Chapter 445. Bloody Sketch. North Club


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The shelves for alcohol in the wine cellar stood in rows. Many shelves were empty, and on those where expensive alcohol stood, there was not a speck of dust.

The wine cellar was very quiet, only loud noises from the club above echoed loudly.

Rhythmic dripping was heard in the dark …

In the very center of the cellar there was a round table with a tied girl on it. Everything looked as if the girl was sacrificed according to an ancient ritual …

There was a wound on the girl’s hand, and dripping came from the drained blood.

Dripping blood formed a strange sketch on the floor. The more blood dripped downward, complementing the bloody sketch, the stronger the evil vampire spirit rooted in the girl’s body … From her half-open mouth, elongated fangs were already visible …

According to statistics, the loss of more than 40% of the total blood volume of the body already carries a threat to human life. Liu Zhu did not know how much had already flowed out of her body, but she could feel that the blood dripping onto the blood sketched was returning to her body in the form of dark energy. If she had already been reborn, these torments should have ceased.

There was only darkness around, in which the sounds of breathing and dripping blood were heard. Time seemed endless … The girl seemed to be waiting for her own death …

*** Sounds of footsteps ***

Some steps moved back and forth through the cellar.

Liu Zhu, alternately regaining consciousness, felt disgust.

She knew that these steps belonged to a vampire named Ne Dun!

He wanted to turn her into a vampire, arguing that unlimited lifespan and eternal youth.

However, the girl was disgusted by the thought of the eternal life of a vampire.

“Liu Zhu?” Came the familiar male voice.

A wave of joy ran through the girl …

“I … I am here … Mo Fan, is that you?” The girl responded in a weak voice.

“Yes! It’s me! ”- Mo Fan hurried to the place where Liu Zhu was.

Seeing that the girl was in the process of bloodletting, Mo Fan hurried to free her by bandaging the cut first.

Mo Fan seized the hematopoietic drug as well, however, when he saw that the pale-faced girl gradually regained consciousness, he sighed with relief.

Still, Lin Lin – a real good girl! Trying to distract Ne Dong to the police station, she sent Mo Fang here!

Mo Fan, due to his shadow magic, felt that there was a hidden space in the club’s underground!

No matter how, but Mo Fan found Liu Zhu! If she really was killed by this vampire, then Mo Fan would never forgive herself!

“I will take you out of here. This vampire should already be on the way back here. ”Mo Fan picked up a weakened girl.

Apparently, the vampire brought the girl here right after he kidnapped her. It’s good that, according to the ritual, the girl’s blood should drop by drop – this helped Lin Ling and Mo Fan to win some time!

“Thank you … Thank you, Mo Fan!” – Liu Zhu repeated through tears. Even in this state, she understood that a person whom she knows for no more than two weeks helps her in this most complicated situation!

“I’m a hunter! Your salvation is my work, ”Mo Fang reassured.

Getting out of the cellar, Mo Fan became even more circumspect. As Lin Lin said, this place is teeming with vampires, so meeting with them would be highly undesirable.

Liu Zhu continued to sob, tears flowed continuously from her eyes.

The girl with both hands hugged Mo Fan, feeling the whole body the fiery heat that was coming from him. At that moment, she clearly felt how close they were to him.

All the time she did not dare to get close to him, did not dare to disturb him, clearly realizing that he was doing so much for her. However, such moments when an unfamiliar guy rushes into a dangerous whirlpool of events in order to save the girl – are regarded by the female sex as a real gift of fate!

These moments, when she was at the chest of Mo Fang, were for Liu Zhu the quietest time in the last couple of months …

She herself did not know why, but she wanted so much to kiss him!

Liu Zhu’s body froze to the bone, and Mo Fang was so hot … She tried to cling to him as much as possible.

Cuddling with him, she thought about touching her lips with her lips …

The aroma of life danger emanated from his body … At that very moment an overwhelming desire came over the girl …

The desire to cuddle up with Mo Fang as much as possible, kiss him and … drink his blood …

Cold lips touched Mo Fan’s neck.

Mo Fan felt something slowly digging into his neck …

Unconsciously, Mo Fan’s body became inflamed — it was something like his protective reflex. However, after seeing the pale face of Liu Zhu, Mo Fan suppressed the inner flame.

Looking at her, he could not speak a word.

Mo Fan felt the blood pulsing from his artery around his neck … And he also felt how Liu Zhu began to recover from this blood … The flame on Mo Fan’s body completely disappeared.

He was overwhelmed with mixed feelings: anger at himself, pity for the girl and anger …

However, he knew for sure that he could not use the flames next to Liu Zhu, who had already turned into an unknown person …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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