Chapter 442. Provocation.


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Time went by day after day. It is the second week of calls.

Mo Fan decided to challenge those students who are above the 50th place in the rankings in order to be able to cultivate in a three-tiered tower next month.

Mo Fan used his nimble wolf, besides, his magic was very high in speed, and the fourth step of entry-level magic once again spurred his success. He was able to easily enter the top 50 students, defeating a magician that was in 48th place.

We have to admit that if it were not for the use of the magic of the three elements, Mo Fang would have had a hard time getting into the top fifty, because these students have in their arsenal full sets of various magical artifacts, reaching the cultivation level of Mu Ning Xue.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about the imperial university or the Mingzhu University – there are enough venerable magicians there and there. As a result, the newcomer needs more than one year in order to have the right to fight with the best of the best.

The first fifty consisted of just such students. Mo Fan thought that without a contract animal, a third category of lightning magic and various magical artifacts, it would be very, very hard to enter the top ten.

After defeating a mage from 48th place, Mo Fan decided not to seek further upward rating, because he still needed strength to resist the vampire. So far it was enough that he will get the opportunity to cultivate in a three-stage tower, and the rest will be dealt with later.

A whole week has passed, and this vampire has not made itself known. There were thoughts that, perhaps, he had already decided to forget about Liu Zhu. She blamed all her nightmares on an unstable mental state.

All this time, Mo Fan and Ling Ling watched tirelessly Liu Zhu. If they do not destroy this vampire, then they will not be able to calmly allow the girl to return to her usual way of life.

Mo Fan still continued to train, and Liu Zhu was accompanied by Zhao Man Yan. And although, because of the appearance of Liu Zhou Zhao Man, Yang had to part with his new girlfriend, he didn’t seem to be particularly worried about this.

“Well, and this vampire’s excerpt!” Said Mo Fan angrily on his return to the hostel.

This vampire seems really sick with his head! A little more and Zhao Man Yang and Liu Zhu will have children! Don’t the vampires go crazy over their victims ?! The fact that such a gentle girl, from morning to evening, spends in the society of Man Yan, can lead to the fact that she will soon change her last name !!!

The longer Mo Fan remained on the sofa, the more anxious he became …

Does this vampire never appear?

He can’t constantly take care of Liu Zhu … Although Zhao Man Yan is doing quite well now …

Liu Zhu cannot compare with the beauty of Mu Nu Jiao or Din Yi Mian, but she has some special appeal! Mo Fan, having seen her for the first time, was already able to appreciate this inexplicable charm. Not that this Zhao Man Yan, who runs after each skirt indiscriminately !!!

At that moment, the phone rang – it was Zhao Man Yan.

“Mo Fan, something happened,” the guy said in a weakened voice.

“Borrow money for an abortion?” Mo Fan teased.

“I’m talking seriously. This is due to Liu Zhu. You and Lin Lin should come as soon as possible, ”Manya Yan said in a voice without the slightest hint of humor.

Mo Fan frowned.

Without thinking, Mo Fan scored Lin Ling, and together they went to where Zhao Man Yan was.

While Mo Fan thought that Zhao Man Yan and Liu Zhu lead a shameless lifestyle, the matter turned out to be much more serious: there was only a cold body from the girl.

When Mo Fan saw her in the park, her face was so pale that she could not even believe that she was the same girl who was determined to take revenge for her sister so decisively.

The jacket of Zhao Man Yang was draped over Liu Zhu, and two bloody bite marks could be seen on her pale neck. It was this bite that caused her death …

These bite marks were a warning to everyone else … Mo Fan seemed to hear the grin of that vampire coming from the depths of the forest …

“Sorry, I couldn’t save her,” said Zhao Man Yan, with his head down. He did not cry, but his appearance was very sad.

Something stung in Mo Fang’s heart when he saw the body of Liu Zhu … a violent wave of anger swept over him …


This vampire provokes them!

The vampire, having deprived the girl of her life, seemed to warn Mo Fang that he should not mess with the vampire mages of the shadow! However, Mo Fan, overwhelmed her anger not because of provocation, but because the life of an innocent girl was doomed!

This fragile girl named Liu Zhu all this time did not dare to disturb Mo Fang, did not interfere in his affairs and did everything as he told her. She did it with a feeling of unexpressed gratitude in her heart …

Mo Fan was unable to protect her from the fangs of this malicious vampire …

If something did not suit this vampire, then he had to go directly against Mo Fang, and not rip off on the defenseless girl …

He took the life! The life of a wonderful girl!

They wrote in the books that many vampires have more human qualities in themselves, but can this act be called humane?

Mo Fan immediately recalled Hoto’s words that only actions determine who the vampires are, in fact: humans or monsters …

What has this vampire done !!!

He is a real monster!

“Shouldn’t we report this to the hunter league?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“This makes no sense. We must drag the vampire himself there, as the surest proof of his existence. As you can see, these bite marks do not mean anything, such marks can be made with any sharp object, ”answered Mo Fan.

Even the testimony of Hoto will not play a decisive role. The body of a mere mortal will not attract proper attention … She was not even a magician …

“What to do?” Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“Tell me in order what happened,” answered Mo Fan.

Even if this vampire hides among ordinary people, Mo Fan will reach him and bring down all the fury of his wrath on him !!!

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