Chapter 45: Mother and father’s thoughts


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We were gathered in the kitchen and we were cooking dinner.

“I’m sorry, I’m tired from the exam, but I need your help. I had a lot of customers at the store today, and I didn’t have time to prepare the food.”

Mother says as she prepares the mushroom gratin.

“You don’t have to worry about it. It’s always a treat.”

“Cooking is fun”

Misha washes a ton of mushrooms one after the other, and Sasha cuts it to bite size.

“Okay, now I’ve washed most of my vegetables. Do you want to start with potatoes?”

I brought the potatoes my father washed in a bowl full of them.

“Curry, so you can peel it off and cut it into appropriate bite sizes”

“There it is, shall we split it it up? Oh, but you only have one knife…”

Mass says.

“Whoa, well. I got one in the workshop, so don’t get it.”

“It’s okay. Can I borrow your knife?

Calling Dad down, Ray gets a knife from Mass.

When he held the bowl of potatoes, he threw the contents into the air.

“… Phew…!

When I wondered if Ray was brilliant at hand, the mass of potato skin that instantly danced through the universe peeled off.

All of them fall into a deep dish and the skin you throw away fits into the bowl.

“Hmm. Not quite. Ray. So, do you want to go with this carrot for one fight”

The bowl I got contains a ton of carrots.

“So what do you say we skin more carrots and we win?


Mass, who was listening to it, says with a bitter smile.

“But I only have one knife,”

“That’s enough.”

I got Peeler.

“I think you’ll regret it?

“Well, what do you think?

Me and Ray’s gaze crossed and the spark scattered.

To signal that, I sprayed the carrots in the bowl into the air.

“… here…!


The knife and peeler flash, and the paralyzed and skinned carrots descend into the deep dish.

“Mass. Give me the count.”

“Uh, right. Master Anos has… ten, and Mr. Ray has… ten. That’s a draw…”

Then Ray smiles refreshingly and offers his plate of carrots to Mass.

“Take a good look”

Mass stares at the carrot still in the plate.

“… ah!

Raise your voice, she touches the carrot.

Then the carrots fell apart as if they could be solved.

At first glance, the carrot, which seemed to be just peeled, had already been cut into bite-sized pieces. It is also all ten copies.

“And this… is cut into heart shapes…”

Mass sounded surprised. Peeling and cutting carrots into bite-sized heart shapes during those moments is not a massive move.

“What do you think?

I offered Ray a deep dish with my own carrots in it, smiling like I had won.

“Make sure.”

Ray stared at the carrot and stabbed it with a knife, as he’d always noticed.

“… this is… star-shaped…”

Yes, all the carrots I peeled were cut into bite-sized stars.

“Pi, how did you cut it with a peeler……?

Mass gives me a stunned look. I can’t help it. Peelers are for peeling. I guess I never thought that would cut the carrot into bite sizes and even star shapes.

“Don’t be surprised. Seems like you can only use the tools for their original use, not to say the original ancestors”

Well, these days are peaceful. If you can always get a knife, you need to make star-shaped carrots out of peelers. But two thousand years ago, it was different.

“Took one, I guess.”

Ray squeaks. And I got another bowl.

“Hmm. Do you want me to settle with onions? Funny.”

Momentum, lots of onions dance through the universe.

Me and Ray moved at the same time.

“You’re doing something stupid over there…”

Sasha, who is preparing the mushroom gratin, turns her white gaze.

“Phew, Anos is also a good skinner. It’s amazing how ready you are under an onion so soon.”

Sasha looks surprised when she sees her mother saying it like she was impressed.

“… how can a mother not move by the time she’s so iron walled?

Step by step, Sasha tells her mother not to wear clothes on her teeth.

“Aren’t you surprised?

Mother grinned at Sasha and Misha’s words.

“Heh, I’m surprised. It’s a surprise streak every day. You’re just born, you’re so obnoxious, you can use amazing magic, you’re so smart, and you bring in so many classmates to tell me you’re going to attend Demon King’s College in Dilheid.”

“… I wonder if you ever thought you were scared…?

When Sasha said so, her mother said graciously, “Hmm?” and peek into her face.


I get a look like Sasha’s gone.

“Sasha was so powerful, she was scared.”

Misha says.

“To your parents?



Mother turns her hand over Sasha’s head and hugs her all the time.

“That was hard, Sasha.”

“… be nothing… no big deal… what Misha was…”

Okay, okay, and Sasha buries her face in that chest as her mother strokes her back.

“… I, the doctor, told me that I couldn’t have a proper child…”


“… they told me when I got pregnant with Anos and they magically checked me out. Even if she was born, she wouldn’t be happy with five bodies, so she said she should give up on her child… she said she would be happier too…”

Mother smiles tenderly.

“But there’s Anos in my stomach, and if I thought she was alive, I couldn’t give up. You don’t have to be a little different from people, you don’t have to study, you don’t have to be weak. I thought I’d make her happy, loving her the best she could.”

If you noticed, your father stood by your mother.

“You said it, didn’t you? He said we weren’t gonna make this kid unhappy. I can’t believe I’m not happy enough to do something.”

Dad nods.

“But when Anos was in her mother’s tummy, she was in worse shape than I thought. I was dying once.”

“Even the magic of your doctor can’t be done with your hands. I prayed to God every day. He wants me to be born somehow. As long as you are born, I will raise any child, no matter what, with absolute happiness, so I asked you to.”

“… what happened?

Sasha asks.

“Once, my heart stopped. The doctor said he was dead. But I can’t give up. You don’t have to be a god, you don’t have to be a demon, you don’t have to be anybody, so I prayed for you to help this kid. And then my heart started moving again.”

More precisely, the child that was in her mother’s tummy is dead.

I haven’t lived since the beginning, is that more appropriate? The doctor’s diagnosis is correct. The mother was in a physique where she could not have children, and the child did not originally have enough roots for a clear consciousness to appear.

Only her body was in her stomach, and she had decided to die before she could give birth to it.

But I breathed back into the vessel just because I was reincarnated.

Magic sometimes, the power of will works greatly. Even a man who cannot use magic and has little magic, if he is strong in his will, it is in the hope to attract demons.

Maybe Mother’s strong prayer called me.

“Then, Anos totally rejuvenated and got bigger and bigger in her stomach. The doctor said it was a miracle.”

With just a few tears, her mother laughed.

“So, you know, I never thought I’d be scared. I don’t care about any kid. Because, Anos, you’re alive and well. There’s nothing more you want.”

To her mother’s story, Misha and Sasha are in tears.

Mass also wiped his eyes with a handkerchief and even Ray had a soggy look on his face.

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