Chapter 44: unreasonable


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For a moment my vision stained bright white, and then I saw the sign for the blacksmith and appraiser, The Wind of the Sun.

Open the door, we’re inside.

Karan Karan, and the doorbell rings, and the mother who was inside turns this way.

“Welcome back, Anos!

My mother jumps at me happy.

“How was your squad-by-squad counter-examination today?

“I won.”

When I say so, my mother smiles like she can play, holding my head all over her chest.

“Hey, Anos, genius! You’ll be a fine Demon King when you grow up. When Anos becomes the Demon King, he’ll make a lovely city, won’t he? Mother, I’ll definitely live there. Enjoy now!


“Mother, do you know about the Demon King?

“Of course. It’s your dream, Anos! Mother, I checked it out. It’s your job to govern every district of Dilheid. I went to the nearest castle and listened to a lot of stories. Ellio Ludwell, the Demon Emperor, has just a moment to look at you.”

You wanted to be the Demon King because I said I wanted to go to Demon King’s College.

But even though it’s not about me, I’ve looked into the Demon King. I’ll give it to you, I didn’t know you’d actually see me. Is this the parent? No, is your mother just amazing at what she does?

Nothing, I don’t want to be the Demon King, but if you think about Avos Dilhevia, eventually you’ll need to prove that I’m the Demon King of tyranny. Well, let’s just say it fits roughly.

“By the way, the last name of the Demon Emperor I’ve met was Ludwell, was it? That sounds familiar somewhere.”

“Yeah. Anos’s class teacher Emilia says she’s the daughter of Ellio Demon Emperor.”

Oh, I see. Was it Emilia?

You’re so loud with royal criticism.

“Did you see something and talk about it?

“Ugh, I just went because I had a chance to see a lot of people and hear your words. I can only talk to people with special permits.”

Hmm. Is that true, too?

No matter how many bodies the demon emperor is listening to each and every one of his people, it is not enough.

“Than that, Mother. I’ve got more people today, do you think they’ll be okay?


My mother turned into a strange face.

And look behind me, in the wind of horror and all.

“… Ah, Anos… Could I have a third daughter-in-law – a boy!!

When my mother saw Ray’s face, she raised her voice like a surprise.

“Right? It’s a boy. Hey? Anos, you’re in the same boy’s uniform as you, aren’t you?

“Yeah. My name is Ray Grandsdry. I just moved in yesterday, but get along with him.”

Then, her mother let her expression shine all the time.

“Good. You know, Anos only comes with girls, so I was pretty worried she might not be doing well with the boys. Right. It’s okay, isn’t it? Anos isn’t just a tarashi who hassles girls all the time!

My mother. Were you worried about that?

“Well, I may not have been forced to think so, but I’d rather be a man if I were to spend some time with you, too. I didn’t know until today.”

Two thousand years ago, I couldn’t care less about gender differences, but I breathe well with something, and I know how to feel.

Well, maybe it depends on the other guy, but Ray and I strangely fit horses.

“… a man is better………………………………………………………?

Mother took a lot of breath after groaning.


Mother shrugged back as if she was flustered and shouted out loud.

“Duh, duh, duh, duh!? Mother, I just got cummed out!!!

Something abruptly switched on my mother.

“Was something wrong?

“Huh…? Uh-oh, that’s not crazy. Anos, there’s nothing wrong with you.”

“Instead, it’s been a little crazy so far. This is normal.”

The others were men, women, because they cared.

I can finally understand my normal senses, too.

“Things have been weird so far…… well…… Yeah. Normal, normal. I like boys and there’s nothing wrong with them… there’s nothing wrong with them, but hey, wait a minute.”

My mother takes Misha and Sasha with tremendous momentum.

“Huh, did you two know?

Sasha tried to calm down to her mother, who looked like she had moved.

“… you know, would you calm down first?

“Oh, right. Don’t let your mother panic at a time like this, right? Anos took the courage to cum out. I need to take it well for you!!

Sasha became faceless.

Misha was originally faceless, but became even more faceless.

“He said he didn’t know until today, but I’m sure Anos was worried too. He said he was somewhere different. Maybe there was, like, a rush to marry Sasha and Misha? I’ve managed to mislead my feelings, Misha couldn’t be the only one, so I also went out with Sasha… and proposed, and pushed myself… but… I knew I didn’t lie to my true heart…!!

“… Misha, do you have something to say…?

“… a magnificent story…”

Mother turned around and told Ray.

“Ray, you!


“It’s okay. Your mother is on your side. Man to man! I think the feeling of liking someone is more important than that. So I don’t have to lie about anything or anything to my feelings. I’ll be fine!

Ray smiles all the time.

“Anos. Can I ask you what this is all about?

“My mother is a little misleading. Well, I’ll explain now…”

At that time, Bagong opened the workshop door.

For some reason it is my father, whoever it is, who is still in the door-opening pose that is viscibly solidified.

“… Anos, that was hard… well said…”

My father is suddenly impressed.

“I know a little how you feel. Dad, actually, it is! Once upon a time, I saw a cute boy downstairs and thought it was not good…!

Isn’t that a crime?

“I can’t help but like what I like. I think Dad will understand you. But you… you, what are you gonna do with that?

“… that?

“So, that’s it, that. Are you going to let me in? Then, Father, I understand! But if you can get in, that’s right, Dad, I want to understand… understand, I want to…”

Dad said softly with a serious look.

“Does it feel so good?

Father…… Understand, I did. Don’t say that.

Well, is it usual for your father to be kicking your ass?

Let’s keep it light through.

“By the way, you may not have noticed, but I have another guest besides Ray.”

“Hey, Anossu! Are you insane in this situation? I’m not gonna be able to pick it up.

Suddenly, Sasha pinches her mouth.

“What, no problem if you explain later”

Misha puts a small neck next door.

“Never before have you been able to explain it properly!

Kokoku and Misha are nodding.

“Sasha, don’t look at me like that.”

Misha blinked with her pussy.

“It’s sweet as sugar candy when it comes to this.”

Kokoku and Misha nod.

“… haha… or should I hide…?

When Mass spoke, his father and mother saw her in such a way as they first noticed.

And he laughed.

“Ah, there you are. I’m sorry, without saying hello to your friend Anos.”

“Whoa. I showed you a bit of a mess, but, well, take your time. What’s your name?

“Why is Mass the only normal response!? Two strands, bigamy, faggots, where did they disappear?!?

Sasha’s cry of protest against irrationality struck the whole house.

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