Chapter 450. Absolute Defense!


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Mo Fan’s body covered the holy shield, using the power of the magic of light, which simply did not take into account any attack, while he traced the star system of the lightning element.

Kohl flaming fist is not able to cope with this creature, then it’s time to float the lightning, yet, by nature it is closer to the element of light.

“Jianjun, Thunder: Demon!”, Completing the star system of the lightning element, Mo Fan pointed his finger at Ne Dong’s head.

Ne Dong’s reaction speeds can be envied, but the lightning has branched into many pieces, and struck at once in several places, and did get into it. Not Dun flinched, a discharge passed through his entire body, and even after the impact, one could see electric arcs passing over his skin.

“Mo Fan, keep using the zipper,” said Zhao Man Yan, who was standing nearby.

Immediately, under the feet of Zhao Man Yang, the star system turned blue as it formed, droplets of water circled madly in the air.

“Storm Wave: Flooding!”

From the sky collapsed water flow. He overwhelmed Ne Dong, swallowing it completely. A stormy wave pushed him a hundred meters forward, but the shock wave was weak, but the vampire was wet, and did not have time to catch his breath, when suddenly a thundercloud had already formed above him, from which lightning escaped, which had fiercely hit him straight in the head!

Water is an excellent conductor for lightning, and the vampire Ne Dun could not get back on his feet again. His eyes flushed and overwhelmed with anger looked at Mo Fang and Zhao Man Yan.

“Little magicians, your crazy ideas are nothing against me !!”, – Dong did not get up on his feet, and shouted angrily.

Not Dun slowly spread his hands, during which time his claws had grown to half a meter.

He beat them on the ground, striking bright sparks.

“You come on there, protect yourself from such long claws!” Said Zhao Man Yan.

There was no shadow around Mo Fan, and the speed of his claws was too high, which even Absorption by shadow would hardly have helped.

Without thinking, Mo Fan activated the Shield of Gloom.

** tink **

The claws hit the shield, making a piercing sound, from the force of the blow Mo Fang was thrown ten meters.

As he recovered, and lifted his head, he immediately found a trace of claws throughout all of these ten meters.

In addition, Zhao Man Yan used the magic of light to protect himself, but while he was creating a new magic, the vampire Ne Dong was already behind him. What a monstrous speed!

Zhao Man Yan suddenly realized that someone’s shadow was covering him. Apparently, Ne Dun used shadow magic to move.

His claws slammed into Zhao Man Yan’s chest in an attempt to gut him.

“Water protection!”

Although Zhao Man Yan was a magician especially without any forces to attack, but he could brilliantly use defensive magic.

Water protection easily repelled the attack of a vampire, as the claws did not pierce it. Zhao Man Yan took the chance, instantly creating the magic of entry-level light.

“Shine: Blindness!”

The palm covered with light was right in the face of Ne Dun, usually the monsters from such close exposure to the light go blind for a very long time, but the vampires themselves are afraid of the light, and this shine burned his pupil.

“AAAAAH!”, The vampire Ne Dun shouted in pain, covering his eyes with his hands.

Bloody fangs popped out of Ne Dun’s mouth, he bit mad at Zhao Man Yan.

He did not see Zhao Man Yan anymore, but he could feel his location. His Water Defense has already disappeared, and a bite would be enough to kill him.

Suddenly, a golden shield with feather patterns appeared before Zhao Man Yan.

** tink **

It is not clear what this shield was made of, hard as steel, only a couple of not deep imprints of teeth remained on it, in response, giving it a strong pain.

“I will kill you!”, – became even more enraged after the failure of Ne Dun.

He violently tore the shield, wanting to tear the enemy to shreds. But who knew that Zhao Man Yan was completely covered with protective magical artifacts, and a golden armor would follow after the golden shield.

Obviously, this magical armor was of the highest quality, in it Zhao Man Yan looked belligerent, like a golden soldier.

Even with magical armor, Né Dun could cope, he used his bloody power to execute the culprit of the problems. Zhao Man Yan just finished mid-level light magic.

The holy shield enveloped Zhao Man Yang, and the bloody braid of Ning Dong’s execution immediately broke about him!

Once reflected, two reflected, three reflected, after the fourth reflection, the magic must end …

The vampire Ne Dun simply lost his mind, he had already met quite a few mid-level magicians, but for the first time with such defensive magic.

It is as if a fierce tiger, meeting a stone, which, no matter how hard it tries, cannot bite through it!

And all that Ne Dun could do with this impenetrable magician was to throw him away.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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