Asked Mo Fan.

Ling Ling replied: “I almost missed him! I followed him to the moment he entered a club. This place is like a drinking den, so I did not dare to go further. ”

“This is already enough. We have to catch him! ”Mo Fang’s eyes sparkled.

Now he has a hope to get hold of mail!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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