Chapter 448. Try to touch her again.


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“Hey! You don’t even know how to manage your power, do you think you can just encroach on me ?! ”shouted Ne Dun.

Suddenly, fresh blood drops appeared in the air, which began to form a sickle shape in front of Not Dong.

The bloody sickle headed toward Liu Zhu …

Do not Dun said: “if I can not get you, then I will destroy you !!!”.

The big bloody sickle was already in front of Liu Zhu, who, of course, was not yet particularly aware of how to use his power. When the sickle swung, it took off.

Liu Zhu bumped into a wall, which immediately turned into ruins from a blow.

“What a strong you are!” – said Not Dun, baring his fangs.

Dong did not constantly use his bloody sickle in the fight against animal levels of the pack leader. Because of this, the sickle could not immediately kill the girl. The sickle simply bounced off Liu Zhu’s body, which also meant that much more powerful power was hidden in her body than the one that the bloody sickle had.

Now, Dong didn’t doubt if the vampire was really Liu Zhu?

Only dark pupils glittered on the pale female face, who were closely following Né Dun …

This vampire … She wanted revenge for her sister! She just wanted to send it to the light with her own hands!

But in this whole pursuit of him, Liu Zhu-sama turned into a vampire!

She looked into his eyes and realized that she herself had become the same … Blood tears flowed from her eyes … She is the same as the one that killed the most dear person to her!

Anger overwhelmed Liu Zhu, she only thought about killing him! Because of him, she now also can no longer meet with the person she likes!

This sadness was much more than the girl could bear.

She had not yet laid hands on herself only because she wanted to kill this vampire before that!

Liu Zhu accidentally wounded himself in the chest, but no pain followed.

The girl who, in her life, could not even hurt a fly, was now only thinking about murder.

She continued her attacks. On the floor of a high-rise building, its quick silhouette was clearly visible, which was in front of Né Dong. The girl again exposed her claws.

She had such great power that None Dun could only defend herself.

Suddenly, feathers appeared in the air.

Blade-sharp feathers came down on all sides!

Feathers, in obedience to the decree of Not Dong, headed towards the girl, leaving cuts on her body.

These attacking feathers in the night space became more and more, the situation discouraged Liu Zhu.

“Even now you cannot confront me, and before that, too, it was beyond your power!” Said the vampire with a cold grin.

After these words, something black appeared in the palm of Not Dong, which gave a cold glow in the dark.

This black substance literally threw the girl away, which is why her body described an arc in the air … The girl’s body continued to spin hard in the air until she hit the glass, falling backwards … Now she could not get up.

“Oh! You are the first girl on whom I spent so much energy! ”- spoke ominously Not Dun, approaching her.

His hand was still on his neck, blood continued to seep through his fingers, which was very valuable for vampires. Liu Zhu today gave him a lot of trouble!

With one hand, he raised Liu Zhu.

The girl still did not take her fierce look from him …

“Ungrateful!” Ne Dong shouted, hurling Liu Zhu against the wall.

The wall was also made of impact-resistant glass, which split into pieces after the impact, speaking of the incredible strength of its body.

Not Dun raised it again and again threw it against another wall.

A simple person would have died a long time ago, but this clearly did not threaten Liu Zhu.

Do not Dun wondered: where could she get such power?

There was the sound of broken glass, the fragments of which flew down …

Gritting her teeth, the girl stood up.

“Flaming fist !!!”.

The flame of the fiery rose swept violently around. The light of fire illuminated the silhouette of a vampire in the dark.

The flames accumulated in the right palm of Mo Fang, which appeared from behind the stairs.

“Just try to touch her again!”

Violent flames swept the whole floor with its three-meter ceilings!

The flames reached Ne Dun, forcing him to break through the glass wall.

The glass shattered, and the flames flapped in the air.

The burning body of Nie Dong swiftly flew down from a 40-meter height … It fell heavily to the ground.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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