Chapter 447. Whose blood did she drink?


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In the dark, the cold lights of the city’s shopping district glittered.

There were a lot of office high-rises in the area: most of them had about 20 floors, and only one building was 40-storey, reaching a height of 100 meters.

On the top floor was empty, yet no company has bought it for their offices. Some finishing works here were not finished yet, as the scattered tools spoke about.

The building stood in the dark of night, there was no one in it, only one guard slept peacefully on the first floor. The monitor showed how a strange shadow slipped in front of the video camera …

The speed of the silhouette was very fast, so the camera did not even have time to properly fix it.

On the 40th floor, the glass was covered with a protective film, and the entire floor was also in this cellophane.

The floor itself was not particularly high: the distance from the floor to the ceiling reached about 3 meters. The lights of the night city leaked into the building, leaving interesting shadow lines.

In a black cloak, with traces of fresh blood on his lips, Ne Dun stood in front of a shockproof glass and looked at the city.

Normally, he would have gone to the Northern Club and would have found a new victim for himself, but today it was impossible to do that.

The elders in their vampire family expelled him, turning him into a hermit. The reason for the exile is very simple: they came to the attention of the hunters league.

It is even good that these cowards drove him out of the family. Because of them, he had to drag out, like them, a miserable existence, fearing hunters, magicians, and all the rest. Now, no one will buzz over his ears about what rules he should follow.


The strange sound of the wind swept alongside, stopping behind Ne Dun.

Not Dun smiled. Without turning his head, he said: “What are you ambitious! Tired of hiding on campus under a human guise? That day I asked you to help, but you refused to do it. Why did you come here? ”

Behind Nie Dong was a beautiful female silhouette. Her long hair fluttered in the wind.

The girl walked slowly and easily, approaching him.

“I will kill you!” – suddenly a woman’s scream rang out.

On her hands flashed long white claws, which fiercely dug into the neck of Ne Dong.

*** Rattle ***

The claws glittered with cold light in the darkness … Deep cuts remained on Ne Dong’s neck.

Not Dun and could not think that the girl would dare to attack him. It’s good that he managed to move away at the right moment, otherwise her claws would cut off his head.

“Yes you are sick! How can you? ”Ne Dun growled, groping for cuts on his neck, from which fresh blood began to ooze.

At that time, when Not Dun got his heart out of his chest, there was no blood at all. Now the blood began to ooze out of the wounds, and all because in the vampire body the blood accumulates above the shoulders, that is, in the head and neck.

Dong did not think that there was a vampire girl from their family behind him, but when he turned around, he saw such a familiar and at the same time alien face. He was taken aback. He could not even think about this meeting.

“Liu … Liu Zhu?” – Not Dun looked dazed at the girl standing in front of him.

“I came to kill you!” The girl screamed terribly. She seemed to be trying to throw out all her inner anger in this scream.

“So you turned into a vampire … It can not be! There was no vampire who could then complete your conversion with his blood! You could only turn into a bloodsucker, but not a full-fledged vampire! ”- Not Dun was shocked.

Pale face, lips filled with blood, long fangs … Appeal made the girl completely unrecognizable!

That’s right … Not Tung wanted to turn Liu Zhu into a vampire, so much he adored her! Only after the appeal could she become his partner.

But the rite of vampire treatment was not completed!

Then Ne Dun specifically went to kill the police girl, because he needed a lot of fresh blood, which he could then pass on to Liu Zhu!

The process of turning an ordinary person into a vampire consisted of two stages. The first stage was to release all the blood of the future vampire, which must pass through a bloody sketch and return to the body in the form of dark energy. The second stage was that the convert should first drink vampire blood, and only after that he himself becomes a real vampire!

At the very beginning, Ne Dun was turned into a vampire, having drunk the blood of a middle-aged man who became his mentor for a vampire family. That is why he had no right to betray him!

For the same reason, Ne Dong sought to personally convert Liu Zhu into a vampire, becoming her mentor. Then she could not betray him! However, his plan was destroyed. By the time he returned to the club, Liu Zhu was no longer there!

Whose blood did she drink?

Why did she not become a bloodsucking creature, but turned into a vampire?


As long as Dong was not standing and thinking about this, Liu Zhu again attempted an attack.

In addition, she could not just control her power, they are subject only to converted vampires!

And the new forces of Liu Zhu were really awesome! With her claws she turned the column of the building into dust!

Although Liu Zhu’s speed was very high, Nie Dong avoided her attacks with the help of shadow magic.

The strengths and weaknesses of the vampire were determined, on the one hand, by the blood they received as a result of the hunt, and on the other hand, by the strength of the one who converted him.

In short, the stronger the mentor who converted the vampire, the stronger the convert himself.

In one day, Liu Zhu reached such speed and power that no vampire had in their family … How is it even possible ???

With claws, the girl grabbed Ne Dong by the cloak and pressed him against the glass, causing a lot of cracks to appear on the glass …

“Nifiga yourself!” – Not Dun ran away, filled with anger and fear at the same time.

Liu Zhu, whom he wanted to make his servant, drank the blood of even more powerful … Not Dun could not understand in any way whose.

And most importantly, Liu Zhu was no longer under his control, not Dun … Why is her aura not similar to the aura of ordinary vampires ???

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