Chapter 457. We assemble a team.


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– Fiery hetera amenable to education. During her growth, she needs to give fragments of spiritual fiery seed. This can lead to the fact that even high-level mages will fear your fire! – Zhao Man Yan spoke excitedly, who was happy that Mo Fang from the first time got a bundle with data on the fiery hetero.

The bundle turned out to be valuable!

To tell the truth, Mo Fan did not see the point in buying a contract beast at auctions. He understood that none of them could compare with his agile wolf, and it was not unclear what he did not want to spend 40 million.

Mo Fan caught every word that Man Yan said about the fiery hetero.

We must act !!!

In the agile wolf, he has already invested. Now fiery hetero demanded spending!

New secret packages from hunters appeared every day. And although the information contained in them circulated in one form or another in magic circles, the details could be contained in the convolutions.

Zhao Man Yan was well versed in such matters. At first, he walked around and asked other people “from the people” about what they knew. He then sent Mo Fan to buy other bundles in the hope of finding those that contain references to the fiery hetero.

“Money flies too fast … Such amounts for a few words,” said Mo Fan, putting a bunch of scrolls into a bag.

In fact, it was a real lottery. It was necessary to buy up a bunch of scrolls, and then only among them to look for those that relate to the desired one.

– This bundle is really very valuable. A group of hunters was on a red-hot plain searching for spiritual seed. This place is a habitat of fiery hetera. Her attacks are very terrible, and her temper is worse. They say that these are direct signs that she is either pregnant or has just given birth – said Zhao Man-Yan.

Of the scrolls of Mo Fan, he already knew approximately what kind of place this “red-hot plain of the northern ridge” was, as well as the habitat of the fiery hetera. In fact, there were very few hunters who hunted there, because there is always such unbearable heat that not everyone can survive there.

Dunhuang is a real treasure trove for hunters: many magical creatures dwell here and a huge amount of magical antiques are buried.

– We already know the place, route, level of danger. It remains now to ponder everything thoroughly, said Mo Fan.

Additionally purchased convolutions brought a lot of useful information. For example, they said that there are so many magical beasts that a person does not just go there.

– Are you going to go based on this? – Zhao Man Yan was surprised.

– We must go there personally. It certainly won’t be worse, but I will gain experience … – answered Mo Fan.

“Mdaaa … I would not want such an experience,” Zhao Man Yan snapped.

– Haha. I remember that the red-hot plain is not far. You can fly to Dunhuang in the province of Gansu, and from there quickly get to the red-hot plains of the northern ridge. If you estimate, then the whole thing together with the road should take no more than a crescent. And even it will be possible to rest a bit before the second week of calls for the next month – said Mo Fan.

“Do as you know,” Zhao Man Yan added ruefully.

The hunters must have learned certain lessons for themselves (which should be mentioned in the scrolls). Yes, and those who wanted to go there so directly, like Mo Fan, should have been a lot before that.

However, in reality, to look again for the necessary information in these convolutions bit by bit is a chore.

– Since you decided to go, I can only wish you good luck! Come back with a fiery hetara and shake the main campus of Mingzhu University! – sprayed in the wishes of Zhao Man Yan.

– Do you wish me luck … Did I really say that I would go there alone ?! – Frowned, said Mo Fan.

– Well your mother! You do not think to drag me there too? !! – Zhao Man Yan was obviously in a state of shock.

– Well, what do you think ?.

– …

In the battle with the vampire, Mo Fan was well aware of what protection from under cover meant. Realizing that it would be difficult to find a fire starter, Mo Fan decided to take Zhao Man Yan with him for greater confidence.

After a series of threats and attempts at bribing, Zhao Man Yan nevertheless agreed.

Man Yan was not one of those at risk. However, thinking that his level of cultivation might increase, he came to the conclusion that this business could even be very profitable.

In addition, the trip should not take much time.

– Together we can not cope. We need more reliable people – competently said Man Yan.

And although there were a lot of people there, they needed a strong, reliable and sociable person.

– I’ll ask Ling Ling. She likes that, I think she gladly accepts. Take it – said Mo Fan.

Ling Ling was smart, and she also had great experience as a hunter. Her presence in the team could save them from many unnecessary problems.

– Yes Yes. Any business requires planning. If she is in the team, the results will be better – Man Yan nodded her head.

After situations with a scaly parasite monster and a vampire, Zhao Man Yan was very kind to Lin Lin. He understood that there would be more confusion from her than from fearless thugs and old, depressed by experience, hunters.

Mo Fan hurried to dial Ling Ling to find out what she thought about it.

If we talk about reliability, then Zhang Xiao Hou was the most reliable of those whom Mo Fan knew. However, in the face of a magical animal in his veins, the blood runs cold as it did then – in the case of the armored marsh monster. Well, then it was the commander-level beast … This time he should not let down.

In addition, Gansu is located next to Shanxi Province, and he can go to the place right from there.

“In addition, we need at least one healing magician.” That place is famous for its danger, so we cannot do without a doctor – added Man Yan.

“Do you think that there are a lot of healing magicians around?”

– Bai Ting Ting. Ask her.

– After my return, I never saw her. I thought that I needed to see her … You are among the famous Zhao, don’t you know reliable healers? – asked Mo Fan.

– True, I do not know. Even if there are any family acquaintances, I don’t dare to ask them about such things – Man Yan replied.

Mages of healing belong to the hunters, to put it mildly, wary. Given the specifics of the mission, a reliable doctor was required. Apparently, after the case, Bai Ting Ting never returned to the university.

“We definitely need a healing magician.” The thing can burn out, but we can also lose our lives while doing this, said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fang has a headache. The hardest thing in this world was to find a healing magician.

– Exactly! – Slammed on the back of Mo Fanya Man Yan – your little sister Xin Xia, is she not a magician of healing? Yes, even the healing of her main element, and a minor – the element of the spirit. Natural animals are not aggressively opposed to such magicians, if they use the element of the spirit. So we can easily calm the animals and turn everything freely !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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