Chapter 461. Fifth Rank?


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The sand tiger was still full of energy, and although all its four paws were in Zhang Hou’s Marsh Stream, but in the end he barely jumped forward, jumping finally onto the mountain created by Chen Ying …

The mountain barrier was a little less than ten meters, and was a steep slope, the sand tiger stood at the very top and his blood-filled eyes looked at Zhang Hou.

He climbed down from the top, his body was still covered with a bloody shadow, a similar bloody shadow was very familiar to Mo Fanyu, because his bloody boots let out a similar one.

The bloody shadow gave great power to the sand tiger. Such animals in stony areas are capable of developing even more power, but this one seems to have been so hungry that in search of food, it wandered into a sandy area.

In an instant, he jumped off the mountain barrier and violently rushed forward, Zhang Hou again underestimated the speed of this monster’s attack!

He had already begun to create magic, but even despite the training, Earth waves could not help him evade the attack.

The sand tiger was so close that Zhang Hou could count his teeth, and feel the smelly smell coming from his mouth, catching the deadly horror.

“Blessing of Light: Holy Shield!”

Zhao Man Yan quickly reacted, creating an elemental system of light, his magic shield, covering Zhang Hou’s body with a shining ellipse, which seemed incomparably strong.

The sand tiger from one side to the other was on the holy shield, just like on a steel ball.

Zhang Hou received absolutely no damage, he looked at Zhao Man Yan gratefully, he just nodded, saying, although you are a dumbass, I will provide you with protection.

Mo Fan gathered an excellent team of fighters. In the service, Zhang Hou basically acted as a lure or initiator of the battle, distracting the attention of the monsters so that the other magicians of the squad could use their magic.

Having Zhang Hou, Mo Fan and Chen Ying at the forefront, they used intermediate-level magic, putting two powerful spells at once against the sand tiger, and forcing him to retreat in panic.

The sand tiger had excellent dodging skills, of the two mid-level magic, only Mo Fan’s spell. Thunder struck him, which caused him to step back and get into quicksand again. He did not have time to get up and in an instant drowned in the mud on half of his body.

Silt was very viscous, thanks to the spiritual seed of the earth element found in the gorge.

Half of the body of a sand tiger drowned, which no longer allowed him to move, he was, like, a game caught in the trap of an experienced hunter. Now his explosive power did not matter, because the more he fought, the faster he plunged deep into.

“Thorns of the shadow!”

Mo Fan, not missing a moment, immediately used the magic of shadow.

Spikes of shadow enveloped the body of the monster, firmly chained to the place the shadow of the Sand Tiger.

The sand tiger could not move, and only could humbly wait until it completely plunged into quicksand.

The quicksands along with the spikes of the shadow perfectly complement each other, usually, to deal with such powerful monsters requires much more magicians.

“It seems that this widely known spirit of the Tiger Dunhuang is not so terrible,” said Zhang Hou with a smile.

“There is soft sand everywhere, and for your spiritual seed of the earth, this is paradise, and this sand tiger did not have time to show all its strength, as you have already overcome,” said Lin Lin.

“First you need to see if there are any extraordinary bones or skin. They can be quite expensive to sell, ”said Mo Fan with glitter in his eyes.

Mo Fan has already killed the mountains of monsters, even if the monster was only the level of the pack leader, but unlike Zhang Hou, one victory was not enough for him, and he was more concerned about the money issue.

Unfortunately, this monster had nothing that Mo Fang needed, even the soul was the simplest.

Catching the soul, Mo Fan fed her the fourth star of the shadow element.

“Mo Fan, why don’t you try to develop your initial magic to the fifth level?”, Zhao Man Yan asked, raising his eyebrows.

Chen Ying involuntarily opened her eyes, the fifth level?

Has this man already reached the fourth level of initial magic?

In each city there is a maximum of one rich house, able to afford to continue to develop the initial magic. There were rich people who reached the fourth level of initial magic, but the fifth level is some kind of fairy tale!

“Fuck you, to move from level four to level five, you need seven spiritual entities of the level of the pack leader, give me money, and I will immediately pump!”, Mo Fan cursed.

Zhao Man Yan blurted out just like that, but if spiritual entities of the servant level were needed to gain, Mo Fan would have thought about it. But for the fifth level, it is required to spend this spiritual essence of the level of the leader of the pack, which is more than a hundred million, this money will be enough for magic wings!

There are a lot of difficulties in obtaining the spiritual essence of the pack leader, even if Mo Fan collects a hundred souls as the leader of the pack, and this may not be enough to collect the whole spiritual essence, therefore, to advance to the fifth level you need to do a gigantic job.

“Moving on, we will not waste time,” said Lin Ling.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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