Chapter 449. The Battle of the Vampire


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Liu Zhu raised her head: Mo Fan approached her in the light of fire. The girl hurried to cover her face with her hands.

She was afraid that Mo Fan would see her as a vampire. She was also worried about the fact that Mo Fane’s blood was the first blood she consumed.

“You have come to certain death!” Shouted Ne Dun, who landed at the broken glass.

He fell from such a height, but did not suffer at all. On the contrary, he was able to fly back using his wings.

Its wings were so huge that in the open state they reached the size of a wall.

Not Tung hung violently in the air. His eyes were intently dipping into Mo Fang.

Now he must surely kill this magician, because of which all his plans collapsed, he was expelled from the vampire clan and who took his game!

“Deadly claws!”

A cluster of blood appeared around Ne Dong, which soon formed a paw with bloody claws, heading towards Mo Fang.

Mo Fanya, without thinking twice, hid in the shadows.

As soon as the bloody paw swung at Mo Fan, he had already evaporated, entering a dark silhouette in the shadow of the wall.

“The egg can not show off in front of the chicken!” – Ne Dun laughed. He, as the true master of the magic of the shadows, perfectly saw all of Mo Fanya’s tricks.

In the cold night light, fluttering with sharp wings, with eyes glowing with red fire, … bats appeared.

Not Dun could easily control hundreds of bats, as they belonged to dark creatures. In those moments when they attack in a pack, they can wipe a person off the face of the earth in seconds!

Night raiding bats flew from all sides. They all flew at Mo Fang. He, realizing that he could not release his most powerful magic due to the fact that Liu Zhu was nearby, hit with all his might against a glass wall.

Shards of glass fell down.

“Do you think you can escape ???” shouted Ne Dun, simultaneously calling for even more bats.

A flock of black mice flew onto the wall, knocking Mo Fanya down with her.

The body of Mo Fan, falling down, literally cut through a flock of mice …

Liu Zhu tried to help Mo Fang to fight a flock of volatile. There were many abrasions on her body, and bats only increased their number, but now the capabilities of her body were many times greater than the capabilities of an ordinary person, and even a magician.

Mo Fan managed to use the shield of darkness just before the moment when his body, flying down, had to collide with the ground. He entered the dark shadow of the building, falling from the street lamps.

The street was very wide. She belonged to the financial district of the city, so there were no people after 7 in the evening. There were no cars on the road either, only the lonely traffic lights stood at the intersection.

Mo Fan, using the magic of the shadows, reached the intersection of streets. Since the shadows of the buildings did not fall here, he had to walk further.

A flock of bats rushed after Mo Fan, but lost his silhouette from sight. In the light of the evening lights, one could see their countless shadows.

“Catch him! Kill him!”

Mo Fan no longer ran away. A star system had already formed under his feet, and the flames began to burn in his palm.

“Flaming fist: Tower!”

The flames spread across the concrete pavement of the intersection. Fire was already pouring from the cracks, accumulating around Mo Fang.

The fire completely absorbed Mo Fan’s body, as if covering it with a fiery veil.

The bats, having received the order to kill Mo Fan, rushed after him into this fire, turning into ashes …

In a matter of moments, the bats were destroyed completely.

Flames flapped in the air. Mo Fan was like a burning rock, the fire of which flared up more and more.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw huge wings aspiring down.

In the midst of a pair of black wings, an enraged physiognomy was visible.

Do not Dun bared his fangs, directing them to Mo Fang’s neck. However, he did not want his blood … He wanted to bite his neck!

“Blessing of Light: Holy Shield!”

At that moment, when a wall of light formed in front of Mo Fan, there were curses of Zhao Man Yang from a car nearby.

A light shield surrounded Mo Fan, creating a barrier for dark vampire magic.

* Ringing *

The vampire’s fangs slid across the light shield, causing Ne Dun to jump aside.

The rejection of the magic of light could be seen by his puzzled face.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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