Chapter 463. What a formidable river!


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In the expanses of the river lived quartz monsters, which could be found among the surging sandy waves of the Gobi desert.

Although this was the site of a river that once flowed here, at first glance the terrain looked like a sea.

The large sandy cavity inside was lined with white silt, which made the landscape really look like a big white sea, the waves of which gradually rise one after another.

“They said that this place should be filled with quartz monsters, so why can’t I see one?” Said Zhang Xiao Hou, covering his face from the blinding sun.

The rest of the team were also perplexed. In the vast expanses of white silt there was not a hint of extraneous movement, only the sand rolled in from the wind.

At this point, Lin Lyn pulled out some kind of wrapped sand tiger inside that was absolutely worthless. Passing it to Xiao Hou, she said: “Hold on, throw it as far as possible!”.

Xiao Hou threw the insides right into the thick of the river’s silt. From the throw the dunes went in waves.

One after another, huge three-meter-long animals began to appear among the dunes. They gathered around an abandoned piece of meat, going to the smell of fresh blood.

In a matter of seconds, about 40-50 such white giants appeared there – all of them came out of seemingly absolutely pacified sands. The team stood transfixed, dumbfounded looking at the picture.

– For the sake of some small piece of meat got such a crowd of animals! If we all go there, then a whole array of people like them will gather around us! – Zhang Xiao Hou expressed his guesses.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan were almost wet.

It’s good that they didn’t risk entering the riverbed right away … Who knows how many quartz monsters would come out to profit by them.

“Today we will camp on this side of the river.” Soon it will be completely dark. We’ll be on our way again at dawn, ”Ling Ling said.

No one could compare to Zhang Xiao Hou in the speed of the camp.

He did all the things so enthusiastically, as if something very important was going to happen at any moment.

While everyone was trying to catch his breath, Zhang Xiao Hou had already set up two tents: for boys and for girls.

Mo Fan was standing next to his agile wolf. Smoothing the thick fur around his neck, Mo Fan asked Xin Xia, who was riding a wolf: “Are you tired?”.

Xin Xia negatively nodded her head. At that moment, when she only opened her mouth to say something, the agile wolf raised its head in agreement, thinking that the owner’s question was addressed to him.

Mo Fan unwittingly laughed and patted his pet on the head.

The wolf was very hardy. All this time he was carrying not only Xin Xia, but also Lin Ling. And even though the two of them were not as heavy as Mo Fan alone, an agile wolf would not have been able to fight at the end of such a hot day if it had been required of him.

“These quartz magical monsters … They just protect their territory.” Their hearts are not as brutal as those of sand tigers, so I think that I will be able to pacify them, ”Xin Xia said with a smile.

Mo Fan saw the beads of sweat on Xin Xia’s face. She looked tired, but inside she was very happy: she had never been to such places in her life, and had never before participated in a mission alongside Mo Fang.

Very soon the twilight of the night covered the sandy space.

The amplitude of day and night temperatures in the Gobi was enormous. As soon as the heat receded a little from the sandy surface, a frosty wind immediately flew here.

Three girls had already settled in their tent, while the three guys decided to take turns guarding the night guard.

Mo Fan was on duty in the second half of the night. After he woke up, he seemed to be in another world. The cold wind, which had been blowing with a chilling wave before, was now felt frosty injections.

Mo Fan wanted to warm up with his own fire magic. For this, he decided to form a small fire nearby.

He created small fiery hearths that every now and then went out. About half an hour later he heard rustling in the distance.

Although he had the ability of night vision, small fragments of quartz in the air reduced all visibility to zero.

Mo Fan woke Xiao Hou so that he would watch the tents, and he would go ahead to see the place of rustling.

From afar came the sounds of tramp … How many animals are rushing across the expanses of the Gobi?

Mo Fan hid in a crevice of a small rock nearby. From here good visibility opened, and there were no quartz particles in the air either. Under the moonlight he managed to make out a small flock of rushing sand tigers.

The deafening sound of their roar was complemented by the tramp of their limbs, which was given by vibrations along the ground.

Going further still, Mo Fan saw a group of runaway scared to death hunters.

There were six or seven sand tigers … From such a bevy of tigers, even Mo Fang’s team would start running …

Among the hunters, Mo Fan managed to recognize two of them: that same hunter and the black-eyed commander.

They fled in panic away from the sand tigers.

After some time, they entered the river of the lost sands and continued to run along the silt. Without stopping, they have already gone deep into about 400-500 meters!

However, the tigers rushing behind them suddenly stopped at the bank of the riverbed, without risking to go inside.

With chagrin, they watched these hunters from afar …

Mo Fan wondered why sand tigers decided to stop their hunt so suddenly. And suddenly Mo Fan saw the frightening silhouettes in the river, from which the hair on his head stood on end …

Among the white silt, quartz magical monsters began to rise, holding in their hands sharp quartz arms, pointing them towards the emerging hunters …

A group of people uttered a heart-rending cry … A drop of blood began to scatter around the district …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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