Chapter 451. To pull out bloody teeth!


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Watching the events, Mo Fan for a long time could not come to his senses.

While Zhao Man Yan was “entertaining” the vampire, Mo Fan was not cool either, the red-hot elemental star map had already been formed, and his right fist was glowing with a bright flame.

It seemed that he could burn to the ground with just a glance.

“Fire Rose, Flaming Fist: Nine Palaces!”

The fiery, ardent stream hit, just at the moment when the vampire threw back Zhao Manh Yan. The magic of the Nine Palaces created a pillar of flame spreading like magma.

The vampire Ne Dun stepped back, not knowing that the flames were already rising behind him, he tried to move to the left, but the flames were everywhere and he could not hide from him at all. In the end, it struck him too, causing unimaginable pain.

The power of a burning fist: nine palaces were sufficient to inflict severe damage on this vampire.

Not Dun ran from the fire, waving his claws in a panic, and stumbled over them to the next building over and over again.

Such a choice of targets could not but rejoice Mo Fang and Zhao Man Yan.

The flames still did not retreat, and Zhao Man Yan had already completed his mid-level magic.

“Blessing of Light: Holy Wall!”

In front of Zhao Man Yan, a huge wall of bright light appeared, which he directed towards Ne Dong. The flame was not enough to burn through the skin of a vampire, but from the impact of this wall of light it immediately burned.

Zhao Man Yan saw that the chosen magic turned out to be so successful, and began again to form the system of the magic of light. And the second blow caused even more serious damage to the evil vampire!

Not Dun was injured before the arrival of these madcaps, and not having fresh blood, he could not replenish their reserves of forces.

Scars from electrical discharges, charred skin from flames, burning wounds from light, still aching in bloody teeth: vampire Ne Dun felt extremely badly …

Fortunately, the vampire’s ear was much sharper than the usual human, and he heard cars passing hundreds of meters away.

He instantly turned around, wrapped himself in a wing and flew off to the side of the overpass.

Mo Fan used a lightning seal to paralyze him, but, wrapped in a wing, Ne Dong was extremely agile, and again and again avoided electric snakes.

“He will run away now!” We need to figure out how to stop it! ”Zhao Man Yan said in full voice.

All the magic of Zhao Man Yang was chilling or protecting, but now he could only rely on Mo Fang.

“Calm down, he won’t run away,” a bloody splendor covered Mo Fan’s feet.

He ran along the road on his bloody boots for a vampire.

“You run, and he flies, how do you stop him?” Zhao Man Yan shouted.

Zhao Man Yan did not want to fall behind and headed for his luxury car.

Having inserted the key into the ignition lock, the engine roared loudly, and only Zhao Man Yan decided to press the gas pedal to the floor, when he suddenly noticed that a ray of light should follow the vampire.

A ray of light in the air seemed to be located crosswise. And rightly so, it was followed by a tightly woven golden net.

The golden net attacked Ne Dong’s body, which had taken on a winged appearance, which had suddenly changed to the usual …

Not Dun was pressed to the ground by the net, but her light painfully burned his skin!

** growl **

Not Dun continued to flounder madly, all his once ardent ardor disappeared somewhere, and was replaced by a simple howl of a monster.

The end of this glowing grid was held in the hands of a gentle little lolitka.

With a sweet, smiling face from the successful completion of the task, she looked like a little tricky chanterelle. She had never had combat power similar to hardened hunters, but cunning and a pair of special requisites was her strong point.

Not Dun smelled a familiar scent in Ling Ling, such he had already met once at a club in the north. He tried to use his scare magic on her.

Ling Ling did not stir at all, and slightly tightened the net.

“Ling Ling, step aside!” Mo Fan shouted, he raced madly in her direction.

And activating the remnants of the energy of the bloody boots, he kicked the vampire face.

** bang **

The golden net Lin Lin broke, Ne Dun, seizing the moment, slipped out of it, flew about thirty meters, and then fell soft on the hood of a passing car, surprising the driver with its appearance!

A pair of bloody teeth fell to the side of the car on which Nie Dong had flattened himself.

Until Dong tried to bite through Ling Ling’s network, his teeth were already loose, and Mo Fang’s blow had already knocked them out !!

When bloody teeth break, the vampire also soon dies, because he is no longer able to absorb blood.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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