Chapter 462. River of Lost Sands.


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The group headed forward, and very soon they saw human shadows moving towards them.

After a while it became clear that these were also hunters. They were not old in appearance, and surely they were also outstanding magicians.

Seeing the corpse of a sand tiger, their faces have changed. Among them was a woman who seriously said: “What are you unscrupulous! We tracked down this sand tiger for half a day, and you killed him! Do you really not know that hunters are forbidden to kill the game of other hunters ?! ”

From the voice of this woman was all uncomfortable.

– Listen, auntie! The moment we discovered this tiger, he was going to attack us! If we had not killed him, he would have devoured us himself! – the first response blurted out Zhao Man Yan.

– Who did you call an aunt ??? I do not even have 30! – the woman boiled.

– Well, so you have the character like an aunt that dances in the square! Not to distinguish at all! – now Mo Fan has entered the conversation.

The face of the woman became completely purple with anger. She immediately decided to call them into battle to teach you a lesson!

Suddenly, a black mustache man appeared behind her, who looked like a team captain.

He was definitely not going to fight them, because he knew perfectly well that they were all in the habitat of magical animals. In such conditions it is better to help each other. However, an unpleasant residue was all the same: after all, the sand tiger, which they caught with joint forces and managed to wound, was killed by other hunters.

“It’s no wonder that killing this tiger was not difficult,” Xiao Hou began to see.

During the confrontation with this sand tiger, Xiao Hou had noticed that the tiger was wounded. He could not think that other hunters had already hunted on that, having decided that he, probably, had suffered from a collision with another animal.

– Guys, the pursuit of this sand tiger has taken away a lot of time from us, just because you could so easily overcome it. Let’s do so, his remains belong to us, and we will decide on that – said the black-eyed captain of the team, trying to negotiate.

However, Mo Fan was clearly not in the mood.

They themselves have lost sight of their prey, and now they cornered after so much time, and claim their rights to it ?!

Not bad invented !!!

Sand tiger is famous for its bestial anger. Even in the absence of super valuable body parts, you can make good money for the body of a tiger itself!

When it comes to money, Mo Fan will never give up a penny in the hands of opponents!

– No hunting nobility! – Ling Ling also did not suit their behavior.

– Hey! These are your children’s words have no nobility! This game was originally ours! Get out of here! – The woman said curses to Ling Ling.

– We act in accordance with the hunting laws, so how can this not be noble? – continued black-captain.

“Has nobody taught you to respect your elders?” – Ling Ling also did not subside.

– Older ??? Ha ha ha. You made me laugh! You, a bunch of guys, look like high school students! If we had not hurt a tiger before, then all of you would have turned into a pile of meat! Yes, you should be grateful to us, this animal is too tough for you! – said the female hunter.

Ling Ling pulled out her hunting order and poked them in the face of this woman.

The eyes of this hunter almost fell out of orbit, and the smile immediately left her mouth.

She, in disbelief, looked from petty Lin Ling to her hunting order.

The hunting order, like a magical artifact, has a spiritual mark, and therefore it cannot be faked.

They were all high-level mages, but even they were far from the level of a venerable hunter.

However, the laws of the League of Hunters require the unquestioning respect of elders …

The face of the hunter immediately changed, she could not say a word.

The black-headed captain was also amazed by what was happening …

If this little one is a venerable hunter, then what then to talk about others from her team ?!

These are people !!!

No wonder they dealt with the sand tiger so fast!


The reputation of this black-hunt and hunter in the eyes of their own team has come to naught.

How can they be so greedy? They themselves had lost sight of their game, and now they came running here to share the prey of others. In the end, they themselves stumbled upon these incomprehensible people …

However, this episode was passed. People one after another, stepping on quicksand, rushed forward.

This part of the desert was not endless: if you go ahead for one day, you can go to the rocky part of the Gobi territory.

There were a lot of sand tigers in the Gobi Desert. The unbearable heat noticeably affected the combat abilities of the hunters, which made the opposition to the tigers even harder.

Their team included Zhang Xiao Hou, who was trained in combat techniques in his military unit. Relying on his knowledge, he distracted the attention of those tigers, the collision with which was inevitable.

When the simultaneous number of sand tigers on their way reached three, Xiao Hou began to rush from side to side, luring these animals in the name of the overall security of the team.

After a while they reached the vicinity of the river of lost sands.

The river of lost sands was once a water source that crossed the plateau, but it has long dried up. The fierce winds greatly inflated its course, making it immensely wide. On the map the riverbed was depicted with a long line that crossed almost the entire Gansu province! Even in the narrowest places its width reached 10 kilometers!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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