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When Chu Xingyun looked at the Beauty, the Beauty was also looking at Chu Xingyun, and the bright glow in the eyes flashed as if to see him through.

“It seems that you are Chu Xingyun said by Liu Xiang.” The beautiful child opened his mouth and spit out a word, like her temperament, it was cold, like an invisible cold wind sweeping.

“Young Master, this person is named Lin Bingli. Two months ago, she passed Chu Town. She was very interested in Miss Liu Xiang. She simply stayed. Her strength is unpredictable. Even the Senior is far from her. Opponent.”

Chu Hu sideways, to Chu Xingyun secretly secret thought, with a bit of caution in his tone, he knows the strength of this absolutely beauty child, just a palm, will defeat the Spirit Gathering Ninth Level of the vicious.

This kind of strength, it is very likely to step into the Earth Spirit realm, and because of this, their attitude towards this woman is very respectful, for fear of angering her, so that Chu Town is in distress.

Chu Xingyun nodded after listening to Chu Hu, he naturally would not believe that the imperial palace, the elder, will stay in Chuzhen for two months because of the fate, there must be hidden.

Sure enough, this thought just appeared in Chu Xingyun’s mind, and the beautiful Beauty said: “No more nonsense, I call Lin Bingli, it is the nine cold palace elder, some time ago, I accidentally passed Chuzhen I feel that the innate talent of the fragrance is good. I want to accept her as a disciple. Take her to the Jiuhan Palace cultivate. You are a fluent husband, I don’t know what to say?”


Chu Xingyun brows slightly wrinkle, looking at Shui LiuXiang with some horror.

Jiuhan Palace, extremely mysterious in Northern Wasteland, Sect disciple is not many, but they are all amazing Talent generations, innate talent like Shui Qianyue, I am afraid that even the miscellaneous discipline will not be.

However, such a mysterious force, but willing to accept Shui LiuXiang as a disciple, but also waited for more than two months here, it is too strange.

You know, Shui LiuXiang has not condensed Martial Spirit so far, and has not yet stepped out of the first step of cultivation.

See Chu Xingyun Silence, Lin Bingli continued: “I know that your relationship with Liu Xiang is extremely deep, and it is difficult to accept separation at one time, but you can rest assured that as long as you are willing to let the flow of fragrance go with me, the Jiuhan Palace will never be ill-treated. you.”

Between the words, Lin Bingli swayed and sent a storage ring to Chu Xingyun.

“In this storage ring, there is a cultivation technique, a Martial Study, and five thousand spirit stones and an endless number of Earth Spirit materials, enough for you for a long time, not for Confused with resources.”

“In addition, I listened to Liu Xiang and said that you want to enter the five major military houses. I can recommend you to the five major military offices as a referee. As long as you say a word, the five major military houses, let you choose.”

Lin Bingli said the conditions of own, let Chuhu and scorpion stunned.

Regardless of the terrifying value represented by this Storage Ring, it is enough to let countless people be shocked and ecstatic.

In a sense, as long as Chu Xingyun nods, wealth, strength, and status can be easily obtained!

However, Chu Xingyun was still silent, his face was not happy, and he did not reach out to take the storage ring. He didn’t even look at it and completely ignored it.

“How is the innate talent of the fragrant incense, I know very well, it is definitely not worth giving such rich conditions to the Jiuhan Palace, can you explain it?” Chu Xingyun said to Lin Bingli.

With his understanding of the Jiuhan Palace, he will never do anything meaningless.

In order to accept Shui LiuXiang, Lin Bingli not only waited for two months, but also gave such conditions, which is too unreasonable.

“You are just the Body Tempering Eigth Level cultivation base, have what skills and abilities, and I want to give me an explanation?” Lin Bing’s mouth floated a smirk, his head raised, and looked at Chu with a look of looking down. Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun looked cold and silence for a few seconds, smiling lightly: “That’s good, I understand.”

He took a few steps before, took the storage ring and picked it up and down for a while. Immediately, the body spirit bloomed, and the storage ring was slammed and nailed directly at the foot of Lin Bingli, three points into the soil. .

“What do you mean this?” Lin Bingli sank in his body, and his body was filled with cold qi.

“I am still the same sentence, the innate talent of the fragrance, it is not worth giving such conditions to the Jiuhan Palace. Since you are not willing to open the skylight and say something, then we have not continued to talk about it.”

Chu Xingyun is very unsatisfied with the appearance of aloof and remote, disdained said: “Further, the fragrance is in my heart, the gold does not change, even if you take out more treasure, I will not take a look, at the same time I also hope that you don’t play with this snobbery, it is stupid, it will only make the Jiuhan Palace shame, Chuhu, give away!”


There was silence in the courtyard, and only a few trembling breaths were heard.

Chuhu and scorpion venom, have been completely sluggish, suddenly felt a chill, from the tail spine to the mind, covered in cold hair, the sweat on the forehead began to fall down.

They moved their eyes slyly, but they saw Lin Bingli’s eyes squinting, and there was a cold qi, which raged from her body, leaving the entire courtyard covered with endless cold frost.

This cold frost, frozen body and mind, even the poison can not resist, the body has a thick layer of ice frost, if the hail, can no longer move half a minute.

“Chu Xingyun, I advise you not to toast or drink fine wine.” Lin Bingli chilled out, and there was a icy illusory shadow behind him, blue glow thorny, full of more than ten meters, exuding endless Shenwei, shocking people.

“I have finished saying what I said. If you insist on taking a scent, then I have only one battle.” Chu Xingyun pulled Shui LiuXiang behind him, his back straight and his voice strong.


An ethereal sword cry sounded.

In the wind and frost, the hollow sword slammed out of the sheath, and the sharp and sharp sword qi blew the air away, not flashing and hiding, welcoming the ice cold cold qi of Lin Bingli.

The dragon has a reverse scale to protect it.

For Chu Xingyun, Shui LiuXiang is his reverse scale. He said that the Jiulong Palace, even Martial Emperor make a move, would not let him compromise. At least, he would not allow others to take Shui LiuXiang.

Lin Bingli’s gaze is slightly congested. With her strength, she is not afraid of this sword qi, but she feels a strong resolute intention from Chu Xingyun.

Such an idea, as if it has experienced a thousand years of red dust, is determined to make people worry, and even Lin Bingli has a kind of hunch. If the owner does not explain clearly, even if it is dead, Chu Xingyun will not agree.

“If Chu Xingyun’s consent is not obtained, even if Shui LiuXiang is forcibly taken away, I am afraid that she will not be willing to cooperate, and even hate the Jiuhan Palace. As a result, it will be troublesome.”

Lin Bingli in the heart thought, silver teeth bite, and finally sighed helplessly, seems to compromise.

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