Chapter 465. The Pious Act of the Element of the Spirit


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Zhao Man Yang’s face turned white, and his eyes became large.

There were about thirty quartz monsters around him, and their quartz blades were within inches of his body. Zhao Mian Yang started shaking.

He took only a few steps … How can it be so scary?

Man Yan was about to scream, but a lump came up to his throat.

Then he decided to use his protective mail … The folio of a protective artifact was already lining up under his feet …

However, at that moment he remembered the instructions of Xin Xia.

He struggled to overcome himself … Who in his place would have acted as well?

If he had not thought that his own magic could harm him, he would have dressed in many layers of magic …

Zhao Man Yan gnashed his teeth.

He did not venture to release the magic, he just continued to stand in the crowd of monsters around him.

Against the background of these three-meter-high thugs, Manh Yan seemed like a liliput, incapable of any evil deed.

His heart sank, on the shore were people who were also beginning to worry about what was happening. Most worried was Chen Ying, who was already ready to rush to his rescue …

On the shore was Xin Xia. The wind from the other side was waving her hair.

Her gentle face, never distorted by a stern expression, was turned toward the river. Her eyes were staring at Zhao Man Yan.

Suddenly, she closed her eyes, crossing her arms in front of her as if she were squeezing her chest.

Next to Xin Xia was Mo Fan. He, of course, felt the small vibrations of the produced magic, but all his attention was also drawn only to Man Yan.

– Spiritual Waves: Pacify!

Xin Xia began to release the magic element of the spirit. At that moment, when the magical volume was formed, one could see wavy ripples at her feet, which looked like water.

Xin Xia’s body detached from the surface of the earth … Now it was in the midst of this very ripple.

Wavy ripples soon dissipated. It seemed that these waves reached the crowd of monsters.

The inner spirits of the quartz monsters worried that someone or something could disturb their way of life, so when something suddenly fell into the river of lost sand, it seemed as if their instinct was to destroy it.

However, Xin Xia’s subduing waves had a very different effect on animals.

Their quartz blades suddenly disappeared, the monsters began to shake their heads, and some kind of childish expression appeared on their faces.

After this, quartz magical monsters suddenly began to run away and dance, raising white dust around, completely unaware of what it was that they decided to use here with a weapon.

In the white cloud of quartz dust, Zhao Man Yan crashed to the ground.

He thought that his pants were getting wet with fear, but, fortunately, after what happened to him in Jin Lin, his bladder became a little safer.

Zhao Man Yan looked up and looked at the people on the shore. A smile appeared on his face, and he showed Xin Xia’s big raised finger.

Zhao Man Yan himself first encountered the magic element of the spirit. Seeing with his own eyes, when animals that are set up to kill suddenly go about their business, he realized that for hunters magic of the spirit is just the most valuable find !!!

But, unfortunately, the magic of the spirit does not work on all animals. For example, such ominous animals, like sand tigers, certainly will not buy into a similar trick.

– I don’t see you coming down here! And how long can I wait for you here? – shouted Zhao Man Yan with displeasure.

“I thought you were already dead,” said Mo Fan.

Having said this, Mo Fan called an agile wolf to put Xin Xia on him.

Xin Xia could stand on her feet, but to remain in a standing position for so long was too tiring for her. Still, sitting is much more comfortable!

Lin Lin also hurried up the wolf, but he gave a growl. Banging him on the head, she said: “Are you not satisfied with something again?”.

The agile wolf did not dare to be offended by this advanced little girl, therefore, having waited until they both sat on horseback, entered the river.

From the river of lost sands, the nimble wolf also had wool on end. Walking along it was somehow unusually easy. The wolf decided not to make any sounds in order not to accidentally attract the attention of the quartz guys once again.

– Xin Xia, do you need to constantly release the magic of the spirit so that it does not dissipate? – was interested in Mo Fan.

Xin Xia shook her head negatively: “The density of animals in this river is not that big. Only when someone goes inside, monsters start to run together. I have already pacified these quartz monsters, so nothing threatens us in this area. But when we go further, I will have to use magic again. ”

“Ah, then it is clear,” Mo Fan quietly breathed.

– However, I did not expect how much time we need to cross the river. I, too, are not completely sure if my energy will be enough to ensure our security until the end of the journey, ”said Xin Xia.

Hearing these words, Xiao Hou and Manh Yan stepped ahead abruptly.

They immediately imagined in their imagination how they stand in the middle of this river of lost sands, having no more defensive magic …

– This river is very wide … If …

“If you’re scared, you’d better wait for us on the beach,” Mo Fan grinned.

“Um … I just wanted to say that I took with me a regenerating drug that can help your little sister recover magical energy,” Man Yan gave something to Xin Xia that she was riding.

Now, universal security depends entirely on Xin Xia, so Zhao Man Yan must help her.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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